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Week 2 Exploration: Storyboard

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Week 2 Exploration: Storyboard

  1. 1. MY MCBS STORY by Dejanee Riley
  2. 2. Before I started the MCBS program at Full Sail, I was a full time professional dancer.
  3. 3. Growing up, I was classically trained in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and flamenco.
  4. 4. I always knew I wanted to be on a stage performing and traveling the world and right after I graduated from high school that dream came true.
  5. 5. I’ve now been dancing professionally for 10 years and though it is my first passion, it takes quite a toll on me physically.
  6. 6. The wear and tear on my body hasn’t slowed me down at all but it did make me contemplate transitioning into a new career.
  7. 7. While brainstorming on what other activities I enjoyed as much as dance, I landed my eyes on my 2nd love.
  8. 8. In my down time, my favorite pastime has always been writing.
  9. 9. Whether I’m jotting down a poem in my iPhone notepad or typing up a short story on my Macbook, I get the same rush with my pleasurable pen as I do with my fabulous feet.
  10. 10. I know that I’m quite the storyteller amongst my group of friends and my level of curiosity while traveling the world has been significantly elevated.
  11. 11. Taking all of those characteristics into consideration, I decided to go back to school to continue to peak my level of knowledge while on this transitioning journey.
  12. 12. Though I figured my focus would be journalism, I selected a broad entertainment major to expand my horizons and open up my eyes to the endless possibilities of the entertainment industry.
  13. 13. Media Communications makes me feel right at home with its deep-rooted connection to performance and production.
  14. 14. Now that I have gotten a tighter grip on what I’d like to pursue after dance, I plan to dive right into the Masters Program for New Media Journalism after I graduate with my MCBS degree, but God only knows what these beautiful cards of the future will actually hold for me.