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From one to zero: Going smaller as a growth strategy

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This talk was designed for Engineering managers. Having been at companies of all sizes, I recommend managers who want to grow to go smaller. At the same time I reflect on what are the important things that remain constant regardless the size and context and which ones don't.

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From one to zero: Going smaller as a growth strategy

  1. 1. From One to Zero Going smaller as a growth strategy Xavier Amatriain (@xamat)
  2. 2. My journey
  3. 3. Takeaways 1. Many things repeat regardless of size/context but…. 2. Many important things don’t!
  4. 4. What remains unchanged 1. People above all (aka You are exactly as good as your team) 2. Culture eats strategy for breakfast 3. Organizational scalability is key 4. Process matters 5. Clarity & ownership are important
  5. 5. What changes 1. Culture 2. Process 3. You will attract different people and for different reasons
  6. 6. Beware of over/under-fitting
  7. 7. Why you should go smaller ● Build from scratch ● No “cultural debt” ● Run experiments ● Own successes and failures
  8. 8. Reading recommendations