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Joinville em Dados 2013 [inglês]

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Joinville em Dados 2013 [inglês]

  2. 2. ABOUT THIS REPORTIn this institutional profile you will know,in a concise and objective manner, the fullpotential, magnitude and differentials ofSanta Catarina and Joinville, its largest city,with this quick reference guide.In a simplified report format, we seek toupdate official data annually, with the goalof creating, from now on, a template with ahistorical perspective of the main regionalindicators - something rare to find in a singlesource.We thus hope to share with our variousstakeholders useful, relevant and strategicinformation, that will make us, each timemore, the focus of attention for newventures.20133JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  3. 3. SANTA CATARINA• SANTA CATARINA IN NUMBERS..................6 • Area, population, GDP, Economy• AMONG THE RICHEST....................................7 • Facts and regional wage by category• ECONOMIC SEGMENTS BY REGION..........8• ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.....................10 • IFDM, Industrial Park and Foreign Trade• INFRASTRUCTURE........................................12 • Ports, roadways, railways, airports, energy, . natural gas, telecommunications, water/sanitation• HUMAN DEVELOPMENT............................14 • HDI and other indices, Health and Education• IMMIGRANTS IN SANTA CATARINA......15 • History, tourism potential, geography and climateCONTENTS42013
  4. 4. JOINVILLE• WHY JOINVILLE.................................. 16 • Key indicators• HISTORY...........................................................18 • History, population trends, education, religion, motor vehicles, geography and climate• DISTANCES FROM JOINVILLE...................21 • ECONOMY.......................................................22 • Companies by economic sector, main products, exports x imports, formal labor market, taxes, bank branches• INDICATORS...................................................24 • Reference costs in Joinville, meal prices and population distribution by income• INFRASTRUCTURE........................................26 • Electricity, water & sanitation, public cleaning, urban public transport, railway, road & highway network, taxi service, hotel network and tourism, events & leisure infrastructure, major fairs and events, media and business organizations• LOGISTICS.......................................................32 • Highways, railways, ports and airports• HUMAN DEVELOPMENT............................34 • Health structure, quality of life indices, culture, tourism, leisure and events, sports and security• PROFESSIONAL TRAINING.......................39 • Institutions of higher education and professional technical training• TAX BENEFITS................................................41• INDUSTRIAL CONDOMINIUM................. 42 • MAP OF THE REGION..................................46• IMPORTANT CONTACTS............................4820135JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  5. 5. AREA95,703.50 km2POPULATION6,317,054(IBGE 2011 estimate)The population density is66 inhabitants per squarekilometer, distributed in295 municipalities.SC GDPR$ 152.4 billion, occupyingthe 7th position in theBrazilian rankingGDP PER CAPITAR$ 24,300, the largest inthe southern region andthe fourth largest in Brazil.The national average is R$19,700.is the percentage ofeconomically active peoplein Santa Catarina.SOURCE: IBGE - 2010 CENSUSPARTICIPATION OFECONOMIC SEC-TORS IN SANTACATARINA’S GDP59%Trade and services32.8%Industry8.2%Agricultural65.6%Santa Catarina in numbersThe municipality of Joinville is located in the state of Santa Catarina,one of the most developed in Brazil. Situated in the center of thesouthern region, Santa Catarina is strategically positioned in relation toMercosur and to key Brazilian markets.62013
  6. 6. SC among the richest states in BrazilThe percentage of people in theincome classes A and B also makesSC one of the richest states in thecountry, according to Exame magazine(29/06/2011). Additionally, SantaCatarina’s cities have registered growth abovethe national average. (Diário Catarinense –13/12/2012)• 340% is how much Santa Catarina grew in the lastthree decades, well above the national average.• Brazil’s 7th richest state, its GDP accounts for4.04% of the national wealth.• It is among the top ten exporting states, with ashare of 3.54% of the total in 2011.• Seventh state of Federal Revenue in 2011,accounting for 3.09% of the Brazilian total.• Average monthly household income: R$ 3,015.10(SC) X R$ 2,535.31 (Brazil)• It has the third highest average household incomein the country, behind Distrito Federal (R$5,473.24) and São Paulo (R$ 3,308.97).• It has the lowest proportion of low-income in thecountry: 2.12% have a monthly income of up toR$ 127.50.• Six in ten Catarinenses (people from SantaCatarina) of the economically active populationwork in micro and small enterprises.VALUE IN2012CATEGORIESR$ 765Workers in agriculture and livestockproduction, processing and extractiveindustries, fisheries, construction,musical instrument and toy industries,equestrian establishments, motorcyclecouriers and transport drivers in general,domestic workers.R$ 835Chemical and pharmaceutical, film, foodindustries, general trading, employeesof autonomous trade agents.R$ 793Clothing and footwear industries,spinning and weaving, leather, paper,cardboard and cork articles, newspapersand magazines distributors and sellers,management of companies owningnewspapers and magazines, healthservices, and furniture industries.R$ 875Metal mechanical and electricalmaterial, graphics, glass, crystals,mirrors, ceramics industry, rubberproducts, insurance, capitalization andcredit, buildings and condominiums,jewelry industry, school administrationassistants, culture, data processingworkers and drivers.Regional minimum wageby worker categorySince March 2011, a regional minimum wage hasbeen in place in SC. In 2012, the average increasewas 9.3%. According to Dieese-SC estimates, a mil-lion workers are benefited by Catarinenses regionalwage floor level. (A Notícia, 01/16/2013)20137JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  7. 7. Economic segments by regionFoodWestHighland PlateauNorthFurnitureFurnitureForestryPulp andpaperMAP OF THE STATE OF SANTA CATARINA82013
  8. 8. PlasticProductsPlasticProductsMachinery andequipmentTechnology/ ITCeramicsCeramicsNavalIndustryNavalIndustryElectricalequipment andmaterialsMotorvehicles /auto partsMotorvehicles /auto partsFisheryFisheryFisheryFisheryNortheastSoutheastItajai ValleySouthMetallurgyand metalproductsMetallurgyand metalproductsTextiles andClothingTextiles andApparelMining20139JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  9. 9. * The Firjan Municipal Economic Development Index ranges from 0 to 1. The closer to 1, the greater the city’s development in three basic areas - education,employment/income and health.Santa Catarina is undoubtedly a promising state.Each year, there’s a growing interest of companiesinvesting in this region, and it’s not by chance.The Firjan Municipal Economic DevelopmentIndex (IFDM) brought in its latest edition SantaCatarina’s advancement in the ranking of thecountry’s most developed states. From its formerfourth position, SC jumped to third, ahead of Riode Janeiro and only behind São Paulo and Paraná.The Index also showed that of the 295 cities inSanta Catarina, 26 showed high development,five of them placing among the 100 municipalitieswith the highest index in the country: Blumenau,Brusque, Florianópolis, Joinville and Chapecó.Third most developed in the countrySANTA CATARINA’S LEAPThe State is now the third most developed in the country, ahead of Rio de Janeiro.(* IFDM variation between 2009 and 2010)STATE 2009 2010São Paulo 0.87 0.89Paraná 0.82 0.84Santa Catarina 0.79 0.82Rio de Janeiro 0.80 0.82Minas Gerais 0.79 0.81Rio Grande do Sul 0.78 0.81Espírito Santo 0.75 0.77Distrito Federal 0.76 0.77Goiás 0.73 0.75Ceará 0.71 0.73SOURCES: AMANHÃ MAGAZINE, JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2013 AND A NOTÍCIA NEWSPAPER, DECEMBER/2012102013
