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  1. 1. Learning and Development
  2. 2. Principles of L&D What is L&D? Why L&D Matters? Framework of L&D
  3. 3. What is L&D? Learning and Development is to build connection between organizational needs and individual needs to boost Performance. It’s an integral part of an organization’s operation. STRATEGY Exchange Plan HR Capacity Backward Planning L&D Plan
  4. 4. Planning Process Strategic Ambition MoS KPIs Exchange + Backwards Capacity Learning & Development SP/IS KPIs # Members CY Partnership Structure JD Learning LEAD
  5. 5.  Soft Skills Development  Attitude Shaping LEAD What is L&D?  Hard Skills Development  Organizational Knowledge Delivery  Individual Development Plan  Performance Appraisal LEAR NING Individual Developme nt Plan
  6. 6. Transformation of an organization starts from transformation of it’s people.
  7. 7. Why L&D Matters? Transformation of an organization starts from transformation of it’s people.
  8. 8. Principles of L&D Aligned to Entity Strategic Plan Aligned to Exchange Plan Aligned to Entity Recruitment Flow Continuous Delivery through Different Channels
  9. 9. Framework of L&D Role Timeline e.g. Team Leader August September October November LEAD Learning Delivery
  10. 10. Channel and approach of delivery, can refer to Global Learning Environment Framework of L&D About soft skills and leadership Role Timeline e.g. Team Leader LEAD Learning August September October November About hard skills and operational knowledge Delivery
  11. 11. Example Topics to Cover in L&D Attitude Skill Knowledge  Living AIESEC values  Purpose-driven attitude  Responsible  Entrepreneurial Approach  Innovative Approach  Understanding the world around me  Understanding my contribution to AIESEC Soft Skill  Emotional Intelligence  Communication skills  Time management  Team work  Team principles  Leadership styles  Ethical leadership  Building trust in team Hard Skill  Analytical thinking  Project management  Team management,  Tracking and delegation,  Decision making  Functional skills  Organizational understanding  Product understanding  Customer orientation  Functional Knowledge
  12. 12. Framework to Plan L&D for Your Term “My LC is doing L&D plan and I’m confused where to start from...” Identify GAPs VP TM Eric Create customized L&D KPIs Related  Retention Rate  Applicants/TLP  %Newie-Junior-Senior  Knowledge-Skills-Attitude Delivery Evaluation
  13. 13. • Learning and LEAD Platform including a value-Based Learning framework • Tests for Knowledge, Skills and Attitude for NJS • Optimized Learning Process • Upselling of experiences Final Results by December
  14. 14. Questions 