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Mothers day 2014 slide

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Mothers day 2014 slide

  1. 1. A mother is preparing some bowls to serve her children with nutritious porridge. Photo by Le Thiem Xuan / World Vision
  2. 2. Artilyn walked for 14 hours to give birth in a hospital a day after Yolanda. She has breastfed the newborn exclusively. Photo by Mark Nonkes / World Vision
  3. 3. A mother gives clean water from the new water system to her son sparing them from diarrhea and other water borne diseases. Photo by Gloria Das / World Vision
  4. 4. Rasie's mom takes care of her as she recuperates from leptospirosis, a deadly infection from the urine and fecal matters of rats and dead animals. Photo by Jay Mijares / World Vision
  5. 5. Ansha, a mother of four, playing with her youngest daughter, Maida. Photo by Alexander Whittle / World Vision
  6. 6. 38 year old mother, Susana breast-feeds her child despite the stress after typhoon Yolanda. Photo by Annila Harris / World Vision
  7. 7. Muni helps her mother, Vandy, to prepare a nutritious soup, made with fish and vegetables from their garden. Photo by Ratana Lay / World Vision
  8. 8. Everyday life for Eden involves taking care of her children. She tries to support her husband to meet the family’s needs by doing manicure and pedicure. Photo by Lanelyn Carillo / World Vision
  9. 9. Being a first mother, Sarem is so excited. She can’t stop her smiling her beautiful smile while talking about her baby. She understands well how to take care of her health before becoming pregnant through a health program of World Vision. Photo by Ratana Lay
  10. 10. 200 women and mothers like Merien and her son, John Paul strolled into an informative talk about gender based violence. Knowing their rights and asking for help when it happens to protect her family. Photo by Mark Nonkes / World Vision