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2016 BN marking criteria Emily Assign 1 ethics (1)

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2016 BN marking criteria Emily Assign 1 ethics (1)

  1. 1. HSNS 366 Assignment 1 Part B Marking Criteria-Ethical Case Review Marking criteria Achievement level Mark Ethical review  Completionof SmartSparrowlearningmodule and Conductsa comprehensive reviewof principles  Discussesrelevantethical principles andAppliesprinciples appropriately tothe ethical case SS 2.5/2.5 8/10 Teamwork  Identifiesrelevantfactorsandprocessesforsuccessful teamwork  Discussesstrategiesthatcan be usedinhealthcontexts and Relates/recommends strategiesforthe ethical case 8/10 Content  Clearidentification,definitionandexplanation of central concepts  Evidence of focusedreadingandresearchtolocate anddevelop knowledge of keytopicareas Analysis  Logical developmentandapplicationof ideastothe topic  Reviewof currentandrelevantliterature tosupportthoughtsand ideas  Thoughtful analysisanddiscussionintegratinginformationfromthe evidence-basedliteratureandsynthesizingresponsestokeytopic area 8/10 Provisional mark /30 DEDUCTIONS are appliedfor the following:  Inappropriate presentation,grammar,punctuation, spellingand referencing  Minimal or extended wordlimit(maximum10% leeway)  Poorformattingand/orpresentation  Failure tocheck/editspelling,grammarandpunctuationerrors  Incorrect/incompletereferencing Final mark 24/30 Assessedby: Comments: