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  1. 1. Present scenario  India is called as a developing country from many years till now.  The primary reason for this situation is the people are not able to excute their ideas in a proper manner  With changing of time the thinking ability of individual also changing but outcome is void  Many will try to express their ideas but they face problems like fear, lack of sources, and discouragment etc…
  2. 2. Time to change.  Every individuals should start expressing their views and ideas.  Which results in new startups and which automatically leads to development of the country  Now the question arises how do we make a base for our inventions……………?  Here is the solution…
  4. 4. START NEW?  It’s a place to explore yourself and implement your thoughts .  The users are free to express their innovative ideas.  We expose them in the right way.
  5. 5. We provide with..... A user account A show case Time line Faq box
  6. 6. User account. Every user has a account where he can update his ideas and projects. These ideas are updated in a timeline where other users can refer them.  The user’s best idea can be updated in show case where the MNC’S can refer to there projects. The user follow the blogs of the professionals. The user can rate the projects of other user and also comment them
  7. 7. Show case  Show case is a place where users update their best ideas in them.  All the other users can rate the showcase projects.  The main puropse of showcase is to expose the best ideas of the users to MNC’S so that they can pick the people to their work fields  MNC,S and any other external sources can encourage your startups
  8. 8. Time line.  It is a place where the users ideas and projects get uploaded.  The timeline also consists the posts of researchers and professionals.  The researchers upload their research updates,the professionals update their views here.  The users can follow a paticular researcher to get there updates to their personal timeline, they can follow and comment on professionals viewes and researchs.
  9. 9. FAQ BOX  It is a place where users can ask questions.  They can ask qustions regarding their doubts in project , any researchs , any external views.  It acts a bridge between user and startnew , to solve their problem regarding their work fields
  10. 10. The all the above makes STARTNEW  A only motto to StartNew is to encourage people to make astep towards the technical development and implementation.  We encourage the people to achieve their goals by showing a good path and expose world to them.  So unlucky people over there , what are u waiting for  We are here with you ,so startnew with our “StartNew”