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Presentation The New School Amsterdam 26-11-2015


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Presentation The New School Amsterdam 26-11-2015

  1. 1. With by Nick van Breda New ways of Learning, Organizing & Working > http://educationhack.nl
  2. 2. > http://educationhack.nl “If you do what you always did, you won’t receive anymore what you have always received”
  3. 3. Technologically evolves exponentially, everything doubles every 12-24 months (Moore's Law) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore %27s_law
  4. 4. Lifespan of a business • 1920 – 67 Years • Now – 15 Years • Tomorrow – 5 Years?
  5. 5. • Accredited every 4 years • Diploma is not a certainty anymore for getting a job • 40% of the U.S unemployment are Millennials • Those who are done with their study can’t find a job in their study field • New businesses create new jobs, using new techniques and technology that require new skills thus new forms of education • 47% of todays jobs won’t exist anymore in the next 10 years due computerisation Lifespan of a curriculum? http://bit.ly/joblessUS
  6. 6. https://youtu.be/7Pq-S557XQU http://hipcrime.blogspot.nl/2 014_08_01_archive.html
  7. 7. Deep learning & Artificial Intelligence – From knowledge education towards new skills & soft skills education https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=2h90zluU-LE
  8. 8. New skills & soft skills education – Doing is the best way of thinking
  9. 9. Who started doing? Forward looking Universities change curriculum every year > Singularity University, Agora, ABC School of Innovation How? Strong Why + Scenario planning & MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose)
  10. 10. Why + Scenario planning + Massive Transformative Purpose
  11. 11. Take Apple as an example for a strong WHY
  12. 12. Watch out! Soon they cut out the middleman
  13. 13. When businesses start offering free courses…
  14. 14. Millennials are different & Generation Einstein is born in a different era.
  15. 15. “Let’s innovate the Future of Education! Let’s create an environment where we can learn and create together, world-wide”. http://bit.ly/eduhack2 - Broadcasting & Livestreaming anything that is valuable for learning #Transparancy #24/7 #On-Demand #life-coach #lifelonglearning #Glocal #Entrepreneurship #personalised #customized Don’t fall in the KODAK trap, Be the progressive school & go on expedition How? Broadcasting & Livestreaming anything that is valuable for learning Now: Via Youtube, Google Hangouts on Air, Periscope, Meerkat Next Year? Via Facebook in VR
  16. 16. Tuition Fees http://www.studyineurope.eu/tuition-fees More & More students will study abroad or online via MOOCS (Coursera/Edx 1000s of free courses) Business model: Pay per exam / per lesson / Pay afterwards / Pay per use / Per per value Side-profit: More international students, better branding. Opportunities: Define your own curriculum & learnroute “Waardebepaling achteraf” – Make School
  17. 17. • Best reviews by making the student your ambassador • Co-creation with students – Improving from the bottom-up (Part-up) • Teachers act as a mentor, coach and a facilitator & has an open mindset to feedback • Help students in pursuing their passion, show interest & built a bond. • Never stop innovating, reshape classrooms to meet student needs* • Ask questions, try out new things, do things together and share it • Gamify education • Opening up a network • Everlasting support (De Rooi Pannen) * http://www.geen.school/zelf-doen/#handboek What makes a difference in schools?
  18. 18. The New School of the Future
  19. 19. http://edx.com
  20. 20. http://coursera.com
  21. 21. http://proctorexam.com
  22. 22. Learning becomes location independent & 24/7
  23. 23. What other trends do we see?
  24. 24. Rise of the DIY Make Economy 3D printing – 174 materials, mechanic boards, 3dhubs everywhere Completely open & free via Instructables.com & Thingiverse.com
  25. 25. Augmented Reality – Unlimited Creative possibilities https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us - For consumers in 2016.
  26. 26. “Those kids who break the rules will most likely make it as an entrepreneur” http://www.virgin.com/entrepreneur/how-to-spot-the- children-most-likely-to-become-entrepreneurs
  27. 27. Companies Challenge the Status Quo now it is time for Education to do so. #connectedbodies #smartsensors
  28. 28. Sharing economy/dematerialization & access instead of ownership becomes the standard http://permanentfuturelab.wiki – The Wikipedia for Exploring new technology
  29. 29. Scarcity vs Abundance
  30. 30. • Scarcity in sweet water – Abundance in salt water • Scarcity in fossil fuels – Abundance in sun/wind/water streams • From atoms to bits Scarcity vs Abundance http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2015/02/a-short-history-of-american-invention/385279/
  31. 31. Give someone the challenge and tools to solve it, that is what makes us excited as human beings, that is how things change. http://battleofconcepts.nl http://xprize.org
  32. 32. 21st century skills biggest market needs
  33. 33. How I did it with 24h Education Hackathon?
  34. 34. Our Why, How & What? HOW: By crowdsourcing & co-creation! WHY: Because we feel that education can be so much more fun & more personalised nowadays! We believe in life-long learning. And we as humanity learn best by doing. WHAT: Events where everyone is able to learn something. - Hackathons - Start-up travels - Bootcamps - Innovation hacks - Tours - Pressure cooks - Tech-events - Campus Party - Summits http://bit.ly/Whyeduhack http://bit.ly/Whateduhack http://bit.ly/StartEduhack
  35. 35. Who is with us? Attract technical partners, create a learning-environment for them and let them facilitate services #cocreation
  36. 36. Who do believe in us? Created empathy to attract sponsors & facilitators
  37. 37. Who showed interest in us? #eduhack2 #casus & #collaboration
  38. 38. 1. Change schools into an Escape rooms to built (history)classes of the future! 2. How can we create a Blendle when it comes to learning material (pay per useful chapter, not for crapchapters) 3. Imagine a service where students & teachers can teach each other things, review each other and borrow materials and/or sell there learning materials 4. What can you do with all the materials that are not being used when "officehours" are over? 5. How can we make sure higher education fits better into the real market industry? What do they feel should change or happen in education? 5/14
  39. 39. What do they feel should change or happen in education? 10/14 6. CutSchool: Spotify for (Education) videos, a platform for lectures and students to teach through videos 7. How can we learn more effective by gaming? 8. How do we get healthy schoolschedules based on personalised bioclock? 9. Create a game that will make eating healthy foods fun and measures how much it increases learning productivity? 10. Create a game that will teach you the essence of sustainability and the circular economy?
