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Employee Engagement

  1. What does Employee Engagement mean to you?
  2. It’s not this…
  3. It’s not this either…
  4. Happiness is NOT Employee Engagement
  5. A happy employee…
  6. might be happy doing nothing
  7. In fact, fewer than 20% of workers are truly engaged
  8. What are the effects of low engagement?
  9. Low engagement leads to… Disinterest
  10. 77% of employees dislike their current jobs
  11. Low engagement leads to… Low Productivity
  12. Low Productivity is costing organisations about $350 billion a year
  13. Low engagement leads to… Stress
  14. 39% of disengaged employees suffer work related stress
  15. … which eventually leads to resignation
  16. But what are the benefits of having highly engaged employees?
  17. 62% of Engaged Employees have a sense of purpose and meaning in their job
  18. Therefore they grow within the organisation
  19. An engaged employee believes in the work they do
  20. An engaged employee believes in the organisation
  21. An engaged employee is connected to the organisation’s goals
  22. So how do you know if your employees are engaged?
  23. With technology you can assess Employee Engagement
  24. Understand where it is broken and why
  25. Understand where it is broken then you can fix it
  26. PeopleStreme can show you how to Understand, Assess and Improve your organisation’s Employee Engagement
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