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Turning Digital Transformation into Competitive Advantage

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Invited talk given at Innovation Loop Live 2018

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Turning Digital Transformation into Competitive Advantage

  1. 1. TURNING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION INTO COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE @MicheleOsella Michele Osella, PhD Head of Business Model & Policy Innovation Unit Istituto Superiore Mario Boella Innovation Loop Live Umeå, 12th December 2018
  2. 2. Umeå, 12th December 2018 2Innovation Loop Live THE PERFECT (DIGITAL) STORM An unprecedented wave of digitization • Relentless acceleration of computing power (i.e., Moore’s law) • Commoditization of the IT infrastructure • Data deluge (e.g., drastic reduction of doubling time) • Technology adoption among consumers
  3. 3. Umeå, 12th December 2018 3Innovation Loop Live DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION != DIGITIZATION Strategy Buy-in and support from CXOs Orchestration Mutual reinforcement among investments Radicalness Substantial discontinuity with the status quo Digital transformation means a profound and systemic change
  4. 4. Umeå, 12th December 2018 4Innovation Loop Live ROLE OF TECHNOLOGIES IN INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTIONS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Time frame 1784-1840 1870-1914 1969-2000 Now Technological driver Water and steam power Electric power Electronics and IT systems Cyber-physical systems Organizational change Factory establishment Division of labor Lean manufacturing Platform- thinking Main outcome Mechanization Mass production Automation Intelligence on the shop floor Digitization Digital transformation
  5. 5. Umeå, 12th December 2018 5Innovation Loop Live EXPONENTIAL TECHNOLOGIES IN FULL SWING Internet of Things Data acquisition 5th Generation of mobile Data transmission Distributed Ledger Technology Data trustworthiness High Performance Computing Data processing Artificial Intelligence Data interpretation Augmented Reality Data experience Data intensity as common denominator Additive Manufacturing Data ‘solidification’ IoT5G HPC DLT AIAR AM
  6. 6. Umeå, 12th December 2018 6Innovation Loop Live 10 DATA-DRIVEN BUSINESS MODEL PATTERNS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Instant matching Radical personalization Predictive offering Dynamic pricing Open API economy Power by the hour BDaaS Orthogonal data innovation Extended product Attention economy
  7. 7. Umeå, 12th December 2018 7Innovation Loop Live WHERE DOES THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE RESIDE? DATA AS INNOVATIVE OFFERING DATA AS MARKET ORCHESTRATION GAME-CHANGER DATA AS REVENUE OPTIMIZER Open API economy Orthogonal data innovation DATA AS CRM BREAKTHROUGH DATA AS NOVEL INPUT ‘From data to dollar’ journey BDaaS Extended product Radical personalization Power by the hour Instant matching Attention economy Dynamic pricing Predictive offering Value creation Value delivery Value capture
  8. 8. Umeå, 12th December 2018 8Innovation Loop Live PIPELINES VS. PLATFORMS Pipelines Platforms Sides of the market One Multiple Asset management Resource control Resource orchestration Value configuration Value chain Value network Unfair advantage Supply-side economies of scale Network effects Pricing Cost + mark-up Cross-subsidization Competition Company-based Ecosystem-based Platforms Connecting producers and consumers Pipelines Turning inputs into outputs
  9. 9. Umeå, 12th December 2018 9Innovation Loop Live PLATFORM IS THE NEW NORMAL Advertising E-commerce Ride hailing Payment networks Industrial automation
  10. 10. Umeå, 12th December 2018 10Innovation Loop Live PLATFORMS MEET PIPELINES Source: Forbes Uber is leapfrogging iconic car makers in terms of valuation
  11. 11. Umeå, 12th December 2018 11Innovation Loop Live PLATFORMS’ UNIQUE PROFITABILITY RECIPE Asset-light structure Return on assets Limited workforce Cost-effectiveness Negligible marginal costs Scalability Source: Harvard Business Review
  12. 12. Umeå, 12th December 2018 12Innovation Loop Live THE AI LANDSCAPE Smart conversational interfaces Chatbots Virtual assistants Voice interfaces Smart personalization Content recommendation systems Personalized medicine Personalized advertisement Smart anomaly detection Bank and insurance frauds Medical problems Smart autonomous systems Industrial robots Self-driving vehicles Self-navigating drones Smart operations optimization Air route planning Inventory management Predictive maintenance Smart market intelligence Dynamic pricing Autonomous investing Market predictions
  13. 13. Umeå, 12th December 2018 13Innovation Loop Live THE DLT LANDSCAPE Bitcoin Ethereum Coinbase BAT Steem Off-chain application logic Utility or crypto equity token On-chain application logic Basic infrastructure Source: ISMB
  14. 14. Umeå, 12th December 2018 14Innovation Loop Live AI + DLT = DAO Capital that learns AI DLT Main value proposition: automated decision making at scale The trust technology Main value proposition: traceability and immutability of recorded transactions
  15. 15. Umeå, 12th December 2018 15Innovation Loop Live ON THE WAY TO NEXT-GENERATION PLATFORMS Token Ownership is based on crypto-equity issuance Consensus Voting ensures that a majority of stakeholders agree on decisions made Smart contracts All bylaws are embedded into clever software code Independence The entity is detached from its creators and cannot be influenced by outside forces As DAOs challenge ‘traditional platforms’, are disruptors being disrupted? Decentralized Autonomous Organization
  16. 16. Umeå, 12th December 2018 16Innovation Loop Live SCIENCE FICTION OR REALITY? Would you trust your child’s health to a doctorless hospital?
  17. 17. Umeå, 12th December 2018 17Innovation Loop Live Michele Osella, PhD Head of Business Model & Policy Innovation Unit Istituto Superiore Mario Boella Via Pier Carlo Boggio, 61 – 10138 Torino, Italy E-mail: osella@ismb.it Twitter: @MicheleOsella Thanks for your attention!