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  1. 1. Table of contents: 1. Premise 2. Segments 3. Trends 4. Genre 5. Characters 6. Contact Info
  2. 2. “What if there was a show about how to help people stay focused on their goals?" Premise
  3. 3. Segments  How to organize your FOCUS  High profile interviews  Red carpet and celebrity events  Money & Finance  Health & Wellness  Philanthropic & Humanitarian initiatives  Entertainment news  Personal & professional development
  4. 4. Trends KTR is thought provoking like Donahue, engaging like Oprah, to the point like Larry King and entertaining like Arsenio! KTR is “Bringing The World Into Focus”
  5. 5. Genre The 30 minute pilot will address the needs of people’s basic desire to achieve better results personally & professionally. Programming will be directed to adults in the underserved age demographic of 18-34.
  6. 6. Characters Kevin T. Robertson, high profile clients, celebrities, entrepreneurs and special guest.
  7. 7. “Kevin T. Robertson is redefining the talk show host.”
  8. 8. The time is NOW for the voice of a new generation!
  9. 9. Contact ktr@ktrshow.com 443-443-3710 www.ktrshow.com