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Actionable trend forecasting is elemental for all businesses. To keep you on the forefront of emerging or evolving digital trends, this keynote presentation provides valuable context and validation for potential new opportunities in the digital world we live today.

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  1. 1. SUDIO SUDARSANDIGITAL TRENDSPOT 2012 Insights into digital trends and initiatives
  2. 2. A APP-BASED MUSIC ALBUMIcelandic artist, Björk, recorded her eighthstudio album in October 2011, Biophilia, thefirst app album in collaboration with Apple.Biophilia was partly recorded on an iPad; themultimedia project encompassed music,apps, internet, and live shows. First App Album
  3. 3. B BYODSpurred by the popularity of post-PCsbusinesses have adopted the strategy ofallowing employees to buy or bring their owndevice to work - and connected them tocorporate networks. Lately, airline carriersand hotels offer audio and video via wi-fi.
  4. 4. C CROWDSOURCED LEARNINGAt Udemy.com, users can build their owncourses for study. They can ask questions viaSophia.org, and take exams on Veri.comKnowledge seekers will increasingly lookbeyond the traditional student-teacherstructure as learning is becoming moredemocratic.
  5. 5. D DIGITAL DININGPatrons to restaurants browse menus ontouch-screen tables or kiosks to ordermeals. Their orders are instantly viewedin the common kitchen via iPads. Foodis later delivered at their glass-coveredcommunal tables, replacing or reducingwaiters at digital restaurants.
  6. 6. E ECO:DRIVE Fiat’s Eco:Drive, a USB-based application, collects driver data and vehicle behavior to allow users to evaluate trip information for cost and environmental impact.Eco:Drives can be shared via social media outlets or on Eco:Ville, where game rewards based on sustainability are conferred, making it a practical and informative tool.
  7. 7. F FACE RECOGNITION All major technology companies from Apple to Google are experimenting with the implementation of facial recognition software. Soon users won’t require pass codes to access their Facebook and Twitter accounts. FACIAL IDENTITY VERIFICATION
  8. 8. G GESTURE RECOGNITION Gesture recognition is an innovative way of creating shop windows, which allows customers to interact and control content displayed. A Spain-based company, Tedesys, is already creating waves with their Kinect software.
  9. 9. H HAMILTON RACEThe worlds youngest Formula One championLewis Hamilton raced against a virtual race carcomposed of 28K Facebook profile photos.Vodafone organized the race to mark therelease of its upgraded mobile data network. Todemonstrate the speed of the network Vodafonepitted Hamilton on a 4.6 km track againstVodafone Mobile Broadband networkdownloading 288 MB worth of Facebookpictures. Hamilton won. Vodafone won.Creativity won. Lucky Facebook users whosubmitted their photos to build the virtual carthrough an app won products from Vodafone.
  10. 10. I INTERACTIVE SEATING Instead of chasing social channels to reach customers with ads, social branding is a strategic approach about building mutual beneficial relationships between customers and brands.
  11. 11. J JEANS-CAMJeans makers utilize the true power of social networking by creating a bridgeof between offline and online activity, fostering conversations between bothcommunities. The Diesel Cam is a remarkable example of enabling users to express through Diesel brand, creating identity and advocacy.
  12. 12. K KLOUT vs. KREDKlout, launched in late 2009, became thebarometer for influence. Several criticisms toits methodology, influence measurement, andviolation of privacy, gave birth to Kred toidentify the most influential people in interest-based communities.
  13. 13. L LYTROWith Lytro customers can instantly captureinteractive, living pictures first minus theheadache to focus. The camera uses aseries of algorithms to let users refocus afterpictures are shot.
  14. 14. M MULTIPLATFORM MEDIATV networks use creative interactivemultiplatform opportunities for viewers tosimultaneously watch a show, exchange IMsor discuss it real time on social outlets
  15. 15. N NFCNear field communication (NFC), a set ofstandards for smartphones to establish radiocommunication (tag), is probably as old assmartphones. NFC applications seem togrow after Google allowed consumers tostore credit card details in a virtual wallet andMasterCard’s functionality of PayPass. TodayNFC can be used in social networkingsituations, such as sharing contacts, photos,videos, and entering multiplayer mobilegames.
