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An ITaaS Story

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An ITaaS Story based on real life events in Education including: a villain, victim, hero, mission, and plan. Authored by Jason A. Stevenson, Scrum Master, ITIL Master, PMP, Cloud Certified Associate.

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An ITaaS Story

  1. 1. An ITaaS Story Based on real-life events in Education
  2. 2. The Villain…  Maintaining or lowering tuition costs to remain competitive  Reducing Information Technology (IT) costs to compensate for reduced appropriations and/or grants Expanding online education in a changing market  Adapting to and leveraging cloud computing Increasing agility and scalability to meet changing education needs
  3. 3. The Victim… USERS Receiving service…  Students Faculty Staff CUSTOMERS Paying for service…  Chancellors Presidents  Provosts  Deans
  4. 4. The Hero… You in I.T. !!! Devops  Process Owners  Service Owners  Service Lifecycle Directors  Officers With great power comes great responsibility
  5. 5. The mission, if you choose to accept it…  Federating college and campus IT units  Structuring IT organization as an ITaaS with Devops under service and process owners and managers within a lifecycle  Defining shared and unit IT services and managing underlying projects  Financing IT services and projects to positively influence deans, presidents, provosts, and chancellors behavior while meeting needs  Maturing unit and shared policies, processes, and procedures for agile IT service management  Sharing a IT service management SaaS across IT units  Managing IT staff and updating their skills for a new era
  6. 6. I love it when a plan comes together…  Raising awareness of ITaaS  Assessing current state successes, areas for improvement, and concerns around change  Rallying colleges and campuses as a pilot, early adopters, adopters, and potential subscribers  Identifying shared process owners, unit managers, and stakeholders  Workshopping, reviewing, accepting, and publishing shared and unit policies, processes, and procedures through sprints  Structuring services and service offerings through catalog management  Identifying shared service owners and unit managers  Establishing charge-back or show-back for services through business relationship, demand, and finance management  Establishing governance through Service and Project Management Office and portfolio management  Configuring shared service management SaaS to support service orientation and process automation through sprints  Onboarding units to federation including roles and responsibilities, processes, and systems  Training IT staff on agile and service management techniques and system I pity the fool that doesn’t make a difference
  7. 7. Riddle me this… Got questions? Contact Jason Stevenson Jason has over twenty years of experience as a leader in technology services. He is also certified as a Scrum Master, ITIL Master, Project Management Professional, and Certified Associate in Cloud.