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Moon phases

lunar phases power point.

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Moon phases

  1. 1. Moon Phases A look at the movements of the Moon
  2. 2. Movements of the Moon • Revolution – Moon orbits the Earth every 271/3 days • The moon rises in the east and sets in the west • The moon rises and sets 50 minutes later each day • Rotation – Moon turns on its axis every 27 days • Same side of Moon always faces Earth
  3. 3. It’s Just a Phase• Moonlight is reflected sunlight• Half the moon’s surface is always reflecting light• From Earth we see different amounts of the Moon’s lit surface• The amount seen is called a “phase”
  4. 4. Limb The line where the surface of the moon meets the sky.TerminatorThe imaginary line between he reflected light and hadow.
  5. 5. Waxing and Waning• New moon l s ( hir qua t r a t t d) r e wa Moon ning• Waxing Crescent moon m orb `s oon it erh at• First Quarter moon SUN cr s nt e ce gibb sm ou oon• Waxing Gibbous moon e rt a h• Full moon fl m u l oon• Waning Gibbous moon ne m w oon• Third Quarter moon• Waning Crescent moon cr s nt e ce gib ousm b oon• New moon w x Moon a ing f s qu r e ir t a t r
  7. 7. Orbits (revolves around) Earth every 27.3 days Elliptical orbit (not a perfect circle)• About 384,000 km (240,000 miles) from Earth 360,000 km 406,000 km 10 224,000 miles 252,000 miles
  8. 8. Moon rise times: The New Moon always rises at sunrise. The first quarter Moon rises at noon. The Full Moon rises at sunset. The last quarter Moon rises at midnight. Moonrise takes place about 50 minutes later each day than the day before.
  9. 9. Name this phase! Full MoonWhat time does this phase rise and set?
  10. 10. Is this line the limb orterminator? Limb TerminatorIs this line the limbor terminator?
  11. 11. Name this phase! First Quarter
  12. 12. Name this phase! Waxing Crescent
  13. 13. Name this phase! Waning Gibbous
  14. 14. Name this phase!Third Quarter
  15. 15. From what direction does the moon rise? The East
  16. 16. Name this phase!Waxing Gibbous
  17. 17. Name this phase!Waning Crescent
  18. 18. Is this line the limb orthe terminator? Limb
  19. 19. Name this phase! Look closely! Waxing Gibbous
  20. 20. Name this phase! Full Moon
  21. 21. Name this phase! New Moon
  22. 22. Does the moon rise or set in the west? It sets in the west.
  23. 23. Name this phase!Waning Gibbous
  24. 24. Name this phase!Waning Crescent
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