  10. 10. INDUSTRIAL PARKSanta Catarina’s industrial park is a reference in Brazil. The processing industry is prominent in the country.The food sector is the largest employer, followed by articles of apparel and textile products. This does notimpede, however, the development of new vocations. An example is the technology sector, which in recentdecades has been gaining strength in the cities of Florianopolis, Joinville and Blumenau.SOURCES: IBGE, MINISTRY OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT/ RAIS 2010 AND MINISTRY OF DEVELOPMENT, INDUSTRY AND FOREIGN TRADE / SECEXIndia - 407 mi• Main countries of Santa Catarina’s imports in 2011 (US$).United States - 992UK - 369China - 410Netherlands - 640Argentina - 678Japan - 684China - 3.9 biChile - 1.5 biArgentina - 1.2 biUnited States - 987 miGermany - 685 miPeru - 546 miSouth Korea - 445 mi• Santa Catarina’s main product markets in 2011 (US$ million).FOREIGN TRADE201311JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  11. 11. PORTSSanta Catarina has five majormaritime ports - Itajaí, Itapoá, Imbituba,Navegantes and São Francisco do Sul- which handle over 25 million tonsper year and maintain regular routesbetween the state and the world’s main ports. SantaCatarina’s northern region, including the ParanaguáPort, form the largest port and logistics hub in LatinAmerica.ROADWAYSThe state roadway network iscomprised of more than 62,000 km offederal, state and local roadways, givingaccess to all municipalities. BR-101 isSC’s main connection with other statesand also with major ports, setting up a strategiccorridor for Mercosur.RAILWAYSThe railway network hasapproximately 1,360 km and is usedfor cargo transport. It is divided intothree main branches: two from North toSouth and one from East to West, thelatter serving the São Francisco do Sul Port.InfrastructureAIRPORTSSanta Catarina is served by threeairports with capacity to receive largeaircrafts: Florianópolis, Joinville andNavegantes, plus regional airports,heliports and airfields for charter flights.ENERGYThe state invests in energy self-sufficiency, with more than 80 powergeneration projects in operation andmore than 15 works forecasted inthe Ministry of Mines and EnergyTen Year Plan, which ensure self-sufficiency untilat least 2015. The state has the highest rate ofrural electrification in Brazil. Distribution to SantaCatarina’s households with electricity is 99.80%.122013
  12. 12. WATER/SANITATIONAlmost 100% of Santa Catarina’shouseholds receive treated water andthere’s heavy investments to improvesanitation levels. Nevertheless, the core network isdeficient: only 16% of municipalities treat sewageproperly.Distribution of Santa Catarina’s householdsTELECOMMUNICATIONSVirtually all municipalities in thestate have fixed and mobile telephoneservices and there is easy access tobroadband Internet in major cities. Santa Catarinais connected to anywhere in the country or abroadthrough image, text, voice or data. Connection tothe maritime mobile service enables telephonecontact or message with vessels worldwide.Distribution of Santa Catarina’shouseholdsWith Internet access - 38.59%With sewage through septic tank – 47.52%With phone - 94.08%Only mobile- 47.11%Only fixed - 6.57%Mobile and fixed - 40.44%With microcomputer - 50.33%With water supply – 99.20 %With sewage through network collection system (general or pluvial) – 29.05%NATURAL GASSanta Catarina counts on a pipeddistribution network that carries naturalgas from the Bolivia/Brazil Gas Pipelineto the end consumer. There are 679 km of networksunder the responsibility of the Santa Catarina GasCompany (SCGÁS).Natural gas consumption in SCin m3/day (2011)44.2%Industrial22.1%Residential15.5%Commercial5.6%Rural12.6%Other classes1,450,363Industrial14,515Commercial368,612Automotive(GNV)1,084ResidentialTOTAL – 1,834,574201313JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  13. 13. HEALTHWith more than 200 hospitals, mostly SUSaccredited, it has available approximately 15,000hospital beds for Santa Catarina’s population, anaverage of 2.4 beds per thousand inhabitants.EDUCATIONEducation and development go hand in handin Santa Catarina.• 92.4% finish high school.• Over 99% of children between 6 and 14 are in school• Second lowest illiteracy rate in the country: 4.1%, secondonly to Distrito Federal (3.5%). The national average is9.6%.Human DevelopmentThe economy’s positive numbersreflect directly on the population’s lifequality and life expectancy.• Human Development Index (HDI)of 0.840 is the second best in thecountry, only behind of DistritoFederal.• Average life expectancy of 76 years,the same as Distrito Federal.• Lowest murder rate in the country:12.9 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants,according to the Violence Map 2012.• One of the lowest infant mortalityrates in the country - 11.8 perthousand live births• Population in a state of poverty is11.4%. The national average is 28.8%.SOURCES: PNUD, IBGE, IPEA and Government of the State of SC142013
  14. 14. Immigrants in Santa CatarinaItaliansPortugueseAustriansSwissNorwegiansGermansGeographyand climateHIGHEST POINT:Morro daBela Vista (Urubici), with 1827metersAVERAGE TEMPERATURES:between 13 and 25 degreescentigrade.CLIMATE: Humid subtropicalRELIEF: Over 75% of the area is300 meters above sea level and50% above 600 meters.TourismvocationThe geographical diversity,with over 560 km of coastline,fields, valleys and mountains,enchants visitors and all whochoose SC to live in. The peakseason for tourism is summer,when more than 6 million visitorspass through the state, accordingto Santur’s Tourism DemandStudy. Throughout the entireyear, the number of visitorsexceeds 8 million.HISTORYSanta Catarina’s officialsettlementdatesbacktothe16thcentury, when the Portuguesebuilt the first villages in the regionof Florianópolis. In the 19thcentury, the first German, Swissand Italian immigrants arrived inSC. Thereafter, other migratorywaves marked the region withthe arrival of Japanese, Poles,Ukrainians and Syrians, amongothers. The ethnic and culturaldiversity is now a major featureof SC’s wealth.SOURCE: SANTURSyriansJapanesePolesUkrainians201315JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  15. 15. • With more than 515,000 inhabitants, Joinville is the state’slargest city by population• Strategically located within 100 km of the region’s four majorports and with easy access to highways that interconnect thecountry and Mercosur• It is the state’s most important economic, technological andindustrial center• Santa Catarina’s largest industrial area, with approximately1,600 industries and 13,400 businesses• GDP of R$ 18.4 billion• GDP per capita of R$ 35,800• Presents the 13th best HDI (Human Development Index) ofBrazil: 0.857• It is the sixth fastest growing city in Brazil in the last 10 years• Leader in Santa Catarina in the number of export companiesand second municipality in export volumes (US$ 1.676billion) and imports (US$ 1.648 billion) in 2011• Third largest ICMS tax collector in 2011• More than 209,000 registered workersWHYJOINVILLE?SOURCES: IBGE/2010, ONU/PNUD, MTE/RAIS 2010 AND IPPUJFOUNDATION - JOINVILLE CITY IN DATA 2010/2011162013
  17. 17. Total men:255,763(49.63%)Total men:255,763(49.63%)Total population:515,288HistoryPOPULATIONAverage annual population growth of 1.69%, above the national(1.17%) and state (1.55%) average(IBGE 2010 Census)(Florianópolis, State’scapital with approximately420,000 inhabitants)Totalwomen:259,487(50.36%)Totalwomen:259,487(50.36%)Populationdensity: 453hab/km2Populationdensity: 453hab/km2Total rural popula-tion:17,462Total urbanpopulation:497,788Settled by European immigrants - predominantly German in its first historical cycle - andby workers from across the country over the past 40 years, Joinville has ethnic and cul-tural diversity as one of its key characteristics.In 1843, the Portuguese royal family offered a dowryin Northern Santa Catarina to the French RoyalFamily, the union of Prince François Ferdinand PhilippeLouis Marie d’Orléans with princess Francisca Carolinade Bragança, daughter of Dom Pedro I.These lands werenegotiated in 1849with the HamburgColonization Society.On March 9, 1851, the Dona Francisca Colonywas founded - by European immigrants(Germans, Swiss and Norwegian).The colony thenreceived a Frenchname, now being calledJoinville, in honor ofthe French Communeof which FerdinandFrançois was Prince.The first 191 immi-grants came fromGermany, Switzer-land and Norwayto settle this landon board the VesselColon.182013
