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Matthew Bailey IoT keynote IWCE2016 for linkedin

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IoT Growth: A Forecast
IoT Growth: A Forecast
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Matthew Bailey IoT keynote IWCE2016 for linkedin

  1. 1. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE20
  2. 2. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 WELCOME! Smart Cities: Where will the Future of Wireless Infrastructure Take Us? Presenter: Matthew Bailey Award Nominee Advisor to the Alberta Government Member of Executive - TechRiot Former Chairman Marketing – Weightless SIG Business builder in high-technologies and IoT IoT
  3. 3. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE20 Introduction to the “IoT” and planetary intelligence
  4. 4. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Common terms used for the IoT Internet of Everything Internet of Anywhere Industrial Internet Internet of Sensing Internet of Consciousness Machine to Machine
  5. 5. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 The IoT - Next giant leap for Mankind Billions of cheap sensors located across our planet measuring the physical world and then “tweeting” tiny amounts of digitized data 3rd Wave of Global innovation (source GE Report 2010) 50 Billion connected devices 2020 (source- Mckinsey) $Trillions new global economy (M.I.T) Cisco, IBM, Gartner etc. IoT = Instrumenting (digitizing) the physical world Digitized data is used by Big Data and processed by IoT Apps to make intelligent decisions to make our lives better.
  6. 6. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Simply put the IoT is… Short Range Wireless (100s feet) Sensor (in physical world) Wireless Network Application “tweeting” IoT Data Long Range Wireless (5km +) LPWANs IoT Intelligence
  7. 7. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT analogy from nature - Humans 2. Send data via body networks 3. Store data and Process information 4. Make Decisions and Take Action 5. Actions Run, Walk, Cry, Speak, Sit, Write, Sleep, Read, Create, Eat, Pain, Joy, Sadness……. 1. Sensory inputs Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell, See The Brain = Cloud Computer
  8. 8. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT - in mobile phone terms “The Brain” Sensors & Data Identity Location Accelerometer Texts Calls App Data “Data” “Mobile Apps” 1. Store Data 2. Process 3. Create Information 4. Make Decisions 5. Take Actions
  9. 9. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT – enables an intelligent planet? 1. IoT sensors & real world data From “things”, “people”, “animals”, “environment”, and “cities” “Big Data” + “Artificial Intelligence” 3. Store data and Process 4. Create information 5. Make Decisions 2. Send IoT real world data via networks “the IoT could create a balanced co-existance between planet eco-systems and its participants”. 6. Action
  10. 10. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT - lead to a Conscious Planet? Definition of Consciousness “the state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings” IoT data from physical world Information on surroundings Intelligent action based on awareness of surroundings the IoT is an invitation for humanity and the planet to connect digitally and co-evolve intelligently
  11. 11. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Multitudes of IoT applications! The opportunities are endless to instrument anything in the physical world
  12. 12. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE20 The rise of Mega Cities “The world’s population will move to cities due to economic and climate change” Opportunity 1 - Network Infrastructure Providers
  13. 13. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Global Urbanization - a new phenomenon! Source: Next Big Future 80% of the global population living in Cities
  14. 14. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Mega Cities are growing! 3 Cities 9 Cities
  15. 15. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Statistics - GDP and Mega Cities http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/urbanization/urban_world DECLINE in global GDP contributions from 30% of cities within developed economies MAJORITY global GDP generated from Mega Cities within emerging economies 50% global GDP generated from 380 cities located in the developed world 20% GDP generated from US - 190 cities 2007 Developed Economies 135 new Mega Cities in emerging economies 100 new Mega Cities in China 2025 Emerging Economies
  16. 16. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE20 The rise of Smart Cities
  17. 17. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT - Smart City innovation landscape Platforms, Big Data, AI, Apps IoT Telecoms Infrastructure Multitudes of IoT Sensors
  18. 18. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 MKSmart - The IoT & Smart Cities 18 Glasgow (Scotland) Sunderland (North England) Milton Keynes (Central England) Bristol (England/Wales) Many Partners – Diverse Strengths Smart Cities Backed by Gov/EU http://www.mksmart.org/ LPWANs
  19. 19. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 E.g. Smart City use cases 19 Waste Management Energy/Water Metering Parking Agriculture Street Lighting Transport
  20. 20. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT US State Collaboration - Colorado 20 Accelerating IoT Innovation Jake Rishavy Vic Ahmed Suzy Guitiriez Murdoch Fitzgerald XLR8 - Optimizing IoT businesses for success http://www.techriot.org/
