mutual exclusion producer consumer problem tiered storage data marts data warehousing data mining secondary index primary index java subpackages packages unary operator bitwise complement operator tilde operator in java graph representation bfs dfs graph traversal kruskals algorithm prims algorithm minimum spanning tree mst graphs b tree multiway search trees m-way search tree huffman algorithm heap sort min heap max heap heap tree no preemption resource preemption process termination unsafe state safe state banker's algorithm wait for graph deadlock recovery deadlock detection deadlock avoidance deadlock prevention resource allocation graph hold and wait circular wait necessary conditions deadlock multiprocessor scheduling thread scheduling multilevel queue scheduling round robin scheduling priority scheduling shortest job first scheduling fcfs scheduling cpu utilization response time waiting time turnaround time throughput non-preemptive scheduling preemptive scheduling cpu scheduler job scheduler mid term scheduler short term scheduler long term scheduler cpu-i/o burst cycle priority inheritance protocol priority inversion dining-philosophers problem readers-writers problem bounded buffer problem monitors semaphores mutex locks locks hardware synchronization peterson's solution progress requirement critical section problem critcal section rpc remote procedure calls sockets pipes shared memory model message passing model ipc inter process communication operations on processes scheduling queues pcb process control block process scheduling process concept evaluation of expressions conversion from infix to prefix conversion from infix to postfix postfix expressions infix expressions data structure stacks reverse polish notation polish notation ata ide pci multipath hba journaling metadata linear and hierarchical structure volume management cpu technology cache ram types online storage nearline storage offline storage cpu bus host storage system environment information life cycle information management data center infrastructure types of data das nas san network storage storage solutions data storage needs ibm notes and ibm domino lotus notes application servers server clustering web tier deployment ibm websphere message oriented middleware common messaging system drill across drill through drill down pivot rollup dice slice olap operations data cube key exchange digital certificate digital signature message digest asymmetric and symmetric cryptography network security data security secure messaging cryptography security basics virtual lans routing and switching concepts firewalls and security zones network topology ldif ldap data interchange format replication topologies ldap light weight directory access protocol directory services directory server hierarchical model server workload server availability concepts and techniques server management console server deployment virtualization operating system server technology lun storage virtualization zoning fiber channel network devices storage devices and technologies storage area network network attached storage direct attached storage storage networking technology identity property default constraint distinct clause with select statement group by clause with select statement order by clause with select statement top clause with select statement like clause with select statement delete record(s) update record(s) insert record drop table describe table create table use database drop database create database select with date exp select with numeric exp select with boolean exp select failure management with db2 cluster services non-clustered indexes clustered indexes indexes java database connectivity sql overview database security and recovery types of dbms dbms characteristics of database database terminology structure & execution environment of c-program few inclusions from the c99 and c11 standards software engineering and problem solving methods loader and editors linker need of translators programming paradigms generation of programming languages number systems types of computers computer organization computer hardware/assembly generation of computers evolution of computers threaded binary search trees avl trees binary trees binary search trees tries hash tables classes generic classes oops concepts polymorphism exception handling file handling data binding dynamic memory allocation encapsulation namespaces abstract classes destructors data types objects constructors storage classes data hiding inheritance
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