  18. 18. 6.67% 4.75% 8.12% 5.94% 13.54% 13.51% 14.94% 19.82% 4.57% 8.140 to 5years6 to 9years10 to14 years15 to17 years18 to24 years25 to34 years35 to44 years45 to59 years60 to64 yearsMore than64 yearsSECTORS 2009 2010Primary 610 560Secondary 64,528 87,793Tertiary 97,616 121,106Total 162,754 209,459Note: We consider as thesecond sector: industry andconstruction. And as the thirdsector: trade and services.SOURCE: MTE/CAGED/RAIS – 2011, 1ST SEMESTER.CONSIDERED ONLY FORMAL JOBSDECLARED IN THE RAISSOURCE: IPC – INSTITUTO DE PESQUISA CATARINENSE LTDA – ORIGIN DESTINATION SURVEY 2010POPULATION BY AGE GROUP – 2010ECONOMICALLY ACTIVE POPULATION EVOLUTION BY SECTORJOINVILLE’S POPULATION EVOLUTIONIn 30 years, from the second half of the19th century, more than 17,000 Europeanimmigrants settled in the colony, amongthem Germans, Swiss, French, Austrians, andespecially Italians. Precisely in this periodappeared the first metallurgical and textileindustries in the region.Between the 50s and 80s the city transformeditself into one of Brazil’s major industrial centers,attracted workers from all over the South to workin companies that were already becoming nationaland international references, coming tobe known as the “Manchester of SantaCatarina” in the 70s.From the 90s, this profile has been extended tothe services and technology sectors, with thedecentralized commercial development of theneighborhoods, increasingly independent fromthe city’s center. In the mid-90s the city’s firstmajor shopping malls began to be inauguratedand with the advent of globalization, theregion’s largest companies were able toconsolidate their national and internationalleadership.Among the landmarks ofentrepreneurship in the 21stcentury, installation of Brazil’slargest multisectoral industrialcondominium stands out,generating in one place noless than almost 3% of SantaCatarina’s wealth.SOURCE: IBGECENSUS 1980, 1991,2000 AND 20101980 1991 2000 2010235,612346,224429,604515,288Municipality total201319JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  19. 19. SOURCES: IBGE AND UNIVILLLE’S WEATHER STATIONYEARLICENSED FLEETVEHICLESPOPULATIONINDICATOR(Population/Licensed Vehicles)2000 136,992 429,604 3.142010 286,162 515,288 1.802011 307,162 520,905 1.69SOURCE: DETRAN SC/ STATISTICS / IBGE STATISTICS / IPPUJ – 2012SOURCE: IBGE2010, 2002/2003MOTOR VEHICLE INDICATORSPOPULATION DISTRIBUTION BY RELIGIOUS BELIEF1.01% 4.83% 5.43% 23.32% 10.03% 14.08% 32.48% 1.88% 6.94%PostgraduateMastersDoctorateUnder-graduatecompleteUnder-graduateincompleteCompletedhigh schoolIncompletehigh schoolCompletedprimaryeducationIncompleteprimaryeducationIlliterateNotapplicableNote: The item “Not applicable” is equivalent to children 0-6 years of age. No children who attended daycare were considered.SOURCE: IPC – INSTITUTO DE PESQUISA CATARINENSE LTDA – ORIGIN DESTINATION SURVEY, 2010.EDUCATIONAL LEVEL OF JOINVILLE’S POPULATION26º 18’05” S (SOUTH LATITUDE) 48º 50’38” W (WEST LONGITUDE) 4.5 m (SEAT ELEVATION)Total area of municipality: 1,135.05 km2(212.6 km2of urbanarea and 922.45 km2 of rural area). Equivalent to almost threetimes the territorial size of the capital Florianópolis.Highest point: SerraQueimada peak, with 1,325meters above sea levelClimate: tropical and super humidsubtropical. The average relativehumidity reaches over 78%.Average annualtemperature: 22degrees CelsiusAveragemaximumtemperature: 27degrees CelsiusAverage monthly rainfall:190.08 mm in 2012Other/not reported6.2%Evangelical24.2%Lutheran4.1%Catholic65.5%GENERAL CHARACTERISTICSAverage minimumtemperature: 19degrees Celsius202013
  20. 20. SOURCES: SECRETARY OF DEVELOPMENT AND REGIONAL INTEGRATION, QUATRO RODAS GUIDE2010 AND JOINVILLE’S SECRETARY OF COMMUNICATION - CITY IN DATA 2010/2011.DISTANCES FROM JOINVILLEBRAZILIANCAPITALSkmAracaju-SE 2,725Belém-PA 3,326Belo Horizonte-MG 1,134Boa Vista-RR 4,901Brasília-DF 1,548Campo Grande-MS 1,121Cuiabá-MT 1,809Curitiba-PR 125Fortaleza-CE 3,671Goiânia-GO 1,393João Pessoa-PB 3,318Macapá-AP 2,924Maceió-AL 3,001Manaus-AM 3,728Natal-RN 3,495Palmas-TO 2,166Porto Alegre-RS 635Porto Velho-RO 3,265Recife-PE 3,208Rio Branco-AC 3,819Rio de Janeiro-RJ 982Salvador-BA 2,515São Luiz-MA 3,360São Paulo-SP 533Teresina-PI 3,273Vitória-ES 1,430NEARBYFOREIGNCAPITALSkmAsunción (PAR) 1,085Buenos Aires (ARG) 1,938Montevideo (URU) 1,530Santiago (CHI) 3,362Imbituba262 kmItajaí87 kmJoinvilleParanaguá134 kmSão Francisco do Sul45 kmItapoá80 kmNavegantes75 kmFlorianópolis163 kmBlumenau93 kmMafra126 kmLages310 kmSão Joaquim353 kmTubarão312 kmJaraguá do Sul46 kmSão Bento do Sul68 kmChapecó535 kmCriciúma355 kmCamboriú97 kmNova trento117 kmSão José183 kmCuritiba110 kmFLIGHT TIMEMajor cities hoursFlorianópolis-SC 25minBelo Horizonte–MG 2hBrasília–DF 2h25Campo Grande–MS 1h10Cuiabá–MT 1h35Curitiba–PR 25minFortaleza–CE 4h20Porto Alegre–RS 50minRecife–PE 3h50Rio de Janeiro–RJ 1h40Salvador–BA 2h50São Paulo–SP 50minAsunción (PAR) 1h50Buenos Aires (ARG) 3h40Montevideo (URU) 3h20201321JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  21. 21. EconomyMAIN PRODUCTS OF JOINVILLE’S INDUSTRIESSOURCE: CITY IN DATA - 2010/2011 - IPPUJ (FOUNDATION INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF JOINVILLE)METAL MECHANICAL PLASTICSPVC fittings, plastic fittings,plastic packaging, plasticparts for refrigerators,hoses, house waresTEXTILEOuterwear and uniforms,sportswear, shirts, socks ingeneral, bed accessories,knitted fabrics and articles,raw and dyed cotton yarnWOODWORKINGBathroom accessories,toys, wooden truckbeds, frames, foundrymolds, furniture,pieces for interiordecoration, floor andwall coveringsINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYSolutions in Integrated SystemsERP, ICT - Information andCommunication Technology,System Via Internet and newCommunication Platforms,Industrial and CommercialAutomation SystemsOTHERSCopper, tobacco, boats, pickled foods, householdappliances, beverages and soft drinks, bus bodies,sweets and jams, editorial and graphic, foliage and seeds,pasta and food in general, perfumes, soaps and candles,chemicals, pharmaceuticals, iodine saltsAir conditioners, boatengines, centrifugalpumps, steel plates,engines and motorpumps, cast & malleableiron, aluminum castings,boat propellers, bolts,nuts & washers, rollediron & steel, copperfaucets, metal fixturesand motor compressorsNumber of companies by economic sectorSOURCE: MUNICIPAL SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY - TECHNICAL REGISTRY 2012/01. DATA UP TO DECEMBER 31, 2011.Total45,66321,182Services13,454Trade6,152Autonomous3,202MEI1,673IndustryNote: MEI - Micro Individual Entrepreneur222013
  22. 22. INSTITUTIONNUMBER OFBRANCHES*ATM’SBanco do Brasil 21 10Casa do Empreendedor 01 -Banco Santander Brasil 07 03Banco Rio Grande do SulS/A – Banrisul01 -Caixa EconômicaFederal – CEF08 02Banco Bradesco S/A 17 11Banco Itaú S/A 09 02Banco Mercantil do BrasilS/A – Bancantil01 -Banco HSBC S/A 02 06Banco Safra S/A 01 -Banco Comercial doUruguai S/A01 -Sicoob/Coopercred(Corporate Service Desk)- 08Votorantim S/A 01 -Banco Renner S/A 01 -Total branches 71 42BANKING BRANCHESSOURCE: JOINVILLE’S REGION BANKING UNION2011, 1ST SEMESTER.* ATM’S: Automated Teller Machines. Note: there was a fusion of the fol-lowing banks: Santander/Real/ABN, Banco do Brasil/BESC, Itaú/Unibanco.With this, the banks were incorporated and extinguished and/or mergedtheir brands.2010Joinville 209,459Santa Catarina 2,095,571Brazil 36,272,7472011 ICMS IPI ICMS/IPI/IPVAJoinville 294,465,203 4,710,087 342,692,169SantaCatarina3,132,698,468 49,940,577 3,670,259,569MUNICIPALITY 2011 – US$ FOBItajaí 6,782,131,697Joinville 1,647,805,856Florianópolis 1,117,857,551Blumenau 676,859,823São José 586,461,137MUNICIPALITY 2011 – US$ FOBItajaí 3,465,582,056Joinville 1,676,470,307Jaraguá do Sul 826,427,433São Francisco do Sul 712,711,847Blumenau 573,064,698EXPORTS IMPORTSSanta Catarina 9,051,041,000 14,840,947,000Joinville 1,676,489,970 1,652,288,964FORMAL LABOR MARKETSOURCE: TEM / CAGEDEST - 2011, 1ST SEMESTER.CONSIDERED ONLY THE TOTAL NUMBER OF FORMAL JOBS.TAXESSOURCE: STATE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY - GENERALDIRECTORATE OF ACCOUNTING - 2012MAIN IMPORTINGMUNICIPALITIES OF SCSOURCE: MDIC/SECEXMAIN EXPORTINGMUNICIPALITIES OF SCSOURCE: MDIC/SECEXSOURCE: MDIC / SECRETARY OF FOREIGN TRADE - SECEX/2012SANTA CATARINA AND JOINVILLE TRADE BALANCE IN FOB US$ 2011201323JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  23. 23. The indicators described herein show the evolution of various indicesrelevant to Joinville’s economic and social growth.ACTIVITY UNIT AVERAGE COST R$CONSTRUCTIONSResidence (3 rooms/finished) CUB m21,038.16Industry (prefabricated) CUB m2527.06REAL ESTATE*Industrial land m260.00 to 1500.00Residential land m2100.00 to 1500.00TRANSPORTPublic (bus) people 2.90 to 3.30Taxi Base fare 4.00WATER**Residential “A” 1 (social) 0 a 10 m39.55Residential “B” 1 0 a 10 m32.23Commercial/Industrial/Public 1 0 a 10 m332.66Industrial Special*10 a 5,000m35,12 m3SEWAGE m380% of water rateELECTRICENERGY***Industrial B3 Low Voltage kWh 0.32499Residential B1 Low Voltage 30 up to 80 kWh(low income)kWh 0.18054Residential B1 Low Voltage above 220 kWh(low income)0.30087Rural B2 0.19311Rural B2 – rural electrification cooperative kWh 0.15184Commercial B3 Low Voltage kWh 0.30808IndicatorsSOURCES: SINDUSCON-JLLE-SC/PMJ/GIDION/ JOINVILLE WATER COMPANY/CELESC 2011,1ST SEMESTER (COLLECTIVE/BUS TRANSPORT RATES UPDATED TO 2013).* Real Estate average price varying according to city region and terrain features.**Water Rate: values corresponding to the minimum consumption rate of up to 10m3*** Electric energy rate: unit values per kWh without taxes - http://portal.celesc.com.br/portalREFERENCE COSTS IN JOINVILLE242013
