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Unit 5 Task 5

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Unit 5 Task 5

  1. 1. 28th November2016 Melodie Aggrey Unit 5 Task 5 Barkingside roundup KKSH NEWS Vote:1 Vote:4 Vote:7 Vote:6 Vote:4 Vote:2 Music -I can talk about popular artist in my article and about songs they may be releasing based around the age group of my audience. -I can show album releases for different types of genres so I will be including different types of music for all ages -I can write reviews on new song releases because it can tell your audience if songs are good or not. - I can also update people on upcoming events like festivals. My title will be kksh news because my peers voted for it the most. I am going to change the font and colour of this title because its plain and simple and it doesn’t stand out. My colour scheme will be my first scheme because this was most voted for. The scheme that I’ve chosen is based on dull, simple colours.
  2. 2. Fashion -I can write about new summer clothing trends based around teen clothing. -also I can talk about new out coming clothes to set trends for young and old. -I can add images to my article because it may help attracted more people as to seeing a visual image instead of just writing. -I can write about little descriptions of new clothing brands or trends because it will give my audience more information about the clothing item e.g. what material it is, what brand its by, how much it costs. Sports -for sports I can talk about latest transfers and upcoming cup games, world cup qualifiers, Tennis Wimbledon - I can also Advertise kits with interactive features. -I can speak about both male and female games e.g. netball for girls and football for boys, I will do this to attracted bothmale and female to this article to make it fun for all to read. -I can add images of new sports gear including interactive features such as links as to where to buy them from. -For my images I can get girls summer clothes based around only one brand which is asos. -I will be able to have my friends model in the clothing for me to duplicate items off the website. -The clothing I will be based around will be mostly dresses, accessories and nightwear. In my article the interactive features I will use will be links and navigation tools I will use links for photos for pictures of clothing to take you to the websites of the items also I’ll have a download feature which will allow you to download my article.
  3. 3. For music I’ve done more writing then pictures because I think I would be able to have more information about music then pictures. I have 3 long texted and two images for my music page. On my frontpage I have my title and 3 columns including subtitles above text boxes which will explain whatmy pages are going to be based around and how they will be presented to the reader. To improvethis, I could add at least 3 images to go with each text.
  4. 4. For my sports article I have laid it out so I can have shorttexts and enough images to make suremy reader doesn’t get bored of reading this part of my newsletter. I have put 4 images on my work including five text boxes with one description box. For the fashion page of my newsletter I’ve made sure every picture has either a description box or a text to explain the information on the clothing items image.