  21. 21. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT US State Collaboration - Massachusetts 21 Public and Private Sector Partnership 100 IoT and Tech Companies Smart Ag Smart Ports Smart Cities Smart Shore Chris Rezendes
  22. 22. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT Opportunities – Smart Cities 22 SMART Cities – intelligent infrastructure • City Wide sensor networks – the backbone of the city • Parking and traffic management – direction to empty spaces • ‘Smart’ Litter bins – emptied on demand • Environmental monitoring – traffic flow control to reduce CO2 • Street Light optimization – activated by movement • Electric Vehicle (EV) re-charging points (EVSE) • Road condition monitoring – variable speed limits, ice gritting... • Integrated traffic management – flow and congestion
  23. 23. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT Opportunities – Smart Transport 23 Fleet management - Reduce emissions, consumption & costs ‘Pay as you drive’ (PAYD) car insurance Intermodal Asset tracking Road pricing & congestion charging - Enabled across entire road network Emergency incident response - Platform for Event Data Recorder (EDR) - Automatic notification of incidents, severity of incident, vehicles involved & substances being carried - Improved response times & minimized disruption 23
  24. 24. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT Opportunities – Smart Logistics 2424SMART Logistics – Where is that container? • Shipping lines own 20m containers - They have good visibility of location of every container on ships and in major ports - But the containers then go to any of 8000 trucking companies in the US. • There is no standard way to track these shipments - Shipping lines have no visibility of location of containers, delays etc - Consequence - one in three containers is moved empty, costing $30 - $40Bn/year (USD) • Better visibility of location of containers moving by road • Low cost, long battery life tracking unit permanently attached to every container • Track every container, all of the time, minimizing empty shipments and saving $Bns
  25. 25. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT Opportunities – Smart Disaster Warnings 2525SMART Logistics – Where is that container? • Disposable sensor modules that activate automatically • Safe, instantaneous environmental monitoring • Pollution, radiation, temperature, vibration… • Difficult or dangerous places • Low cost and long battery life for sensor modules • Simple to deploy infrastructure 25
  26. 26. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE20 Low Power Wide Area Networks Opportunity 2 - Network Infrastructure Providers Long range, low power, low cost wireless telecoms that bridge the “IoT Connectivity Gap”
  27. 27. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Bridging IoT “Connectivity Gap” 27 IoT Gap Requirements GSM LPWAN Long range wireless sensor communications? Yes - 10km + ideal Yes Yes Low cost to connect sensor into wireless network? Yes - Ideally $2 for a radio module. Enable multitudes of sensor deployments and business cases as possible No ($30-$50) radio module $40k - $100k certification process Yes ($2-$5) radio module < $1k certification process Long sensor battery life? Yes - 5-10 years on AA battery Maybe 6 months Yes - upto 10 years on AA battery Realistic sensor to base station range (non-urban) 10km + 10 km 15 km - antenna at height of 60 feet Low cost to build large scale wireless IoT networks? Yes - deployments cheap as possible Enable organizations to build IoT networks $$ Billions - purchase licensed spectrum AND then build infrastructure $$ Millions uses unlicensed spectrum. Levers existing telecoms infrastructure LPWANs have been specifically designed to bridge the IoT “connectivity gap” , enabling a plethora of cost effective business propositions
  28. 28. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Introducing LPWANs 28 LPWAN = Low Power Wide Area Network Unlicensed radio spectrum Wireless – new form of “tweeting” cellular Developed specifically for the IoT New paradigm for build of IoT solutions, Impact and ROI World first open Standard for IoT LPWANs Open standards proven to develop wireless markets Low Cost – sensor connections, data costs, IoT infrastructure build Low Power – Sub 1Ghz radio, sensors exist on AA battery - years Long Range – 10km + (1 base station supports millions of IoT Messages per day) 3.1 Billion LPWAN connections by 2023
  29. 29. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 LPWAN Providers 29 30 US Cities 2016 Mumbai - Tata Comms 100 US Cities 2016 Off-Grid LPWAN
  30. 30. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Two types of IoT LPWAN Networks 30 National Eco-systems Private Eco-systems 0 -> X kmDevices IoT LPWAN 0 -> X kmDevices IoT LPWAN 0 -> X kmDevices IoT LPWAN 0 - > X km Devices IoT LPWAN 0 - > X km Devices IoT LPWAN
  31. 31. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 US IoT Economic Framework 31 How much would it cost to cover the United States with an IoT LPWAN? $60 Million Dollars! 14,000 LPWAN Base Stations 14 Billion IoT sensor connections LPWANs could be the biggest economic development phenomenon we have ever seen! Huge opportunities for new IoT Network Telecoms Infrastructure
  32. 32. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE20 Other IoT opportunities? Opportunity 3 - Network Infrastructure Providers Cities are important for telecoms network infrastructure but are there other opportunities?