  24. 24. INCOME(IN MS*)PARTICIPATION %Less than 1 MS 3.91 MS 14.8From 1 to 3 MS 51.4From 3 to 5 MS 17.3From 5 to 10 MS 8.2From 10 to 20 MS 1.8From 20 to 30 MS 0.3More than 30 MS 2.3SOURCE: IBGE ESTIMATES – SEBRAE – SC HOUSEHOLD CENSUS –IPPUJESTIMATES – HDI INCOME – 0.776 (AVERAGE * HDI)*MS – MINIMUM SALARYURBAN POPULATION OF JOINVILLEBY INCOME CATEGORYExecutive23.56Self-Service-Total15.29A La Carte29.96Commercial15.06Industrial6.00**SOURCE: ASSERT MEAL SURVEY (FOOD AND NUTRITION BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONAGREEMENT FOR THE WORKER) – AVERAGE PRICE 2012.AVERAGE MEAL PRICES – TOTAL* In restaurants open to the public inside Perini Business Park, meal valuesvary from R$25.00 to R$29.00 per kilo and R$9.15 in the open buffet,with juice and dessert.** Average from queries to Joinville’s companies.Big Mac Index R$ 10.00(US$ 5.11 – dollar of 12/3/2013)201325JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  25. 25. ELECTRIC ENERGYThere are nine substations responsible for power distribution in Joinville, with 99.3% of the populationhaving access to public electric energy.YEAR RESIDENTIAL WATER % RESIDENTIAL SEWAGE %2009 492,358 99.00 226 km 15.172012 519,000 99.00 550 km 20.00InfrastructureJoinville has a comprehensive network of urban infrastructure, which has been growing each year -according to demand - and being improved in its various aspects and equipment.SOURCE: JOINVILLE WATER COMPANYPEOPLE ATTENDED BY WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM AND SEWAGECOLLECTION IN PERCENTAGEWATER AND SANITATIONMore than 98% of Joinville’s population has drinking water. The network Expansion Plan for wastewatertreatment coverage foresees a 39.54% increase in the current number of the population served withnetwork and wastewater treatment, increasing the current coverage of only 16.55% to 53.54% over thenext years.SOURCE: CELESC 2011CLASS NUMBER OF CONSUMERS CONSUMO – KWH 2010Residential 157,889 435,071,295Industrial 6,723 1,688,935,197Commercial 14,218 289,342,208Rural 1,609 7,057,573Public Power 695 27,140,563Public Lighting 20 31,495,820Public Service Companies 68 34,651,654Own Consumption 18 578,679Total 181,240 2,514,274,999ELECTRIC ENERGY CONSUMERS262013
  26. 26. COLLECTIVE URBAN TRANSPORTThe bus transit system is operated by two concessionarycompanies, Gidion and Transtusa, divided by two majorareas (North and South). The Integrated Transit System haselectronic ticketing and integration stations.Joinville also has a fleet of 165 charter vehicles thatmainly serve companies in the region.TYPE 2010Household Collection 9,490Sweep Collection 781Hospital Collection 43Industries and PrivateIndividual Collection1,798Total 12,112SOURCE: ENGEPASA ENVIRONMENTAL - 2011, 1ST SEMESTER.SOLID WASTEREPORT BY TYPESIN TONS / MONTHPUBLIC CLEANINGHousehold waste collection covers 100%of the urban area and includes eight routesin rural areas, with special attention givento environmental preservation areas andsprings. In addition to collection, the publiccleaning services in the municipality ofJoinville provide transportation, treatmentand disposal of solid urban waste.The separate collection of recyclablesattends the central area on a daily basis,and the other neighborhoods once a week,covering 100% of the urban area. Onaverage, 531 tons of materials are collectedper month, forwarded to five screeningcenters: three recycling associations andtwo cooperatives.(SOURCE: SEINFRA - PUBLIC CLEANING AND ENVIRONMENTALCOORDINATION 2011).Nº OFROUTESNº OF TRIPS(WORKING DAYS)OPERANTFLEETRESERVEFLEETAVERAGEFLEET AGENº OF USERS(DAILY AVERAGE)Nº OF USERS/MONTH235 9,182 320 35 5.7 128,106 3,896,561SOURCE: GIDION / TRANSTUSA / SEINFRA / IPPUJ, 2011, 1ST SEMESTER.COLLECTIVE TRANSIT SYSTEM DATA OF JOINVILLE (AVERAGE)201327JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  27. 27. BUS STATIONJoinville’s Bus Station, one of the main areas of arrival in the city,includes 6,000 m2 of built area, with 24 platforms and 20 serviceproviders. In 2010, the bus station registered a total of 1,306,057passengers (embarking / disembarking) and a turnover of 94,911buses.SOURCE: CONURB - BUS STATION2010Number of vehicles 216Number of taxi stands 56TAXI SERVICESSOURCE: SEINFRA - TRANSPORT SERVICE -2011, 1ST SEMESTERJoinville has 1,706,778 meters of roads interconnecting the center and the districts, of which56.14% are paved. Currently, the city has 86 km of bicycle paths and bike lanes - installation of morethan 64 km is scheduled for the coming years.SOURCE: JOINVILLE CITY IN DATA - 2010/2011 - IPPUJMODES OF TRANSORTATION BREAKDOWN IN JOINVILLE30.35%By foot23.28%Automobile3.73%Motorcycle26.48%MunicipalBuses0.16%Special Bus14.06%Bicycle1.94%OtherROAD NETWORK282013
  28. 28. DESIGNATION NATURE NUMBERTourismBars, Restaurants and Similar Private 893Hotels Private 75Ecological Parks Public Public 2EventsCentreventos (Theater and Multipurpose Arena) Public 1Convention Centers Public 2Convention Centers Private 27Mini Events Centers Public 15LeisureCinemas (rooms) Private 9Cinema Public 1Clubs and Class Recreational Entities/Nightclubs Private 16Marinas Private 2Motels Private 25Squares and Leisure Areas Public 81Dance Halls Private 21SportsDance and Gymnastics Academies Private 1,540Golf Clubs Private 1Shooting Clubs Private 8Soccer Clubs and Stadiums Private 11Soccer Stadiums Public 1Soccer Fields Private 36Sports Arenas Private 31Sports Arenas Public 2Track and Field Private 9Bowling Alleys Private 2SOURCE: VARIOUS INFORMATION AGENCIES / PMJ PERMIT SECTOR 2011, 1ST SEMESTER.Note: The number of hotels includes the establishments that are not linked to the sector’s trade associations.TOURISM, EVENTS AND LEISURE INFRASTRUCTURERated hotels and otherestablishments52Beds 42563Occupancy rate (average %) 51.67Hotel stay (day) 1.80SOURCE: JOINVILLE TOURIST FOUNDATION - SANTUR – UNION OF HOTELS, RESTAU-RANTS, BARS AND SIMILAR OF JOINVILLE AND REGION 2012.HOTEL NETWORK AND TOURISMINFRASTRUCTUREHOTEL MANAGEMENT SERVICES IN JOINVILLE 2011Promotur/Santur surveys (2009) showthat 59.25% of visitors come to the city forbusiness, 12.67% for tourism , and 28.08%for other reasons. Leisure infrastructureis composed of approximately 900 bars,restaurants, nightclubs and similar.201329JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  29. 29. EVENT LOCATIONSCurrently there are two large venues suitable for fairs, congresses and events.EXPOVILLE COMPLEX – an area of 360 thousandsquare meters, along BR-101, with structuregeared towards leisure, business or eventstourism. It contains two pavilions: Nilson BenderEvents Pavilion (inaugurated in 1972), currentlywith 9,200 m2, and Megacentro Wittich Freitag(expansion inaugurated in 2006), with 14,000m2, being 11,400 m2 exclusively for events. Anecological woodlands and commercial center withlocal products are part of the complex.• Capacity: 36,000 people, depending onconfiguration• Constructed area: 20,300 m2exclusively forevents• Parking: 1,500 spacesCENTREVENTOS CAU HANSEN – inaugurated in 1998,it is a multipurpose arena that brings togetherthe Juarez Machado Theater (500 people), theConvention Center Alfredo Salfer, and beside it,an exhibition center, the Expocentro EdmundoDoubrawa.Itsversatilityallowsittoreceiveconcerts,theatrical and musical performances, sportsactivities, large festivities, conventions, congresses,fairs etc. The venue also houses the headquarters ofthe Bolshoi Theatre School in Brazil, Joinville CulturalFoundation and the School of Music.• Capacity: up to 5,000 people in the audience,grandstands and in its 32 boxes, this number maybe increased depending on the configuration• Constructed area: 25,000 m2• Arena: 15,000 m2• Stages, institutional and educational supportareas: 10,000 m2• Parking: 400 spaces• Location: Avenida Beira Rio, 315302013
