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NukeViet 5 introduction

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introduction to NukeViet and NukeViet 5.x development strategy

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NukeViet 5 introduction

  2. 2. To whom Aim and Objectives Users, developers, engineers, etc., regardless of whether or not they have ever been accessed and used NukeViet Provide insights into the recent progression, advantages, and future perspectives of NukeViet
  3. 3. Table of contents About NukeViet NukeViet Architecture NukeViet 5 Development Strategy 01 02 03
  4. 4. About
  5. 5. Developed as a web-base software Website Web Portal An advanced, yet easy-to-use, Website Builder Software
  6. 6. A made-in-Vietnam Open-Source Software With more than 57,000 community members Developed and owned by Vietnamese people
  7. 7. With more than 16 years of development User members Discussion Contribution Testing Optimization 57,000+ Versions From 2010 Until now 100+ Downloads Not including Extensions (Modules, Blogs, Themes, etc.) 500,000 Websites Serving Millions of People 20,000
  8. 8. Community Contribution and Development User Support Forum http://forum.nukeviet.vn Facebook Community fb.com/groups/NukeViet
  9. 9. Community Contribution and Development Numerous companies are using NukeViet to improve their business efficiency Many providers offered NukeViet-compatible hosting services
  10. 10. Architecture of
  11. 11. Technology Platforms
  12. 12. System architecture model of NukeViet 4 Note: Manipulation in Web browsers
  13. 13. The Advantages 100% Vietnamese, easy to manage and use Multi-language, multi-interface, easy to install and setup Using the most advanced and latest standards and technologies Possessing an extensive user community
  14. 14. The Advantages
  15. 15. Strong Security and Privacy IP WEBSITE
  16. 16. Strong Security and Privacy PROXY DA TA BA SE
  17. 17. Email support: SMTP, Linux Mail, PHPmail FTP support for automatic installation and packing Support for Cronjob, creating automated tasks on schedule Support for obtaining system information for programming File management system, image processing Other Features Database management, automatic daily backup Error management WYSIWYG editor (Ckeditor, FCK, TiniMCE...) Oauth support
  18. 18. NukeViet 5 Development
  19. 19. Move the source code to src folder Adding folders and files for PHPUnit, Qunit Adding tools folder containing tools for programming 01 02 03 NukeViet 5 Will Be Reconstructed the Source Code Repository Tools
  20. 20. Source code of NukeViet 5 ADMIN MODULES VENDOR INCLUDES
  21. 21. Use InnoDB Storage Engine instead of MyISAM Composer is not failed when updating the new version Allow administrators to login from multiple locations at the same time Auto-loading of modules via the namespace NukeVietModule[Sub] Move the system captcha display configuration to the corresponding modules Require PHP support to enable mbstring for simplifying unicode handling NukeViet 5 will be changed in system
  22. 22. An admin module Manage system email templates and customized email templates Allow to insert variables and conditions in the body of the email Support functions, APIs, and plugins to send different emails based on the user's form selections 01 02 03 04 NukeViet 5 with Emailtemplates Module
  23. 23. NukeViet 5 with Event and Hook Event Hook ~ processing code General concept: HOOK
  24. 24. Hook in NukeViet 5 System hook Handling events in core and administration modules Module hook Handling events of modules outside the site
  25. 25. Hook in NukeViet 5 Installed via the Plugins and Modules Two areas, including includes/plugin and modules/[ModuleFile]/hooks
  26. 26. Hook in NukeViet 5 Hook in includes/plugin is installed via extension manager, Can be created and deleted manually
  27. 27. Hook in NukeViet 5 Hook in modules/[ModuleFile]/hooks folder is automatically managed when creating, reinstalling, deleting virtual modules and modules.
  28. 28. API in NukeViet 5 is a way that developers can easily interact with the system without understanding how the system was designs, how to interact with the data API
  29. 29. API in NukeViet 5 Only for administrative accounts Written in classes, Autoload support via namespace NukeVietApi and NukeVietModule[ModuleFile]Api API Local API Remote API
  30. 30. API in NukeViet 5 System API located in the folder includes/Api Module API located in the folder modules/[ModuleFile]/Api API System API Module API
  31. 31. NukeViet 5 will be redesigned the theme New admin theme and user theme Use Smarty instead of Xtemplate
  32. 32. NukeViet 5 will be redesigned the theme Use Bootstrap 4 Synchronize CSS in the editor of admin control panels and user area Easy to create a new theme from the default theme Can partially customize the module theme
  33. 33. NukeViet 5 will be changed in language pack structure Writing management classes for reading and exporting languages Including all languages of the module in one file
  34. 34. NukeViet 5 will be changed in language pack structure Building documents about the lang keys available in the system Warning developers once using duplicate lang keys
  35. 35. NukeViet 5 with more Rewrite rules Current rule /[lang]/module/op[/alias]
  36. 36. NukeViet 5 with more Rewrite rules ● Setalias instead of /lang/module/func/op ● Lang-setalias instead of /lang/module/func/op, then module/func/op is equivalent to setalias ● Lang-module-func/op Adding several new rules:
  37. 37. Other expected changes of NukeViet 5 Building a database design model for the whole system Running crontab through the operating system Automatically saving forms to database Fixing search errors of Đ and đ
  38. 38. Thank you for your attention NukeViet Core Team Tel: 0986.390.486 Email: dungpt@vinades.vn Facebook: http://fb.com/tandungcoder Tan Dung Phan License VIETNAM OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY Address: Room 1706 - CT2 Nang Huong Building, 583 Nguyen Trai str., Ha Noi Phone: 024-35500914 Email: contact@vinades.vn Website: http://vinades.vn