  33. 33. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Water precipitation is changing 33 (Source: National Center for Atmospheric Research.)
  34. 34. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Climate change impacts Agriculture 34 Texas - 2012 $3.2 Billion of main crops were lost due to drought. Nearly 50% of the annual state Ag revenue (AgriLife) Florida - 2010 $100 Million of crops were lost – 2 week freeze. (Florida Trend) USA - Heat stress costs the dairy and beef industry $1Billion p.a India – 1970 – Cyclone – 2 Million cattle lost UK Parliament report 2012 predicts that “Increasing amounts of high-quality horticultural and arable land likely to be flooded at least once every 3 years”
  35. 35. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 We need more food (and water) 35 3.8 Trillion cubic liters potable water used by humans p.a. • 50% water wasted! • 70% used in Agriculture 2050 - 10-13 Trillion cubic liters of potable water 2050 - Food output must increase by 70% Smart Agriculture $4 Trillion IoT economy
  36. 36. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Rural locations - IoT must create impact 36 Real-time climate information at a micro level for Agricultural Land More accurate climate modeling and prediction leads to better crop management and yield Optimize water use in farming. Globally! Save 40% water Crop yields + 25% Real-time monitoring health and location of livestock. Reduce Heat Stress. Detect disease early Save 60% of $1Billion losses Earlier detection of flooding. The more sensors the better to gather information. Results in proactive and effective disaster management. The more IoT sensors that are located across non-urban landscapes…. …the more information we have to optimize yield, manage resources and threats
  37. 37. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Rural IoT Networks are imperative! 37 The more sensors that are located across non-urban landscapes…. …the more information we have to optimize yield, manage resources and threats Build towers for LPWAN IoT antennas placed at 60 feet Style IoT LPWAN towers that fit into non-urban landscapes Sell towers to enable IoT LPWAN deployment in emerging economy Mega Cities and rural locations Breaking news - 3 years of stealth research Rural IoT LPWAN stations must become a new phenomenon!
  38. 38. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 What impact will you create using IoT? 38 “Imagination encircles the world” IoT is a great opportunity for us all to imagine and co-create a purposeful world.
  39. 39. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE20 Thank you! Any Questions? matthew@myamplexus.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewjbailey @PioneerIoT
  40. 40. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 Thank You To Our Sponsors
  41. 41. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE20 Backup slides
  42. 42. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT Opportunities – Smart and Remote Healthcare 4242SMART Logistics – Where is that container? • Aging population – in-home monitoring for health and wellbeing - Heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, position - Lowers total health care costs - Assisted Living • Panic button alarms and emergency notification • Rural community remote diagnostics and disease management - Reduces barriers to access • Medicine dosage notification and delivery • Low cost network Infrastructure and ARPU (device) KEY • Ubiquitous standard for device interoperability • Simpler architectures!
  43. 43. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT Opportunities – Smart Energy 4343 43 • Smart Meters: • Domestic demand management and In-Home display for energy consumption monitoring • Consumer control of energy management and use • Japan already deploying to 10 million homes • UK procurement process begun – contracts awarded Q42012 - 28 Million meters installed & commissioned by 2016 • Smart Grid: • Saves generating capacity and allows enhanced control of load • Annual savings of ~$2Bn for UK Plc alone, $100Bn worldwide 43
  44. 44. iwceexpo.com/nif16 #IWCE2016 IoT Opportunities – Smart Disaster Warnings 4444SMART Logistics – Where is that container? • Disposable sensor modules that activate automatically • Safe, instantaneous environmental monitoring • Pollution, radiation, temperature, vibration… • Difficult or dangerous places • Low cost and long battery life for sensor modules • Simple to deploy infrastructure 44