  40. 40. 11. How to intrinsically motivate the individual student in education? Is it possible to create a growth mindset with games to increase life- long learning & open mindset to learn? 12. How do our schools look like in 2025? 13. 16 things adults want to see improved: Developing passion, own learn route and fun in entrepreneurship with less written exams. http://on.fb.me/1RUMM0Z 14. 10 things to change by Young Creators - http://bit.ly/YCEduhack2 What do they feel should change or happen in education? 14/14
  41. 41. What will you get to make this a reality? nr. API Category Company Contactperson Contactdetails Country 1 ProjectCampus API Portfolio ProjectCampus Flip van Haaren flip@projectcamp.us The Netherlands 2 UseClark SDK Readhacking UseClark Oscar de Bos Pavon Oscar@useclark.nl The Netherlands 3 Brightcenter API's App algoritms BrightCenter Richard Bergmans Richard.bergmans@brightcenter.nl The Netherlands N.A. E-faqt (Vervolgeditie) API Brainstorm/teamwork 42 Education Jeroen Offerijns jeroen@42education.com The Netherlands 4 skillspaspoort API's portfolio Sales Standard Foundation Maries Denaux maries.dinaux@thesalesfactory.nl The Netherlands 5 studentfirst Booklist API's listing, reviewing StudentFirst Gerard Pruim gerard@studentfirst.nl The Netherlands N.A. Leeruniek API (eduhack 1 video) Reading Leeruniek Jelte de Jongh Jelte@leeruniek.nl The Netherlands 6 Manus Machina API VR gaming Manus Machina Stephan van den Brink/ Ricardo Broeders stephanvdbrink@manusmachina.com The Netherlands 7 42 Education API Gamification & apps 42 Education Jeroen Offerijns jeroen@42education.com The Netherlands
  42. 42. • A Grand price of €2500,- Euro to help you with implementing the prototype • A gift from New York Pizza’s for trying – Guess what.. • A gift from Campus Party Jaarbeurs Utrecht to help you further. • A big network of Edtech entrepreneurs, Education Innovators, Innovative school-leaders that love to prototype new ideas • PR & Media attention via Articulum & Our global network of Hackathon partners • Special Theme Awards – Meditation / Food & Health / Gaming & Entrepreneurship What will you get when you turn this into a reality?
  43. 43. CONVERGE PROBLEMS, TRENDS & TECHNOLOGY INTO NEW WAYS OF INTRINSICLY DRIVEN EDUCATION YOUR TURN! GOOD LUCK! Organized with by Dennis Voorn & Nick van Breda Facebookevent Facebookpage Twitterpage Linkedinpage Want this presentation? Check http://www.slideshare.net/NickvanBreda/intro- presentation-eduhack2
  44. 44. STEP 1: Define the WHY of THE NEW SCHOOL? Purpose & Motivation in max. 2 sentences • Write it down: 5 minutes individually per person on paper “Why do students choose for your school?” • Walk around & give it to someone else that you barely speak with and rate it on the back side with a number 1-5 by excitement level • Swap 3 times, rate 3 times in couples • 10+ points raise hands and present this WHY on stage • Raise hands for winning WHY > Starting Point Tool:
  45. 45. Brainstorm about “How do we do things in 2025? • How does our business model look like? • How do we attract ambassadors? • How did we sustain & grow towards this? • How do unknown people react when them about The New School? STEP 2: How to become THE NEW SCHOOL of 2025? 15 minutes Tools: http://realtimeboard.com Validation board / Business Model Canvas STEEP Trend cards
  46. 46. STEP 2: Get in Groups What did we do? Draw a timeline from 2025 to now and stick post-its on it • What is The New School all about in 2025? • What happens in The New School in 2025? • What gets our students and us excited to be part of The New School? • What is needed if trends emerge? What has changed? Tools: http://realtimeboard.com STEP 3: Create groups of 10 & Brainstorm about WHAT
  47. 47. • Pitch in 3-5 minutes STEP 4: Present your WHY, HOW, WHAT Reasoning Imagining Pursuing
  48. 48. Make it happen! Online tools to make a start • Make a part-up account to start organizing together (Part-up.com, Meetup.com) • Shared Calender, Shared to-do-list (Google Agenda, Todoist/Wunderlist) • Shared working platform (MijnVlc, Trello, Asana, Slack) • Sharing crowdsourcing platforms (Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn groups) • Stay up to date (Podio.com, Twitter Lists, Facebook Groups, ZEEF.com) • Online brainstorming together (Realtimeboard.com, Stormboard.com) • Online meetings (Appear.in/thenewschool, Google Hangouts, Skype) • Target audience preferred media? Facetime/skype/Whatsapp for feedback
  49. 49. http://mijnvc.nl
  50. 50. http://part-up.com
  51. 51. Thanks for helping your organization further  Any Questions? Want to stay up-to-date with trends & technology? Like http://fb.com/candoproductions Want to connect, follow or work together with me? http://linkedin/in/NickvanBreda http://Twitter.com/nickvbreda http://fb.com/nickvbreda http://bit.ly/TNSfeedback1 Give me feedback in just 1 minute Want to share this presentation? Check out my Slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/NickvanBreda