cyber security information security information technology ciso platform annual summit security defcon sacon ciso cisoplatform information hacking and attack techniques cisco emerging areas architecture technology cloud security mobile security . incident response + soc hacking security awareness and human element privacy framework software/application security and devops data hardware security threat intelligence security architecture chief information security officer 3rdpartyrisk vulnerabilities & exploits threat hunting network grc cio infosec zero trust application security malware iot iot security informationsecurity soc owasp api cloud kubernetes gdpr data protection wireless attack aws mac/ios security docker android security deception in security deception technologies incident response internet of things security trends workshop webinar forensic ransomware saas shadow it devsecops informatica threat threat protection management devops supply chain case study program mapping 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smart city attacks smart city security ble devices security x86 cpus hardware backdoors in x86 cpus replay attacks on ethereum smart contracts automatic yara rules generation browser security secure communication tls windows reverse engineering windows defender antivirus windows security darkweb securityprogram industrial iot security standards & frameworks industrial iot connected vehicle security issues automotive security google’s beyondcorp approach to security cybersecurity portfolio management cybersecurity portfolio application threat modelling technical architecture of rasp technology injecting security into web apps with runtime patc kill chain forensics threat detection soc architecture advance soc nist cyber security framework ciso platform security maturity model sabsa zachman framework internet change management evolution healthcare risk management exhibitor taxonomy (source: rsa usa 2016-san francisco) iam enterprise security computer security alexanderpolyakov erp sap usb incidentresponse csirt internetofthings operating system infosec media def top100ciso branding professional prof. indranil sengupta iit 2013
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