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  2. 2. Knowing  your  service  providers  digital  risks  can   be  just  as  important  as  knowing  your  own Networks Data Centers Cloud Risk   Security Practices PaaS NPI Cloud providers touch your network and If they are at risk, you are too 3rd party cloud service providers These risks flow into your institution, allowing hackers to exploit any and all vulnerabilities
  3. 3. How we can help your business The architecture and engineering of an organization is listed in the SSAE 16.  However, one has to have the ability to tear it apart with a complete awareness and comprehensive understanding of computer architectures, infrastructures, virtualization, encryption, transmission, clouds, engineering, and physical and logical, security, just to note as to whether or not the SSAE 16 is of value or not. This is exactly what eVenture Review, LLC does in its exclusive RAPIER Report. The review process of eVenture Review is unlike any of which organizations provide today in our industry for no one has rationalized that the SSAE 16 is not only about the findings as everyone would have you believe, but it is more about the design and engineering of the hosting cloud providers for that is the blue-print as to how one is handling NPI information. To understand this, it requires extensive computer engineering methodology understanding and awareness as well as extensive knowledge of cloud computing environments. The RAPIER Report