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Target audience

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analysis of some film reviews

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Target audience

  1. 1. Oculus: Most of the reviews for this movie were positive…some negative points mentioned… • Excellent cast performance • Not gory but still creepy • Sentiment due to the relationship between the siblings. • Conclusive but heart- breaking ending • Past to present very well done • Negative- story gets tense and suspenseful and then its gone back to the past, this loses excitement • Creepy and dark imagery • Good lighting, sound and musical • Cliché but refreshing due to the mind trip • Confusion but able to put the pieces together • Right amount of horror(jumps without having the cringe) • Simple but enjoyable.
  2. 2. This has mixed reviews, some really liked it some though it could have been better… • Use of real footage vs real is very effective • Do no research before you go to watch this- better to go with an empty mind • Left the audience shocked • Hugely disappointed- bad script and bad acting • Choices to present the material were not good • Wasn’t entertaining • The only good idea= use of the owl(secretive) which was the only thing they found creepy. • High hopes but disappointed • The feel of another movie- clichéd • Cheap scare tactics • The cast didn’t work- wasn’t effective
  3. 3. • No character development= no sympathy • Not scary at all- waste of time and money • Crammed in senseless cliché of horror genre Mostly negative views on this movie, but there were some people who really liked it… • Terrifying- several scenes that make you jump • Disturbing but not too gory • Can imagine this story taking place in real life • Lack of plot and acting • The cast doesn’t work- the villain is not evil enough • Some really pointless scenes