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  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• Geometry of the motion of a particle.• Uses mathematics to describe the motion interms of position, Velocity and Acceleration.• Introduction to dynamics == > Study of whythings move• Study of Translational Motion
  3. 3. Assumptions• To simplify the physics : use concept of anideal particle :-– No SIZE– No Internal Structure– Mass– Position as a function of time– (position Vs time) --- wordline
  4. 4. • Position as a function of time
  5. 5. What is Speed ?• Consider a particle moving along a wordline– Straight– Curved
  6. 6. Speeds of some of the cases are :-
  7. 7. • Motion and speed are relative--- depend onthe frame of reference where they arecalculated.
  8. 8. Average velocity• 1 dimension look of a particle moving along astraight line
  9. 9. • If position of particle changes with time t1, itsmoving ---- velocity• We define an average velocity of a particle
  10. 10. Instantaneous Velocity
  11. 11. What is the velocity of the particle exactly at P1 ?Pick a new point closer to P1 to get a bettermeasure