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Speaking class 2. Work Vocabulary. Jobs Taboo. Modern Family S1E1

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This is Speaking Class 2 for pre-intermediate students.

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Speaking class 2. Work Vocabulary. Jobs Taboo. Modern Family S1E1

  1. 1. Speaking Class 2. Working Hard Past Simple and Past Continuous
  2. 2. Vocabulary Revision  work flexible hours  ask for a pay rise  work long hours  be unemployed  maternity leave  unemployment benefit  get a promotion  meet deadlines  be under pressure at work  work shifts  work unsocial hours  full-time job  part-time job
  3. 3. Find someone who…  is looking for a job at the moment  has an interesting job  is studying for an exam  usually gets up before seven o’clock  wants to live in a different country  is trying to stop smoking  reads a newspaper every day  is reading a good book at the moment
  4. 4. Jobs Game Think of a job and be ready to answer the questions. Questions to ask about work 1. What do you do (for a living)? 2. What’s your job? 3. Where do you work? 4. How long have you worked there? 5. Do you enjoy it? 6. What are the hours like? 7. Do you get on well with your colleagues?
  5. 5. Modern Family (Discussion) 1. There are three families in the TV series: Claire and Phil; Jay and Gloria; Mitchel and Cameron. Can you tell us a few words about them? 2. Why is Claire so worried about Haley? Which news have they got from their teenage daughter? How do they react to this? 3. Why does Phil think he is a cool dad? 4. What incident do Mitchel and Cameron get into on the plane? 5. What kind of relationship have Jay and Gloria got? What about Manny and Jay? 6. Why are Mitchel and Cameron so worried about their baby when they get home? 7. How does the whole family find out about the adopted child? 8. How does the episode finish?
  6. 6. Work Discussion Which of the following benefits is most important to you in a job and why? • A high salary • Good working conditions • A boss you enjoy working for • Co-workers you like • Little or no overtime • Good opportunities for promotion • The opportunity to use the training and skills you have acquired • A job near where you live • The opportunity to travel • Flexible working hours Are there any of these not important to you? If you could have any job in the world, what would you like to be? Why?