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How to Design Effective Infographics

Struggling to create infographics that achieve business objectives and meet customers needs? You need solid planning and a better workflow. Download the PDF with presenter notes (http://bit.ly/IFCAInfographicSlidesNotes) or handout (http://bit.ly/IFCAInfographicTips)

This is a presentation I gave at the Insurance & Financial Communicators Association annual conference in September 2015.

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How to Design Effective Infographics

  1. 1. How to Create Infographics That Get Noticed in the right way © 2015 TTMS, Inc./The Word Factory @word_factory
  2. 2. Margot Lester The Word Factory approaching double digits in IFCA appearances #IFCADC @word_factory
  3. 3. #IFCADC @word_factory Ouch!
  4. 4. What’re we doing here? What we love (and hate) about infographics How to build better infographics #IFCADC @word_factory
  5. 5. Let’s talk. How many of us use them? What do we love? What frustrates us? #IFCADC @word_factory
  6. 6. We love infographics. #IFCADC @word_factory
  7. 7. But we’re not sure they work. #IFCADC @word_factory
  8. 8. So this isn’t a presentation. It’s an intervention. #IFCADC @word_factory
  9. 9. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” Albert Einstein (maybe) #IFCADC @word_factory
  10. 10. Known Issues Difficult to consume (usually too long) Provide too little or too much data Include little or no attribution Lack narrative and pay-off/take-away Don’t support business or customer needs #IFCADC @word_factory
  11. 11. #IFCADC @word_factory Bleh!
  12. 12. 4 Traits of Effective Infographics 1. Fulfill a business objective and customer need 2. Provide just enough cited data and/or actionable information to tell the story 3. Are designed intentionally for reading, not just “responsive” or mobile-friendly 4. Include branding (duh!) and social sharing #IFCADC @word_factory
  13. 13. Effective infographics tell a great story with a few well-chosen words and images. #IFCADC @word_factory
  14. 14. How to Make Infographics More Effective #IFCADC @word_factory
  15. 15. Planning #IFCADC @word_factory
  16. 16. Planning: Big Picture 1. Objective — what’s the business value? 2. Audience — who are you writing this for? 3. Purpose — what should we think, feel, do? 4. Distribution — what channels will you use? 5. Marketing — what branding, search and social requirements are needed? 6. Take-away/call to action — what’s the most important thing we should know? #IFCADC @word_factory
  17. 17. The most important question: Is an infographic the best way to tell this story? #IFCADC @word_factory
  18. 18. If the answer is no… #IFCADC @word_factory
  19. 19. Oh, dear. #IFCADC @word_factory
  20. 20. “The better part of valor is discretion.” Shakespeare Henry IV, Part I #IFCADC @word_factory
  21. 21. Planning: Creative 1. Brainstorm narrative. 2. Gather data. 3. Map narrative arcs. 4. Tell the best story. #IFCADC @word_factory
  22. 22. Planning: Relevance Not all info is created equal. Limit data and explanations to the fewest number absolutely necessary to tell the best story. #IFCADC @word_factory
  23. 23. #IFCADC @word_factory Use just enough content to tell the story.
  24. 24. Planning: Credibility & Trust Data must be credible. Properly cite sources (linked if possible) and use the most recent information. #IFCADC @word_factory
  25. 25. #IFCADC @word_factory Guardian gets it right.
  26. 26. Planning: Accuracy Graphics must tell the correct story. Do the math, generate accurate proportions and make the story clear. #IFCADC @word_factory
  27. 27. Worst Infographic of 2015 (so far) —Fast Company #IFCADC @word_factory
  28. 28. #IFCADC @word_factory Have you ever searched #infographicfail?
  29. 29. Planning: Usability & Value Design for consumption. Develop an easy-to-read layout that works on all devices and is scroll- friendly. #IFCADC @word_factory
  30. 30. #IFCADC @word_factory Not even Luke can save this.
  31. 31. #IFCADC @word_factory Sections and subheads make it easier to read on small or horizontal screens.
  32. 32. Planning: Branding & More Bake in branding, CTA and required graphical elements Don’t forget SEO & social sharing #IFCADC @word_factory
  33. 33. #IFCADC @word_factory SunLife gets it right.
  34. 34. #IFCADC @word_factory Enable social.
  35. 35. We can stop the insanity and start making infographics that get results. #IFCADC @word_factory
  36. 36. Big Take-Aways Infographics require as much planning and research as a quality article or white paper. Budget accordingly. #IFCADC @word_factory
  37. 37. Let’s talk Questions? Observations? Concerns? #IFCADC @word_factory
  38. 38. Thank You! Follow me on Twitter: @word_factory Email me: margot@thewordfactory.com Read our blog: thewordfactory.com/blog Get the handout: http://bit.ly/IFCAInfographicTips © 2015 TTMS, Inc./The Word Factory