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Bits of british

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Bits of british

  1. 1. Bits of Britain How to be British
  2. 2. What are the images or things that come to your mind when you hear the word Britain or British?
  3. 3. These images or ideas we all have about other countries are called stereotypes.
  4. 4. What are the most famous stereotypes about the British?
  5. 5. PHYSICAL ASPECT What are the British like? What colour hair have they got? What colour are their eyes? Are they worried about fashion? What accesory do they never forget?
  6. 6. PHYSICAL ASPECT They are all pale with a reddish face. They have got fair hair and blue eyes.
  7. 7. They have a peculiar sense of fashion.
  8. 8. Although they can be very elegant and posh, like a gentleman.
  9. 9. And they never forget an umbrella or “brolly” because it rains a lot in Britain.
  10. 10. PERSONALITY How is the British character?
  11. 11. British are extremely polite. They always say PLEASE, SORRY AND THANK YOU.
  12. 12. They are very serious and have a stiff upper lip.
  13. 13. They think they are the cleverest because they have the best universities.
  14. 14. But they are not good at learning languages. They don´t need to.
  15. 15. They are very punctual. They are never late.
  16. 16. They say posh funny words.
  17. 17. They never get nervous. They always keep calm.
  18. 18. They don´t care about what others think.
  19. 19. They don´t bother about a bit of dust.
  20. 20. How do you greet a British? with a handshake and a phrase
  21. 21. LIKES AND DISLIKES What do the British love? What are they fond of? What are they crazy about? What do they hate? What can´t they stand?
  22. 22. Their favourite drink? They love tea. They drink tea all day.
  23. 23. Remember to drink tea in the finest china and to keep your pinky finger up…
  24. 24. They enjoy queueing.
  25. 25. They are keen on going to pubs. Their favourite meeting point?
  26. 26. They are fond of sports: cricket, football, netball, horse racing. They also love betting. Their favourite sports?
  27. 27. They love pets more than their own kids. Dogs are their favourites. They all own a bulldog. Their favourite pet?
  28. 28. They enjoy gardening and going to parks. One of their favourite flowers is the … Their favourite hobby?
  29. 29. They are crazy about carpets. They have carpets everywhere, even in the bathroom.
  30. 30. They love the Royal family and they are very proud to be British.
  31. 31. But they are not good at cooking. British food is not well-considered.
  32. 32. They all own a mini or a Land Rover. Their favourite car?
  33. 33. Second-hand shopping drives them mad!
  34. 34. They do everything in a different way: -they don´t use km but miles - they don´t use kg but pounds
  35. 35. They even drive on the left!!!
  36. 36. And have a look at their houses…
  37. 37. And what about the meals?
  38. 38. Have you heard of the British breakfast?
  39. 39. So remember, the British cannot stand…
  40. 40. Now you know some of the most famous stereotypes about the British
  41. 41. But what do the British think about the Spanish? What stereotypes do they have about us? SPANISH STEREOTYPES
  42. 42. But there are not goodies or baddies, winners or losers. It´s just a question of cultural differences that we all have to know and respect.