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Butterfly Talent Management Systems

Core HR, Workforce Planning, Workforce Scheduling, Timesheet Automation, Performance Management and Talent Management

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Butterfly Talent Management Systems

  1. 1. HR, Workforce and Talent Technology Transformation in the Artificial Intelligence age www.butterflytalent.com The Perfect Blend of Power Functionality and Robotic Process Automation (Artificial Intelligence)
  2. 2. Butterfly Solutions Overview
  3. 3. Mobility for Everyone In addition to the mobility for Employees and managers, butterfly enables HR to manage employee activities from mobile Butterfly USPs AI Powered HR RPA and Virtual agents are designed to autopilot repetitive and mundane tasks done by HR professionals Complete and Organic Butterfly addresses end to end functionality needed by SMB to Enterprise size customers and organically integrated Industry Coverage Covering diverse industry verticals and size of HR operation. Either you are a global enterprise or a locally operating business. Scalability Scalable to meet your growing presence, you can start as a SME and become a global enterprise with 4 level of organization setup Security and Compliance 3 tier security that comply with GDPR guidelines, allowing employees to share or withdraw personal information
  4. 4. BUTTERFLY OFFERINGS CLASSIFIED Solutions for Every Industry and Size of Business A B C D Add-on Solutions to Complement existing HR Technology Performance Management, Competency Mgmt, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management etc Human Resource and Workforce Management Bundle Adding Workforce Planning, Allocation, Scheduling and Rostering to bundle A Pluggable RPA Solutions for Enterprise Accounts Robotic Performance, Onboarding, Competency, Talent and Helpdesk HCM Bundle for Small and Mid Size Companies Covering Core HR, Compensation, Paid Leave, Absence, Attendance, Onboarding, Offboarding
  5. 5. A. HCM BUNDLE FOR SMALL AND MID SIZE BUSINESESS  Delivering pre configured instance with sandbox environment. Supporting regular and part-time employees with FTE Based work schedules.  Plug and play solution to start using in just a few days by further configuring preferences and setting up business structure
  6. 6. Mobile First: MOBILITY FOR HR to Manage Employees on the go
  7. 7. B. HUMAN RESOURCE AND WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT BUNDLE  Suitable for industries operating 24x7 or in multiple shifts.  Including workforce planning, allocation and scheduling  One stop unified solution to run HR operation seamlessly
  8. 8. BUTTERFLY WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT Manage operating schedules, workforce planning, allocation, scheduling, adjustments and workforce availability monitoring
  9. 9. Specialized Solution Bundle for Project Centric Businesses
  10. 10. C. ADD-ON SOLUTIONS TO COMPLEMENT EXISTING HR TECHNOLOGY  Performance Management  Talent Supply Chain  Unified Talent Suite  Employee Engagement  Advanced HR Management  Alex, Virtual HR Agent
  11. 11. D. PLUGGABLE RPA SOLUTIONS FOR ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS  Performance 360 AutoPilot  Onboarding 2.0 RPA  Robotic Competency Management  Talent Progression AutoPilot  HR Helpdesk AutoPilot  Employee Engagement RPA  Timesheet 2.0 RPA  Salesforce Performance AutoPilot
  12. 12. THANK YOU Please visit to know more about Butterflytalent www.butterflytalent.com