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Machine Research Quoting Infographic

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Infographic for Machine Research depicting the benefits of quoting more accurately and efficiently to increase profitability.

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Machine Research Quoting Infographic

  1. 1. 1 Scott Stone, “Exact Research Shows Small Businesses Who Embrace the Cloud Make More Money than Cloud Skeptics,” BusinessWire, August 19, 2015 2 Machine Research 3 Machine Research 1 2 3 SOLVE ALL THREE WITH MACHINE RESEARCH Make quoting simpler and more accurate, your process reliable, and your business more profitable. Automatically add to this catalog in real time every subsequent model, cost estimate and quote. Have one location for all information on every part. Search by: To get started quoting for more profitable business: Overdependence on tribal knowledge 78% of companies rely on manual processes to develop new estimates. DrawingsCAD Models Past quotes, won and lost Maximizing Profitability 53% of manufacturers report cost reduction as their biggest business challenge. Fast, accurate quoting 37% of companies selling custom components find accurately quoting a significant challenge. Costing and routing information Shape Date Status, and more Customer Project Identify and compare similar parts to prepare an accurate quote quickly Upload your 3D models or even 2D drawings and search by shape. 1 2 • See if you’ve made a part like this before • Know if you won or lost the previous jobs associated with the part • Know if the previous job was profitable • Leverage prior knowledge to create a profitable quote faster MAKE YOUR QUOTING PROCESS DATA-DRIVEN. DON’T LEAVE IT TO CHANCE. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. UNLOCK YOURS WITH STREAMLINE PROCESSES MAXIMIZE WINS INCREASE PROFITABILITY WIN MORE PROFITABLE BUSINESS MANUFACTURERS FACE MULTIPLE CHALLENGES WWW.MACHINERESEARCH.COM 1. 2. 3.