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Designing A Culture Of Responsibility

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Zahida works in a company that wants to get rid of management. All employees should have the same responsibility for the company. They should be made the architects of the company. But how should this work with 130 people spread over four locations, speaking different languages and having different goals and wishes? In a series of interviews she researched information, structures and strategies people need, and what their hopes are.

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Designing A Culture Of Responsibility

  1. 1. 01 WORLD IA DAY 2016 PRESENTATION TITLE HERE HEADER OPTION SUB HEAD OR SHORT DESCRIPTION Some kind of explanatory text, reference or footnote can go here and wrap to two lines, if needed. Some kind of illustration or image? DESIGNING A CULTURE OF RESPONSIBILITY Zahida Huber
  2. 2. Get rid of management
  3. 3. How do they do that?
  4. 4. Could this work in our company?
  5. 5. Preparations
  6. 6. Transparency how salaries are defined
  7. 7. Culture of mentoring
  8. 8. Infrastructure for collaboration
  9. 9. Strategies to solve conflicts
  10. 10. Process for taking decisions
  11. 11. Ground rules
  12. 12. A higher goal
  13. 13. Handover
  14. 14. Go step by step but go all the way
  15. 15. Provide training, education and support
  16. 16. Admit failure
  17. 17. Opportunities
  18. 18. Agility
  19. 19. Innovation
  20. 20. Ownership
  21. 21. Equality
  22. 22. You can’t just hand over responsibility
  23. 23. Make leadership accessible for everybody
  24. 24. Thank you For wisdom and perspectives in the interviews Max, Benoît, Tim, Martin, Boris, Dorian, Laurent, David, François, Andrey, Tatjana, Philipp, Nadia, Pascal, Lukas, Laura, Tiziano, Martin, Laurence, Didier, Marina, Marlene, Chregu, Tom, Dominique and Andreas. For trust, coaching and design WIAD Team, Silvia Maria Jung, Marcel Tanner