  30. 30. MAIN BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONSACIJ – Joinville Business Association, has morethan 1,400 members from the industrial,commercial and service sectors.AJORPEME – Joinville and Region Association ofSmall, Micro and Medium Enterprises, with morethan 2,000 members.CDL – Joinville Chamber of Retailers, hasmore than 1,700 associates, integratingand promoting information exchange in thecommercial segment.ACOMAC - Association of Building MaterialsRetailers, promotes integration of the group,offers lectures and courses.AMCHAM BRASIL - American Chamber ofCommerce brings together nearly 4,500members from small, medium and largeenterprises, counts on a regional unit in Joinville.Also installed in Joinville is the World TradeCenter (WTC) regional office.MEDIAIn Joinville there are 16 radio stations, 10 openTV and cable broadcasters and 12 newspapers ofwhich two are daily.CONSULATESJoinville houses honorary consulates of Italy,Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republicamong others.SHOPPING CENTERSThe city has 3 shopping centers: MuellerJoinville, Joinville Garten Shopping and Cidadedas Flores along with several other commercialcenters.MAJOR EXHIBITIONSEXPOGESTÃO (National Congress of ManagementImprovement and Management Products & ServicesFair) – Know more: www.expogestao.com.brINTERMACH (International Fair and Congress ofTechnology, Machines, Equipment, Automation andServices for Metal-Mechanical Industries) – Knowmore: www.feiras.messebrasil.com.br/intermach/METALURGIA (International Fair and Congress ofTechnology for Foundry, Steel Mills, Forging,Aluminum and Services) – Know more: www.feiras.messebrasil.com.br/metalurgia/INTERPLAST (National Trade Fair and Congress ofPlastic Technology Integration) – Know more: www.feiras.messebrasil.com.br/interplast/INTERCON (Civil Construction Fair and Congress)– Know more: http://feiras.messebrasil.com.br/intercon/www.feiras.messebrasil.com.br/intercon/POWERGRID BRASIL (Energy Trade Fair and Congress- Technology, Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency)Know more: www.powergrid.com.brEXPOSUPER (Fair of Products, Services and Equipmentfor Supermarkets) – Know more: www.exposuper.com.br201331JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  31. 31. HIGHWAYSJoinville is connected to the state and thecountry’s main points through a network of highwaysincluding BR-101, SC-301 North and South andSC-413.• BR-101- northbound to Curitiba and São Paulo,and southbound to Itajai, Florianopolis and PortoAlegre.• SC - 301 (North) – originating from the accessclover of the Pirabeiraba District along BR-101it connects Joinville and North Plateau of SantaCatarina through the municipalities of CampoAlegre, São Bento do Sul, Rio Negrinho and Mafra.• SC-301(South)-originating from the southernlimits of the municipality’s urban area, it extendsto the junction of BR-280, linking Joinville to themunicipalities of Araquari, Barra do Sul and SãoFrancisco do Sul• SC–413- connects the municipality of Joinville,from the Vila Nova district, to the municipality ofGuaramirim at the junction with BR-280.• South Access Axis - originates in the south withinthe limits of the municipality’s urban area andextends to the junction of BR-101.LogisticsRAILWAY TRANSPORTThe company América Latina Logística do Brasilhas a rail spur connecting São Francisco do Sul toMafra, and from this national connection, to PortoAlegre, São Paulo and all of Paraná. The loads carriedare soybean meal, wheat, scrap metal, ceramic andbentonite, soybean, degummed oil, sorghum, oats,corn, fertilizer, iron ore, steel coils, pig iron andrefrigerators.Average commercial trips/day: 4Average railcars per train: 77Network extension: 212.00 kmSOURCE: AMÉRICA LATINA LOGÍSTICA DO BRASIL, 2009322013
  32. 32. PASSENGER AIR CARGO(KG)YEAR DEPARTURES ARRIVALS Total1990 41,430 42,256 83,686 1,906,7432000 113,792 118,031 231,823 1,007,0752010 143,916 145,216 289,129 1,101,241MOVEMENT IN JOINVILLE AIRPORTSOURCE: INFRAERO, 2011, 1ST SEMESTER.AIRPORTSLauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport is one ofthe largest in the South. It is located 13 km fromthe city center, 75 km from Navegantes Airport,110 km from Curitiba Airport and 185 km fromFlorianópolis Airport. Companies that operate areGol, TAM, Azul and Trip. In 2004 it inaugurated anew 4,000 m2 passenger terminal with capacityto attend up to 500,000 passengers a year. FromJoinville airport daily flights depart to São Paulo(Congonhas, Guarulhos and Campinas) and Rio deJaneiro (Galeão).PORTS – SC/SP/PRDISTANCE FROMJOINVILLE/KMImbituba–SC 262Itapoá–SC 80Itajaí–SC 87Navegantes–SC 80Paranaguá-PR 134Santos–SP 607São Francisco do Sul–SC 45SOURCES: SECRETARY OF DEVELOPMENT AND REGIONAL INTE-GRATION, AND QUATRO RODAS 2010 GUIDE, JOINVILLE SECRETARYOF COMMUNICATION - CITY IN DATA 2010/2011Joinville is a strategic logistics reference for beingless than 100 miles from the four major ports in theregion.• Itapoá (SC) – One of the most modern privateports in Latin America for handling containers, ithas 630 meter long piers and an initial installedcapacity to move 300,000 containers/year. Itis included among the world’s major shippingroutes and cabotage in Mercosur countries. Witha 16 meter natural draft, it is capable of receivinglarge vessels (with capacity for 9,000 TEUs ormore). It also serves as a hub port, concentratingcargo, enabling service of both long distancetransport as well as cabotage.• Itajaí (SC) - The Itajai Port Complex leadsmaritime transport in the state and occupiessecond place in the national ranking for containerhandling. Its 750 meter pier structure, with a 14meter draft, are responsible for 80% of SantaCatarina’s total exports. Its facilities occupy morethan 15,000 m2of covered area for productstorage and 38,000 m2 uncovered for containerstorage.• Navegantes (SC) - Portonave has been inoperation since 2007, with a total area of270,000 m², 900 meter quay structure withthree berths, being considered one of thecountry’s most modern ports. It has an 11.3meter draft and an annual handling capacity of 1million TEUs.• São Francisco do Sul (SC) – This port isSanta Catarina’s main grain port and 80% of itsmovement is geared for export. It features a780 meter berthing pier and 13 meter draft.Integrated with Mercosur Atlantic Consortium,it also offers a rail spur interconnected to thetown of Mafra, and from this is connected to thenational railway system.PORTS201333JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  33. 33. 342013
  34. 34. • Families in Joinville are composed, on average, ofthree or four people.• Over 300,000 people have health insurance in Jo-invilleHumandevelopmentDECEMBER 2009Ambulatory units 61Specialized clinics 215Municipal Doctors* 2,140Municipal Dentists (150 SUS) 580Hospital beds 2.29/1000Medical consultations 489,941Health agents (APS I and ACS) 925Longevity (in years) 0.85Low birth weight (≤ 2.3 kg) 7.8General mortality 5.2/1000Hospitals/PA 10Laboratories 35Municipal Nurses* 414Nursing Technicians 1254Nursing Assistant 825Family Health Program– PSF33Life expectancy at birth(years)74.97Infant mortality 9.3/1000SOURCE: DATASUS, 2009. MUNICIPAL SECRETARY OF HEALTH- PLANNING,CONTROL, EVALUATION AND AUDIT MANAGEMENT. HEALTH SURVEILLANCEMANAGEMENT OF PRIMARY CARE UNITS MANAGEMENT 2010, 1STSEMESTER.