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10 Fixes for 10 Business Challenges

Companies are very good at pointing out the main business problems and challenges. It can be lack of certainty or clear objectives, effectiveness, not moving fast enough, prioritizing etc. We here at Weekdone brought out the 10 most common business challenges and offered fixes that have worked successfully in the past.

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10 Fixes for 10 Business Challenges

  1. 1. Fixes for 10 Business Challenges
  2. 2. Uncertainty and lack of a clear plan 1. Find a good balance between short and long-term planning 2. Use Objectives and Key Results methodology to envision long-term success
  3. 3. Sales and marketing effectiveness 1. Define key customer pain points and customize your message accordingly 2. Use a software to track your pipeline 3. Evaluate customer acquisition cost for every level of the customer funnel to avoid overspending
  4. 4. Not moving fast enough Implement an agile mindset: 1. Remove bureaucracy and possible barrier 2. Do team hackathons to solve a time consuming problem in 48h 3. “There is no failure, only feedback”
  5. 5. Prioritize: 1. Smaller tasks - Worth Your Time Test 2. Strategic decisions - 80/20 Principle 3. Weekly planning - Eisenhower Matrix Say NO to everything else Saying NO and prioritizing
  6. 6. Hiring the right people 1. Define the skills, experience, and personal qualities the job requires 2. Find the right channels, where the right people might be (for example stackoverflow.com for programmers) 3.Structurize the job interview to avoid hires based on gut feelings.
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  8. 8. Time management 1. Create filters to automatically prioritize your emails 2. Make a template for everything you do more than once 3.Use automated status reports instead of time consuming status update meetings
  9. 9. Customer service 1. Get an advantage by responding faster than your competitors 2. Ask other people besides customer support to do part time customer service 3. Write down answers for frequently asked questions, so you can copy and paste them
  10. 10. Financial management 1. Leverage software and tools to avoid high starting costs 2. Hire and outsource professionals. 3. Prioritize proper accounting methods
  11. 11. Getting over setbacks 1. Shift the focus from failure to possibilities, help people identify the problems and ask what they learned 2. Make use out of a crisis to cultivate the need for change and new productive habits
  12. 12. Tracking productivity 1. Define key metrics: hours worked, productivity per hour, reports produced, priority followed 2. Use an accountability system/tool: scoreboard, time tracking, progress reporting
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