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Motivation for Daily Dealings....

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  1. 1. ACKNOWLEDGE I am a businessman. I find that a lot of business people are streetwise, and people who are streetwise know that business really doesn’t matter. It is just a game, and we are all here to have a good time while we can. #GooseGolf
  2. 2. “If you want to be successful at anything in life, you have to be able to handle pressure.” - A lot of times, business stress have more to do with focusing on what you lovethan with anything else. Part of the problemis that we want to avoid painful situations like not getting a loan, losing a deal or a customer you have been offer … I said before, you can’t let this stuff hold you back. Don’t think about the pain and just keep going, like the great DonaldJ. Trump, NelsonMandela, Barrack Obama, Robert T. Kiyosaki, BrianTracy, John Maxwell, Tony O. Elumelu, Jimoh Ibrahim, and many more to mention few.
  3. 3. NOTE: If you want to be successful in business and in life, never, ever give up. Never quit. You can never be successful if you give up. Remember, “Life is not always going to turn out the way you expect.” Every new day, is a new adventure. There are no guarantees. You can never know what is going to come to you, and sometimes it is pretty horrible. You have to be strong to survive, and you can never give in without a fight. Quitters do not stand a chance! The trick is to be a skeptical optimist and carefully pick your battles. When you think you can win, go full-steam ahead and never quit, but also realize your limitations.
  4. 4. - Life is full of challenges and obstaclesthat get in our way. It is not possible to take on every challenge in life. I am honoredall the same, because I pride myself on my competitiveness and my drive to transcend the ordinary. You have to constantlychallenge yourself to achieve greater and greater accomplishments. To do that, you have to leave your comfort zone. I have become one of the biggest business developers in the world. There is tremendouscompetition globally, so I am always on my toes and always trying to do better. I also compete with myself. I keep challengemyself to move forward and to maintain my momentum.
  5. 5. I always strive to do things better, no matter how much success I may have achieved. “I push myself to deliver the very best in everything I do because it has my name on it.” – Donald J. Trump President of United States of America For me, I like to live my life on the cuttingedge of progress – not for the money but for the sheer joy of participation. I would never give that up. I have noticed that an entrepreneurnever retires. They just keep making deals and fixing up their business ideas even into their eighties and nineties. For some reason they never retire – must be their love for their work – what they do! It is good to dream big – DREAMS!
  6. 6. You will get nowhere unless you create big dreams, but you must have the courage to make those dreams real. Once you set your goals, start looking for opportunitiesto start acting on them. If you hesitate when an opportunitiespresents it to you, it may be the fear of failure that makes you procrastinate. Break through this fear – for if you make a habit of procrastinatingthen all your goals become empty promises that will never be fulfilled. - Always keep your promises to yourself by making a habit of acting on your goals. You should get involved with what you love doing quickly at whatever level you can. It should be and remain enjoyablefor you.
  7. 7. As soon as you can, start doing it. Do not wait around for the “right time” or until you are perfect. It will never happen. Start right away. You will learn more from doing than you would learn from anything else. Thanks! Aladesuru Adewale Goose & Golf International @AladesuruA www.aladesuru-walter- adewale.strikingly.com
  8. 8. “Our mission is to offer entertainment and business development services to golf course owners and operators - a practical, affordable way to scale their course in a manner that will enable more players to enjoy playing golf while keeping the design, integrity and challenge of the layout intact.” - Goose & Golf Int. 2017!