* Considering only those that are attended through SUS.Note:AmbulatoryUnits:56inPrimaryCareand4ReferenceSpecialties.InPSF,three units are extension.QUALITY OF LIFE INDEXBEDS BY CLINIC SUS PRIVATE TotalSurgical 239 74 313Medical 289 138 427Pediatrics 64 31 95Psychiatry 31 - 31Obstetrics 77 37 114COMPLEMENTARYICU Adult 33 20 53ICU Infant 14 - 14ICU Neonatal 17 - 17Intermediate NeonatalUnit25 08 33Isolation unit 08 - 08Surgical 21 06 27AIDS 28 06 34Total Clinicaland Surgical846 320 1,166Hematology andHemotherapy Center01 - 01Transfusion Agency 01 - 01HEALTH STRUCTURE TotalGeneral Hospital 06Specialized Clinics / Ambulatories 08Maternities 02PA - Emergency Care 03Health Units 56Reference Centers 14Family Health Units 36Outreach Family Health Units 02Polyclinics 09General Emergency Room 04Pharmacies and Drugstores 17Laboratories (Collection Stations) 25Separate Dental Offices 10Ground units – Mobile-Dentistry 03Ambulances (SAMU) 05SOURCE: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH - MANAGEMENT PLANNING, CON-TROL, EVALUATION AND AUDIT UNIT / CNES 2010, 1ST SEMESTER.HOSPITAL NETWORK INSTALLEDPHYSICAL CAPACITYSOURCE: DATASUS AND SECRETARY OF HEALTH - GUP, CONTROL,EVALUATION AND AUDIT / CNES 2012/01.HEALTHLongevity in Joinville is one of the highest in thecountry corresponding to 74.97 years on average,while the infant mortality rate is 9.3 per thousand livebirths.SERVICE UNITS201335JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  35. 35. • Rua das Palmeiras(alameda Brüstlein)• National Museumof Immigration andColonization• Sambaqui ArchaeologicalMuseum• Art Museum of Joinville• Foundry Museum• National Fire FighterMuseum• “Fritz Alt House”Museum• Culture House -Municipal Art GalleryVictor Kursancew• Germano Kurt FreissllerCity Public Market• Historical Archives ofJoinville• Diocesan Cathedral ofJoinville• Church of Peace• Deutsche Schule CulturalCenter• Sacred Heart of JesusShrine• Memory House /Immigrants Cemetery• Joinville Arena• Expoville Park• Antarctica CulturalCitadel• Boa Vista Observatory• Memory Station• Karting Track• Centreventos CauHansen• Joinville Dance Festival• Juarez Machado Theater• Bolshoi Theater Schoolin Brazil• Geovah Amarante CityGate• Zoobotanical Park• Finder Hill EcologicalPark• Caieira Park• Amaral Hill• Babitonga Bay -Saguaçu Lagoon• Prince of Joinville III Boat• Beautiful Road Region• Piraí Region• Pirai Waterfall andHydroelectric Station -Piraí• Quiriri Region• Dona Francisca Region• Krüger House (touristcenter) - Dona FranciscaMAIN TOURIST AND CULTURALATTRACTIONS OF JOINVILLECULTURE, TOURISM AND LEISURE EVENTSDue to its predominantly worker andentrepreneurial profile, Joinville has a naturalvocation for business tourism, holding fairs andexhibitions as well as being the city that hostsculture becoming an international reference. Amongthe titles by which the city is historically known areInternational Dance Capital, City of Flowers, City ofBicycles and Manchester of Santa Catarina.The city is home to the world’s largest dancefestival, the Joinville Dance Festival. For being theCapital of Dance, Joinville attracted to its region theBolshoi Theatre School of Brazil, the only branchof the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow outside Russia,which currently serves approximately 250 studentsfrom the community, of which 90% are scholarshipholders.The Cultural Foundation of Joinville is responsiblefor maintaining, promoting and developing culturalactivities in the municipality and maintaining thehistory preserved in museums, notably the NationalMuseum of Immigration and Colonization whichis housed in the old Palace of the Princes, and theSambaqui Archaeological Museum, providing anoverview of the region’s prehistory.The city also has venues to disseminate culture,such as the Cultural Antarctica Citadel (an oldrevitalized brewery), the Historical Archive andMemory House, besides maintaining its traditionsthrough themed festivals (Festival of Flowers,October festivals) throughout the year, especially inthe rural tourism area.SOURCES: PROMOTUR / CULTURAL FOUNDATION OFJOINVILLE, 2011, 1 SEMESTER.362013
  36. 36. King ShootingFestivalFebruaryWeek of Joinville MarchCarnavalFebruary/MarchSaturday in theStationMarch toDecember(once amonth)Morning concertsOn SundaymorningsAnniversary ofBolshoi TheatreSchool in BrazilMarchTooling + Modelingand Machining FairMarchElectro Electronicsand IndustrialAutomation FairAprilCreole NationalRodeoAprilAnthurium Festival AprilDuck Festival MayMAIN EVENTS IN JOINVILLEWeek of Museums MayRice Festival MayBandoneon Festival MayKing ShootingFestivalJuneCassava Festival JuneFolkloric Gathering JuneSustainable Fair JuneExpogestão JuneColonial Festival JulyDance Festival JulySolidarity Festival JulyInterplast AugustYam Festival AugustHarvest Festival SeptemberSpring in Museums SeptemberOpen Games SeptemberIntermach SeptemberPack & Print BrazilFairSeptemberPolenta Festival SeptemberMetalurgia Fair SeptemberJoinville still keeps itstraditions by maintaining culturalsocieties such as: Lyra Harmony,Gymnastics Society of Joinville,Lyric Society of Joinville, DonaFrancisca Society, Rio da PrataSociety, German Cultural Society,Esmeralda Sports and RecreationSociety, Joinville Floresta Society,Cruzeiro Joinvilense Sports andCultural Society, XV de NovembroSports Cultural RecreationalShooting Hunting Society, amongothers.Fresh Water FishFestivalSeptemberSpring Festival SeptemberFarroupilha Week SeptemberHandcrafts Fair OctoberIntercon OctoberPork/ShootingFestivalOctoberStammtisch ofJoinvilleOctoberFestival ofTraditionsOctoberLogistics Fair OctoberHemerocallisBrazilian FestivalOctober toFebruaryJoinville JazzFestivalNovemberFlower Festival NovemberGarden Home &Leisure FairNovemberSchool Olympics DecemberDream Christmas DecemberSOURCES: PROMOTUR / CULTURAL FOUNDATION OF JOINVILLE, 2011, 1ST SEMESTER.201337JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  37. 37. Joinville’s public safety relies on civil andmilitary police forces, federal police and armyunits (the 62nd Infantry Battalion), as well ascivil defense, fire department, traffic agents andcommunity safety councils (Conseg), present in15 regions of the city.The Civil Police is composed of a regional policestation, a central police station, specialized precinctsand Ciretran.EVENTSPERIODHELDChild Fishing Gymkhana MarchBeach Soccer Inter-districtGamesApril/MayJoinville Student Games April/MayDay of challengeMay(Community)Kurt Meinert Soccer CupJune toNovemberSwimming Festival for NonFederatesAugust/NovemberGolden Age Olympics AugustJoinville Rustic Race OctoberFutsal CupOctober toDecemberJoinville Open Games OctoberJoinville Para-Sports OpenGamesOctoberSports Initiation Program Every dayAMI – Golden Age Academy Every daySOURCE: FELEJ, 2010.Note: in 2010 there were 31 Golden Age Academies installed in various dis-tricts of the city, with a forecast of installing another eight, still in 2011.SPORT EVENTS IN JOINVILLEJoinville has teams in three modalities competingin national championships.JEC - Joinville Sports Club - the soccer teamhas been competing, since 2012, in the Series B ofthe Brazilian Championship. It has 12 state titles,including 8 consecutive (1978 to 1985).Since 2005 Joinville’s futsal team has competedin the sport’s major championships, with manyathletes from the Brazilian national team.Joinville’sbasketballalsohasnationalprominence.A great sport strength in Santa Catarina (9 timesstate champion), participating in the most importantBrazilian league, the NBB (New Basketball Brazil).Based in Joinville, the 8th Military PoliceBattalion represents the Military Police in thenortheastern region of Santa Catarina. The city isalso the seat of CPNorte, which exercises strategiclevel operational command in 16 counties in SantaCatarina’s north-northeast region.The Joinville Volunteer Fire Departmenthas 11 operating units (plus an administrative andcommunication unit), with a team of 1,884 people.SAFETYSPORT IS NATIONAL HIGHLIGHT382013
