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Getting Started with Facebook Recruiting Ads

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Learn how to use Facebook ads to attract the right candidates for your careers.

Benefits include:

Bringing your unconverted candidates back to your career site
Posting engaging ads that perform
Optimizing your budget and campaign goals for ROI
Defining your audience to find the right candidates

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Getting Started with Facebook Recruiting Ads

  1. 1. Guide Getting Started with Recruiting Ads With access to the world’s largest social network and increasingly intelligent targeting tools, Facebook ads are some of the most sophisticated on the planet. How can you use these ads to attract the right candidates for your careers? It’s simple when you have the right tools, the right guidelines, and the right expertise to help you make it happen. All eyes are on Facebook for 1 out of every 7 minutes that people spend online.* Make an impression and get potential candidates to click by posting targeted ads on the network where they’re most likely to see your advertised jobs. DEFINE: Define your audience to find the right people BUDGET: Optimize your budget and campaign goals for ROI ATTRACT: Get “creative” and post ads that perform SHARE: Sponsor a post or two (or three) and go viral RETARGET: Bring your unconverted candidates and website visitors back COLLABORATE: Get help from the experts for the best results Getting Started with Recruiting Ads *http://www.comscore.com/Insights/Press_Releases/2011/12/Social_Networking_Leads_as_Top_Online_Activity_Globally
  2. 2. About Work4™ Work4 powers social recruiting by making everyone a recruiter and everyone a candidate. We help thousands of companies, including many of the Fortune 500, find, engage, and hire top talent with our all-in-one recruiting solution for Facebook. Work4 allows employers to reach candidates through a Facebook Career Site and on mobile devices, take advantage social networks to drive employee referrals, and target Facebook’s 1 billion users with intelligent recruiting ads. Work4 brings cost-effective, efficient sourcing and hiring to the world’s top companies by leveraging the reach and scope of the world’s largest and most powerful social network. Established in 2010 and backed by top tier investors such as Matrix Partners and Yuri Milner, Work4 has offices in San Francisco and Paris. For more information, please visit our website (www.work4labs.com). facebook.com/work4labs company/work4-labs @work4labs Define Your Audience to Find the Right People Facebook makes it easy for you to intelligently target your ads to attract your best candidates: • Target based on voluntary profile info, like location, education and work history, and interests • Pinpoint specific demographics based on purchase and web browsing history • Find members of your talent pool, subscribers to your email list, and more on Facebook • Build an audience of ideal candidates based on audiences that look similar to your specified profile Optimize Your Budget and Campaign Goals for ROI Ensure your ads are effectively meeting your campaign goals with a properly defined budget: • Cost per Click (CPC): Pay only when users click on the ad, but spread brand awareness and get thousands of free impressions (or ad views) out of the deal • Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM): Pay each time the ads are viewed, but see a great return if your clickthrough rate is high • Optimized Cost per Thousand Impressions (oCPM): Track conversion measurements and optimize bids on CPM Get “Creative” and Post Ads That Perform Facebook’s redesign heavily favors ads--especially those with visual content. Provide the most engaging material you can in order to increase your clicks: • Communicate your targeted message to thousands of users through Classic Ads on the desktop site • Integrate visual ads into the Newsfeed (on desktop and mobile), as well as Facebook Home for Android, with Sponsored and Promoted Posts Sponsor a Post or Two (or Three) and Go Viral People trust their friends’ recommendations,* and Facebook provides you with a vast network of people who consider one another “friends:” • Gain credibility with Sponsored Stories, advertised referrals that appear in the Newsfeed on both desktop and mobile, showing users what their friends “like” • Increase brand awareness and “shareability” by showing users Promoted Posts that target users’ Newsfeeds with content closely related to their interests Bring Your Unconverted Candidates and Website Visitors Back Potential candidates who visit your career website and leave without finishing an application are no longer “lost.” Retarget them when they return to Facebook: • If a visitor views your jobs online, a “cookie” on your site tells Facebook to display your ads when the user logs on • Keep your brand and careers top of mind, whether the user began an application or simply visited your site for information Get Help from the Experts for Best Results Excited by all of your options but don’t know where to start? Turn to the experts in Facebook ad targeting and optimization, and let us do the work for you. • Our dedicated Ads team works with you to establish an advertising plan for your business and hiring goals • We estimate the budget you need to meet your objectives • We handle the creative and launch an optimized ads campaign • We help you interpret the results and refine your campaign for the greatest possible ROI *https://www.facebook.com/business/power-of-advertising