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Notes rb labs 1 and 2

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Notes rb labs 1 and 2

  1. 1. Forces and Motion
  2. 2. Forces and Motion Lab 1 “Graphing Your Motion; Pages 1-7 Lab 2 “Gravity’s Pull”; Pages 9 – 16 Lab 3 “Keep on Truckin’ ”; Pages 15 – 28 Lab 4 “Laws of Motion”; Pages 29 – 34 Lab 5 “ Work Made Easy”; Pages 41 – 56 Lab 6 “ Power to do Work”; Pages 57 – Lab 7 “ The Force of Friction”; Pages 35 - 40
  3. 3. Forces and MotionLab 1 “Graphing Your Motion;Pages 1-7Lab 2 “Gravity’s Pull”; Pages 9– 16
  4. 4. Lab 1Graphing Your MotionGraphing Your Motion
  5. 5. Key Objectives The Student will investigate andunderstand speed, velocity andacceleration The student will construct and interpretdistance-time graphs of speed andacceleration The student will interpret motion and itsdirection from analyzing a motion graph
  6. 6. Key Terms Motion
  7. 7. MotionMotionA change in position in relationto some fixed object or frame ofreference
  8. 8. Essential Learnings:Essential Learnings:We can graphmotion usinga line graph
  9. 9. A positive slopemeans that anobject ismoving forwardin relation to areference point,(+:+)Essential Learnings:Essential Learnings:
  10. 10. Essential Learnings:Essential Learnings:A flat linerepresents nomotion or aStationaryposition (0:+)
  11. 11. Essential Learnings:Essential Learnings:A negative slopemeans that anobject is movingback from or awayfrom a referencepointPoints B – C (-:+)
  12. 12. Essential Learnings:Essential Learnings:Time is alwaysmoving forwardbecause it cannot go backward.Time is alwaysthe x axis in amotion graph
  13. 13. TimeSeconds1 2 3 4 501.534.5PREDICTION
  14. 14. TimeSeconds1 2 3 4 50234Activity
  15. 15. Lab 2Gravity’s PullGravity’s Pull
  16. 16. Take a look! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwPc0kK9VHU
  17. 17. Key ObjectivesKey ObjectivesThe student will:– Investigate and understandthe effects of gravity andNewton’s laws of motion
  18. 18. Key ObjectivesKey ObjectivesThe student will:– Explain and apply the Law ofUniversal Gravitation
  19. 19. Key ObjectivesKey ObjectivesThe student will:– Differentiate between Massand Weight
  20. 20. Key ObjectivesKey ObjectivesThe student will:– Explain the relationshipbetween mass, the force ofgravity and weight
  21. 21. Key TermsKey TermsForceGravityWeight
  22. 22. ForceForceA push or pull.The unit of forceis a Newton (N)which may bemeasure with aspring scale
  23. 23. GravityGravityA type offorce orattractionfoundbetween twomasses
  24. 24. WeightWeightThe force ofGravity(measured innewtons)acting on themass of anobject
  25. 25. Essential LearningsEssential LearningsForce is defined as a push or a pullacting on something.The unit of force is a Newtonnamed for Sir Isaac Newton afamous English PhysicistNewtons are measured with aspring scale
  26. 26. Essential LearningsEssential LearningsSir Isaac Newton proposed theUniversal Law of GravitationUniversal Law of Gravitationwhich states:which states:– The force of gravity between twoobjects is related to their mass andthe distance between them
  27. 27. Essential LearningsEssential LearningsWhen two masses are attracted toeach other:– As the mass of each objectincreases, the force of gravitybetween them increases– However if the distance between thetwo masses increases the force ofgravity between them decreases
  28. 28. Formula (Gravity)Formula (Gravity)F of G~m1 x m2d2m1 = Mass of object 1m2=Mass of object 2d = Distance between objects
  29. 29. Essential LearningsEssential LearningsThe weight of an object is ameasure of the force of gravityacting on the objectIn Physics weight is calculated inNewtons (N)
  30. 30. Essential LearningsEssential LearningsWeight varies depending on the forceof gravity at a given location– EX:At the top of a mountain, weight maybe less than at sea levelHowever Mass does not change withlocation.Mass is always a constant!
  31. 31. One More Thing….. Gravity on Moon– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5C5_dOEyAfk Gravity Demo– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT58uS8VK6g
  32. 32. Essential LearningsThe End!