  16. 16. O OBJECTIFYING OBJECTSThere are myriad apps to say “I love you” forValentine’s in today’s post-modern, digitalage. In a research conducted by 11N, peoplefetish for physical tokens and the tactile, be itgreeting card to say “I love you”, concertticket, or other motivational objects.
  17. 17. P PLASTIC FUELScientists at the Illinois SustainableTechnology Center of University of Illinois atUrbana-Champaign have discovered ways toproduce fuel in a small scale from plastic anduse to gas up their SUVs. Even though thishas nothing digital, it still finds a rightful placein my trendspotting adventures.
  18. 18. Q QWiPSQWiPS allows users to add their voice tosocial conversation by voice-tagging pictures,tweets, emails, posts on G+ and Facebook.Are we soon going to see status updates insocial voices?
  19. 19. R RFIDRadio-frequency identification (RFID) useselectromagnetic fields to wirelessly transfer datafrom tag to an object that found vast applicationsin animal identification, tracking progress inassembly lines and supply chains, toll access, etc.Today progressive-minded hotels and airlines useRFID for check-ins. For instance, Qantas Airlinesrecently introduced the next generation of luggagetag called Q Bag Tag that uses RFID technology.
  20. 20. S SHOP ANYWHERE Home Plus, a British discount store retail chain owned by Tesco and Samsung in South Korea launched a series of virtual stores on subway platforms. Click-and-deliver retail models raise the level of convenience for time-strapped commuters.
  21. 21. T TABLET TOYS Kids of the post-PC generation these days play with a combination of digital-and-physical interactive experience. For instance, Disney’s new AppMATes range pairs toys based on characters from Cars 2 with an iPad game that turns the tablet into a road surface.
  22. 22. U ULTRABOOKIntel’s higher-end subnotebook, Ultrabook,features low-power Intel processors withintegrated graphics, solid-state drives forresponsiveness, and unibody chassis to fitlarger batteries into reduced case size,thereby competing directly with tablets,iPads, and also Apple’s Macbook Air.
  23. 23. V VDIODanish digital entrepreneur and visionary,Janus Friis, gave us many wonderful internet-based services: KaZaA, Skype, and Joost.His latest startup, Vdio, is an internettelevision service, offering video streamingover internet.
  24. 24. W Wii U Wii U belongs to the eighth generation of video game consoles that will produce 1080p high-definition graphics, built-in touchscreen controller, and IBM’s multi-core power-based processor with eDRAM cache, and is expected to be completely backwards compatible with Wii and its peripherals.
  25. 25. X XBOX 720Will Xbox720 be positioned as universal set-top box? Integrating removable solid-statestorage cards, though pricey, is an amazingdevelopment, but gamers want backwardcompatibility to 360 and an optical drive (toplay DVDs).
  26. 26. Y YOUTUBE 2.0For years we have been looking up to thetelevision for a revolution. The TV sat at the centerof the house, but did not facilitate inventive formsof entertainment or communication. Finally, hybridTVs integrated set-top boxes, internet, and Web2.0 features to offer technological convergence.Now YouTube is making a comeback. Google isreportedly spending millions on high-endprogramming and YouTube is avaricious to beseen on larger screens.
  27. 27. Z ZINKBased on advances in chemistry,engineering, physics, and image science,Zink, acronym for Zero Ink, presents anamazing new way to print in full color withoutthe need for those expensive cartridges orribbons.
  29. 29. Today there’s a fourth: when the product is digitallydistributed. With the digital channels and social mediaoutlets available in the post-PC world, fresh and exciting opportunities are at the marketer’s disposal to takeproducts and services out into the global marketplace .
  30. 30. Sudio Sudarsan http://www.iSudio.com http://www.twitter.com/iSudio http://www.tumblr.com/iSudio Please use the comment box below to inform if I missed something.http://www.WordPress.com/iSudio Thanks in advance. Keep in touch.