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10 Digital Retail Innovations

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Here's the top 10 innovations in retail we happened to stumble across in June.

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10 Digital Retail Innovations

  1. 1. ZOO. Floor 1 19-20 Denzille Lane Dublin 2 Tel: + 353 1 525 0950 studio@zoodigital.ie www.zoodigital.ie www.twitter.com/zoodigital 10 new digital innovations in retail 1 June 2013
  2. 2. Shoppers at Hointer scan a QR code to have their items delivered to the fitting room by speedy robots. Shoppers download an app, they then scan the QR codes of the pieces of clothing they want to try on. Shoppers swipe their credit cards on an in-room tablet to finalise their purchase. http://tinyurl.com/b2z5xjs 1. Robotic Sales Staff
  3. 3. Karl Lagerfeld Store, Amsterdam. 'Spread the word' online via Facebook, email & Twitter. Sharing new looks straight from the changing room. Each changing room comes with a wall-mounted touch screen & camera. 2. Online Sharing of Looks
  4. 4. E-Mart's 'Flying Store' designed to make shopping easier for Korean consumers. 'Bringing its store to them' in the form of Wi-Fi balloons. Download coupons from app & use online. http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=qHGejSWTmvw 3. Store Promoting Balloons
  5. 5. Team LabHanger create virtual mannequins; hanger signalled. Virtual mannequins appear on the screen once an item of clothing has been taken off the rack. http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=vLlwLjQWYu4&feature=player_embedded 4. Interactive Mannequins
  6. 6. Prompt Design, design innovative shopping bag for Kokoa Hut. Encourages customer interaction. Each shopping bag can create an image designed by the consumer. 5. Shopping Bags
  7. 7. AdiVerse Virtual Footwear Wall, project between Intel & Adidas. Interactive wall displays up to 8,000 shoes. Shoppers can rotate chosen footwear into many angles, pull up info & see what people are saying on Twitter. www.youtube.com/watch? v=NKbsfOAVu3Y 6. 3D Shopping Walls
  8. 8. SK Telecom Smart Cart- Personalised Shopping Experience. Connect to your shopping list. Tells you all of the coupons & discounts available for everything on your shopping list. " http:// www.trendhunter.com/ trends/sk-telecom-smart- cart 7. Grocery Shopping
  9. 9. “Shoppable Windows” enable people to buy products & have them delivered within an hour. Ebay launching four, 24- hour interactive storefronts in Manhattan with its partners at Kate Spade. Rolling mobile technology, same-day delivery, & digital payments into one end- to-end customer experience. 8. Interactive Storefronts
  10. 10. Walmart brings the supermarket to you. Making it possible to do some of your weekly shopping while you wait. 50 mobile stores in bus shelters around Toronto, Canada. Bus riders scan QR- codes from their mobile devices at the shelters to buy items. Free Delivery. http://tinyurl.com/kbrddhr 9. Shopping at Bus Stop
  11. 11. Nike+ City Runs has used the creative firm; YesYesNo to create visual displays for its Nike retail stores that display a year's worth of running data. The data is collected from the Nike+ website, and the runs displayed are based on three cities: New York, London and Tokyo. " " http://tinyurl.com/omj9qee 10. Digital Displays
  12. 12. ZOO. Floor 1 19-20 Denzille Lane Dublin 2 Tel: + 353 1 525 0950 studio@zoodigital.ie www.zoodigital.ie www.twitter.com/zoodigital Thank you.