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Move and Learn with Mobile Devices


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Move and Learn with Mobile Devices

  1. @SHELLTERRELL Move & Learn with Mobile Devices SHELLYTERRELL.COM/MOVEIT
  2. @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/MOVEIT “Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.” - John Holt
  3. Creativity Physical & mental well-being Better classroom management @SHELLTERRELL Active learning promotes... SHELLYTERRELL.COM/MOVEIT
  4. Record audio Create videos Geotag Take pictures Augment your realityScan QR codes Do more with apps Text & write notes @SHELLTERRELL
  5. Mingle Less than 5 minutes Gather information Make connections @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/MOVEIT
  6. Share an image with a peer & the story behind it Show-N-Tell With a Cell @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/MOVEIT
  7. • Pair students • Each student demonstrates a favorite app in 30 sec • Students switch partners App Mingle @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/MOVEIT
  8. Photo Challenges
  9. Photo Challenge: I Spy With My Device 1st Teach the shapes 2nd Students take a close up photo of a real world example @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/MOVEIT
  10. Photo Challenge: I Spy With My Device 3rd Students show peers who guess the object 4th Then peers guess the shape @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/MOVEIT
  11. Photo Challenge: Go On A Selfie Adventure! Pet, sibling, hero Hobby, talent Favorite book, place Toy selfie adventures @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/MOVEIT
  12. Photo by Meg Stewart, Flic.kr/p/bgZPBX • Pair/ group students • With their devices they observe a specimen, make hypothesis, take notes & photos • Present their findings HackingDLS.com Field Observations
  13. Rock collection Bug identification Plant identification Bird identification Nature book Digital Scrapbooks & Observation Journals @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/MLEARNING
  14. BookCreator App Publishes to iBooks & Google Play stores
  15. Buncee.com & iPad App
  16. Popplet iPad App
  17. Take a series of shots to create a brochure, flier, poster, or commercial! @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/POSTER
  18. Photo by pasukaru76, Flic.kr/p/9y5wxh Interviews & Reporting the News
  19. Touchcast iPad App
  20. @TonyVincent
  21. Talking Ben & Tom News iOS & Android App
  22. SHELLYTERRELL.COM/VIDEO IDEAS Animation Commercial News report Documentary Book Trailer Claymation DIY/How-to Video Tutorial Silent film APPS iMovie TouchCast Plotagon Splice Shadow Puppet Magisto WeVideo Explain Everything ShowMe Lensoo Create Gabsee Video Projects
  23. Quickmark i-Nigma Qrcode-monkey.com Visualead.com Unitag.io qrstuff.com Goqr.me QR codes SHELLYTERRELL.COM/QRCODES@SHELLTERRELL
  24. Cool Technologies • Gesture based apps • Augmented reality • Virtual reality • Wearable technologies Pokemon Go App Google Cardboard & Google Expeditions
  25. Augmented Reality Engagetheirminds.wordpress.com ShellyTerrell.com/cooltech
  26. Cospaces.io/edu iOS/Android App
  27. Just a Line iOS/Android App for Collaborative AR Drawing
  28. Collect Work
  29. Nearpod.com (Any device)
  30. Linoit.com Padlet.com & App
  31. @ShellTerrell Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell ShellyTerrell.com/Books ShellyTerrell.com/Courses TeacherRebootCamp.com ShellyTerrell.com/MoveIt Bit.ly/shellyterrellgiveaway