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Top 10 Educational Apps

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EDT 620 APP assignment

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Top 10 Educational Apps

  1. 1. TOP 10 EDUCATIONAL APPS Benjamin Wu Garrett Perry
  2. 2. Google Classroom ⦿ Student’s always know what is going on in class. ⦿ Improves classroom communication ⦿ Easy to use instructions
  3. 3. Google Docs ● Online word processor ● Own private Documents ● Sharing with others ● Working as a group
  4. 4. ● Online Spreadsheet processor ● Own private Spreadsheet ● Sharing with others ● Working as a group
  5. 5. Google Forms ⦿ Students can now give feedback on teachers lessons easier than ever ⦿Can customize classroom surveys to your every need.
  6. 6. Quizlet ⦿ Create “Study Set” ⦿ Review questions ⦿ Managing Knowledge data ⦿ Consolidate knowledge from class
  7. 7. Padlet ⦿ Students can post any thoughts, pictures, and videos for class. ⦿ Teaches them about teamwork in the real world. ⦿ Only those you want can work on it.
  8. 8. Zoomnotes ⦿Taking note anywhere ⦿Read PDF, DOC, and PPT ⦿There are 8 different pens ⦿Open mind thinking
  9. 9. ⦿Using for long distance study ⦿Most popular in online class ⦿Easy to communicate with people ⦿Most of function are free
  10. 10. Adobe Spark Video ⦿ Great for Projects ⦿ Makes Professional Presentations ⦿ Various options to satisfy anyone's Creativity
  11. 11. SimpleMind and Intuitive Mind Mapping ⦿ The best way for students to organize their thoughts. ⦿ All in one convenient place ⦿ Tool for writing papers and presentations for college,