  38. 38. HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS PRESENTIALNUMBER OFSEATS/YEARENROLLEDSTUDENTSNUMBER OFCOURSESPublicState University of Santa Catarina– Udesc -www.joinville.udesc.br370 2,476 8Federal Institute of Santa Catarina – IFSCJoinville campus* - www.joinville.ifsc.edu.br80 80 2Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSCJoinville campus* Engineering Center forMobility - www.joinville.ufsc.br400 577 1PrivateRegional University of Joinville – Univillewww.univille.edu.br2,100 7,44032 and 36degreesSanto Antônio – Inesa Higher EducationalInstitute - www.inesa.com.br200 315 2Cenecista College of Joinville – FCJwww.fcj.com.br940 1,549 9ACE – Guilherme Guimbala Collegewww.ace.br820 1,456 6Bom Jesus/lelusc Lutheran EducationAssociation - www.ielusc.br185 771 5Tupy Superior Institute – ISTwww.sociesc.org.br5,260 5,683 28Senai Technology College www.sc.senai.br 120 259 4Assessoritec - www.assessoritec.com.br 380 213 4Anhanguera College of Joinvillewww.unianhanguera.edu.br2,300 4,300 20Total 13,155 25,119 121Professional educationHIGHER EDUCATIONNine public and three private institutions offer the population of Joinville a range of higher educationcourses at undergraduate, postgraduate, masters and doctorate levels.HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS IN JOINVILLESOURCES: UDESC, IFSC, UFSC UNIVILLE, INESA, FCJ, ACE, IELUSC, IST, SENAI, ASSESSORITEC, ANHANGUERA 2010, 1ST SEMESTER.Note: The Catholic University of Santa Catarina (www.catolicasc.org.br) began offering undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education in Joinville in 2012,not yet computed in the above table.201339JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  39. 39. Even with its industrial and commercialcharacteristic Joinville offers a range of specializedand vocational courses at the following institutions.• José Elias Moreira Cenecista School - CNEC:24 technical courses: sales, foreign trade, businessmanagement as well as property security.• Asessoritec – Technology Institute: 20 coursesfrom construction management, informationtechnology,industrialmaintenancetoautomotiveelectromechanical.• Cedup – Dario Salles: 8 courses, from trade andmechanical manufacturing to accounting.• Educaville: 23 courses, from administrativeprocesses, logistics, financial strategy tomarketing strategies.• Educare – Vocational Training Center: 4courses, massage therapy, aesthetic, nursing andprofessional qualification.• Senac – National Service for Business Learning:9 courses, radiology, networks, human resourcesand supermarket services.• Senai – National Service of Industrial Learning:HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONSNUMBER OFSEATSENROLLEDSTUDENTSNUMBER OFCOURSESPublicEAD – Federal University of Santa Catarina Join-ville Pole*ead.ufsc.br/jovensadultos/polos-uab/150 120 3PrivateAssessoritec* - www.assessoritec.com.br 60 60 3Exathum – Interactive College* -www.exathum.com.br300 170 6Pedagogical Advisory Continuing EducationUniversity – (Uniasselvi and ECB)- www.aupex.com.br1,000 2,000 13Brazilian Institute of Graduate Studies andContinuing Education = www.ibpex.com.br750 1,500 10Total 2,260 3,850 35SOURCES: EAD-UFSC, EXATHUM, AUPEX, IBPEX 2010, 1ST SEMESTER.* Technical CourseHIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS IN JOINVILLE:Distance learning and / or semi-presential courses28 courses, from industrial automation, moldtooling, clothing, computers, as well as industrialbaker and confectioner.• IFSC – Federal Institute of Santa Catarina:3 courses, nursing, industrial mechanics andelectronics.• Tupy Technical School - 21 courses fromgraphic design, construction, metallurgy totelecommunications; and 14 distance learningcourses, from environment, public services, salesto mechanical design.SOURCE: JOINVILLE CITY IN DATA 2010/2011.In addition to these institutions, Fundamas -Albano Schmidt Municipal Foundation, a municipalagency, focuses on qualifying and retraining aswell as social and digital inclusion. The Foundationdevelops and teaches training courses for youthsand adults in ten educational facilities in the centraland peripheral areas of Joinville, qualifying the city’sworkforce in various sectors.PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL EDUCATION402013
  40. 40. INVESTMENT BANKSIn Santa Catarina, two investment banks areprepared to meet the needs of entrepreneurs.Both operate as on-lending for the National BankEconomic and Social Development (BNDES) andother funding sources.A) Agência Catarinense de Fomento S/A (Badesc)Lending capacity: approximately R$ 1 billion.Beneficiaries: virtually every sector of SantaCatarina’s economy. BADESC’s priority is micro andsmall enterprises, which have absorbed between80% and 85% of transactions and 55% of theamounts invested.B) Southern Regional Development Bank (BRDE)Beneficiaries: industry, trade, services,agriculture, infrastructure, individuals.What can be funded: construction, facilities’expansion or renovation, equipment purchase,program and product development, training andqualifying human resources, energy consumptionrationalization, working capital associated with theinvestment to be made, among others. The SpecialBRDE Microenterprise Program offers specialconditions and simplified documentation for smallbusinesses with over two years of operating activityor the entrepreneur’s work experience. Anotherspecial program finances working capital to producegoods for export.Terms: up to five years, with a grace period ofup to two years included within the total period.There is flexibility in the timeframe, according to theenterprise’s profile.Fiscal benefitsJOINVILLE – INCENTIVE POLICYThe municipality applies Complementary Lawnº 272/2008, which addresses tax incentives forcompanies that want to have operations in Joinville.In this regard, art. 4 foresees the followingexemptions:• I - Exemption from municipal taxes• II - Refund on part of the ICMS tax return• III – Others, in the form of specific lawSEBRAEThe Brazilian Support Service for Micro and SmallEnterprises’ mission is to stimulate the emergenceof new businesses and support existing ones. Theinstitution identifies and offers solutions to SantaCatarina’s entrepreneurs and trains, guides andenables entrepreneurs in the pursuit of results,growth and social development by generatingjobs and income. Sebrae/SC operates in the areasof education, market, technology, informationand public policy with three market approaches:Individual, sectorial and territorial assistance.SOURCE: WWW.SANTACATARINA.BRASIL.COM.BRFISCAL BENEFITS INSANTA CATARINAFISCAL BENEFITS INJOINVILLE201341JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  41. 41. In seeking innovative solutions that result incompetitive market advantages, one strategicsolution is to install the enterprise in an industrialcondominium since the company doesn’t tieup capital in property and gains more financialbreath. Many benefits transform this choice intomore productivity and assertiveness, allowing thecompany to have greater focus on the business itself.As the most important economic center of SantaCatarina and third in the southern region, Joinvillehas the largest multisectoral business condominiumin Brazil, Perini Business Park. In 2.8 million m2ofland and 270,000 m2of constructed area (50%of the projected capacity), the condominiumlocated in Joinville’s industrial district houses 112companies from diverse segments such as metalmechanic, plastics, logistics, chemical, construction,automotive, metallurgy, electronics, agribusiness,nautical, trade and services.BUSINESS SEGMENTS / OCCUPIED AREA4%Services78%Industry18%Trade7,500 employeesMore than 100 companies, being 27multinational companies, from 10 nationalitiesR$ 2.53 billion is Perini’s GDPRepresents 2.65% of Santa Catarina’s GDP and19% of Joinville’s GDPForecasted for 2024: 16,000 employees; 230companies; 550,000 m2 of constructed areaBRAZIL’S LARGEST MULTISECTORAL INDUSTRIALCONDOMINIUM5 minutes from two accesses to the BR-101highway, which connects Brazil from North to South4 km from the newest shopping center in Joinville4 km from Univille and Udesc university campusand from two units of the fire department9 km from the city centerWithin a radius of 150 km there are five portsLOCATIONIndustrialCondominium422013
  42. 42. TOTAL AREA IN M2CONSTRUCTED AREA IN M22001 | 37.5thousand2005 | 84thousand2012 | 270thousand2001 | 1.9million2005 | 2.1million2012 | 2.8million201343JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  43. 43. SERVICES AND AMENITIESOFFERED BY PERINI BUSINESS PARKControlled access to the condominiumRoad weigh stationSurveillance 24 hours a day, seven days per weekUrbanized avenuesInternal and external collective transportParking lotsPrivate parking lotsBuilding maintenanceConservation, cleaning and gardeningLandscaping that favors pedestrians: sidewalks,benches and flowering hedgesSelective waste collectionRestaurants and bakeryCar washBank branches and correspondence distributionMany advisory services (advocacy, information,insurance...)Telecommunications operatorsVolunteer brigade for fires and emergenciesMedical/dental clinicSports courtsLibraryTraining roomCentralizing hub for forums, lectures andbusiness meetingsEducation program for youths and adultsFuture Athlete ProgramEnvironmental Education CenterCONTACTRua Dona Francisca, 8300 – Distrito IndustrialCEP: 89219-600 – Joinville – SC – Brazil+55 47 3028-8606e-mail: contato@perinibusinesspark.com.brwww.perinibusinesspark.com.brInternational building standardPiled floor with high load capacityPrefabricated structureBuilding closure with thermoacoustic panelsStructure for bridge-cranesRoof with natural lighting and ventilationCeiling height standard of 8.5 mExecution of special projects on demandDocks for loading and unloadingGas, water and electric energy networksOffices with customized architectureFiber-optic and radio frequencytelecommunications600,000 m² of permanent preservation areaPEDESTRIANS VEHICLES TRUCKS2008 156,814 618,892 34,5082009 208,124 643,164 56,9022010 332,395 770,177 53,5972012 346,524 889,908 68,016A TRUE CITYDIFFERENTIALS IN INFRASTRUCTUREOFFERED BY PERINI BUSINESS PARKTotal accesses at the gateTRAFFIC PER MONTH 201228,000Pedestrians5,600Trucks72,000Automobiles442013
  45. 45. 191716150107080614 130302120420211109
  46. 46. JOINVILLE AND REGION01 Expoville02 Expocentro EdmundoDoubrawa03 Centreventos and Juarez Machado Theater04 Lyra Harmony05 Airport06 Federal University of SC07 Univille08 Udesc09 Sociesc International School10 Tupy Technical School11 São José Hospital12 Dona Helena Hospital13 Unimed Hospital14 Infant Hospital15 BR-10116 Perini Business Park17 Joinville Country Club (golf course and equestrianclub)18 Joinville Yacht Club19 Leme Equestrian Center (horseriding)20 Military Police Battalion21 Armed Forces Battalion051810
  47. 47. JOINVILLE CITY HALL(main building)Av. Hermann AugustLepper, 10 - Centro55 47 3431-3233Fax: 55 47 3433-2480www.joinville.sc.gov.brOFFICE OF THE MAYORMayor Udo DöhlerMain Building55 47 3431-3221Secretary to the Mayor’s Office55 47 3431-3345OFFICE OF THEVICE-MAYORVice Mayor Rodrigo CoelhoMain Building55 47 3431-3277 -Fax 55 47 3431-3295MUNICIPAL REGULATORYAGENCY FOR WATER ANDSEWAGE SERVICES OFJOINVILLERua Paraná, 420Anita Garibaldi55 47 3433-1158ITTRANTransit InstituteRua XV de Novembro, 1383América55 47 3431-151955 47 3431-1512CULTURAL FOUNDATIONOF JOINVILLEAv. José Viera, 315América55 47 3433-2190Fax 55 47 3433-002125 DE JULHO MUNICIPALRURAL DEVELOPMENTFOUNDATIONRodovia SC 301, KM 055 47 3424-1188JOINVILLE SPORTS,LEISURE AND EVENTSFOUNDATIONRua Inácio Bastos, 1084Bucarein55 47 3433-1160FUNDEMAMunicipal EnvironmentFoundationRua Otto Boehm, 100América55 47 3433-2230Fax 55 47 3433-5202FUNDAMASAlbano SchmidtMUNICIPAL FOUNDATIONRua Monsenhor Gercino,1040Itaum55 47 3436-003355 47 3436-0035IPPUJInstitute Foundation ofResearch and Planning forSustainable Developmentof JoinvilleMain Building55 47 3431-3446Fax 55 47 3422-7333IPREVILLESocial Security Institutefor Public Servants of theMunicipality of JoinvillePraça Jardim NereuRamos, 372Centro55 47 3423-190ATTORNEY GENERAL OFTHE MUNICIPALITYMain Building55 47 3431-3227Fax 55 47 3431-3237FOUNDATION FORTOURISM PROMOTIONAND PLANNING OFJOINVILLERua XV de Novembro, 4543Glória55 47 3453-2663Fax 55 47 3453-2644SECRETARY OFADMINISTRATIONMain Building55 47 3431-3219Fax: 55 47 3431-3276SECRETARY OF EDUCATIONRua Itajaí, 390Centro55 47 3431-3006Fax 55 47 3433-1122SECRETARY OF SOCIALASSISTANCEAv. Procópio Gomes, 749Bucarein55 47 3802-370555 47 3423-1309SECRETARY OFCOMMUNICATIONMain Building47 3431-3202SECRETARY OFURBANINFRASTRUCTURERua Saguaçu, 265Saguaçu55 47 3431-5000Fax 55 47 3422-7237SECRETARY OFPLANNING, BUDGET ANDMANAGEMENTMain Building55 47 3431-3418Fax 55 473422-7333SECRETARY OF THETREASURYMain Building55 47 3431-3228SECRETARY OF PEOPLEMANAGEMENTRua Luiz Niemeyer, 54 –10ª Andar - Centro55 47 3431-3142Fax 55 47 3422-1148SECRETARY OFHOUSINGRua Marechal Deodoro, 138Centro55 47 3802-360055 47 3433-2329SECRETARY OFINTEGRATION ANDECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTMain Building55 47 3431-3217SECRETARYOF HEALTHRua Itajaí, 51Centro55 47 3481-5100OMBUDSMAN OF CITYHALLRua Anita Garibaldi, 79Anita GaribaldiTelephone: 156ouvidoria@joinville.sc.gov.brSEPROTSecretary of CivilProtection and PublicSafetyRua Anita Garibaldi, 79Anita Garibaldi55 47 3437-3827 / 199ALDERMEN CHAMBEROFJOINVILLERua Hermann AugustLepper, 1.100Saguaçu55 47 2101-3333Fax 55 47 2101-3200www.cvj.sc.gov.brACIJJoinvilleBusiness AssociationAvenida Aluísio PiresCondeixa, 2.550Saguaçu55 47 3461-3333www.acij.com.brAJORPEMEJoinville and RegionAssociation of Small, Microand Medium EnterprisesRua Urussanga, 292Bucarein55 47 2101-4100www.ajorpeme.com.brImportant contactsMUNICIPAL AGENCIES / INSTITUTIONS482013
  48. 48. CDLChamber of RetailerExecutives in JoinvilleRua Ministro Calógeras, 867Anita Garibaldi55 47 3461-2500www.cdljoinville.com.brFORUM OF THE CIRCUITCOURT OF JOINVILLEAvenida Hermann AugustoLepper, 980Saguaçu55 47 3461-8500Site: www.tj.sc.gov.brFEDERAL INTERNALREVENUE OFFICE OFBRAZIL IN JOINVILLE – 9ªRua Mário Lobo, 180Centro55 47 3431-6300Fax 55 47 3433-9399www.receita.fazenda.gov.brJOINVILLE WATERCOMPANYRua XV de Novembro, 780Centro0800-7230300www.aguasdejoinville.com.brCELESCElectric Power Stationsof Santa CatarinaIndividualsRua Marinho Lobo, 75Centro0800 48 0120CompaniesRua Timbó 1.630Glória55 47 3451-7000SCGÁSGas Company ofSanta CatarinaRua Antônio Luz, 255 -Centro Empresarial Hoepcke55 48 3229-1200Fax: 55 47 3229-1230www.scgas.com.brTRAFFIC ACCIDENTS – 194AIRPORT – 55 47 3481-4000CENTRAL POST OFFICE – 55 47 3433-1574WATER AND SEWAGE – 0800-6430195AMBULANCE/EMERGENCY RESCUE – 192FIRE DEPARTMENT – 193CELESC/ ELECTRIC POWER – 0800480120CONURB – 55 47 3431-1500CIVIL DEFENSE – 199TRANSIT POLICE PRECINCT – 55 47 3436-1961SPECIALIZED POLICE PRECINCT FOR WOMAN – 180REGIONAL LABOR OFFICES – 158DETRAN – 154CRIME HOTLINE – 181BETHESDA HOSPITAL – 55 47 3424-1311DONA HELENA HOSPITAL– 55 47 3451-3333INFANT MATERNAL HOSPITAL – 55 47 3145-1600MUNICIPAL HOSPITAL – 47 3441-6666REGIONAL HOSPITAL – 47 3461-5500UNIMED HOSPITAL – 47 3441-9555IBAMA – 152 – 152DARCY VARGAS MATERNITY – 47 3461-570024H PA HEALTH POST / EAST – 47 3427-540624H PA HEALTH POST / NORTH – 47 3419-040424H PA HEALTH POST / SOUTH – 47 3466-0055Procon – 151MILITARY POLICE / PARAMEDICS – 190CIVIL POLICE – 197FEDERAL POLICE – 194HIGHWAY STATE POLICE – 198HIGHWAY FEDERAL POLICE – 191ENVIRONMENTAL POLICE – 55 47 3269-7111TAXI SERVICES – 55 47 3433-4444STATE REVENUE (on call) – 1528BUS STATION – 55 47 3433-2991SECRETARY OF SOCIAL WELFARE – 55 47 3433-7717SECRETARY OF PUBLIC SAFETY – 55 47 3451-8174SECRETARY OF HUMAN RIGHTS – 1008th MILITARY POLICE BATTALION – 55 47 3431-870062nd INFANTRY BATTALION – 55 47 3433-2399HEALTH SURVEILLANCE – 150USEFUL / EMERGENCY NUMBERSSÃO JOSÉMUNICIPAL HOSPITALAv. Getúlio Vargas, 238Centro55 47 3441-6666Fax 55 47 3441-6563INFANT MATERNALHOSPITALRua Araranguá, 554América55 47 3145-1600Fax: 55 47 3145-1666REGIONAL HOSPITALRua Xavier ArpIririú55 47 3461-5500DARCY VARGASMATERNITY HOSPITALRua Miguel Couto,Anita Garibaldi55 47 3461-5700UNIMEDHOSPITAL CENTERRua Orestes Guimarães, 905América55 47 3441-9555DONA HELENA MATERNITYHOSPITALRua Blumenau, 123América55 47 3451-3333BETHESDA HOSPITALRua Conselheiro Pedreira, 624Distrito de Pirabeiraba55 47 3424-1311201349JOINVILLE I SANTA CATARINA I BRAZIL
  49. 49. JOINVILLE IN DATAis a Perini Business Park publication andmade possible with support from theCity of Joinville and production by EDMLogos Communication.The information is the result ofextensive research from differentsources to present the most currentand reliable data available. This materialwill be updated periodically on theInternet and in new editions. For this,we count on your participation bysuggesting or sending new information,since the more current and completethis material, the more it will promoteour Joinville. Send your contributions tothe email atendimento@edmlogos.com.br or call 55 (47) 3433-0666.Translation by SPIN Traduções• Brazilian Institute of Geographyand Statistics (Census 2010, GrossDomestic Product by Municipalities2010, IBGE / Cities)• Santa Catarina in Data 2012/Fiesc• Santa Catarina in Numbers / 2010 /Sebrae• IPPUJ Foundation - Joinville City inData 2010/2011• Diário Catarinense• A Notícia• Amanhã Magazine• Exame Magazine• Firjan - Municipal EconomicDevelopment Index (IFDM)• Santur• State Government of SC• Celesc• SC Gas• State Secretary of Education• Ministry of Labor and Employment /Rais 2010• Ministry of Development, Industryand Foreign Trade / ForeignCommercial Service (Secex)• United Nations DevelopmentProgram (UNPD/HDI)• Institute of Applied EconomicResearch (Ipea)• Joinville Water CompanySourcesPhotos: Sasse Professional Photography (cover and inside), André Kopsch, Santur, Itapoá Port, Docol, Tupy, Perini Business Park and Joinville City Hall502013
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