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The sales process

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Selling is the most important process in the economy. This presentation covers overview of the main steps in the sales process: pre-sales, calling strategies, the meeting flow and after-sales.

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The sales process

  2. 2. Corporate sales is the selling of goods or services where the primary customer is another business entity It is all about understanding and covering needs Handshake designed by Dima Yagnyuk from The Noun Project Selling is the most important process in the economy
  3. 3. Pre-Sales
  4. 4. Market segmentation Define criteria for elimination of sectors or types of companies Identify main trends in the market Verify that you can offer products that fit the sector demand
  5. 5. Targeting and Prospection Break the scope from segments to specific organisation Identify organisations that you will approach How to get in touch with selected companies?
  6. 6. Calling
  7. 7. Elevator speech is the verbal application of company's messages It helps executives and sales teams explain exactly what the company does in about 30 to 60 seconds, and more importantly, exactly what it means to the partner, investor, prospect or customer In your opening statement make clear who you work with Describe the problem you solve for your target market Avoid stereotypes Remove jargon Practice, practice and practice Let your passion and enthusiasm shine Test and adjust
  8. 8. Attention statement Request for an appointment Identification statement Reason-for-this-call Hello, Mr. Jones This is Mike Smith from XYZ Corporation from Chicago. The reason I am calling you today specifically is that I just completed a project with ABC Company that allowed them to increase their sales revenues by 40% in just one quarter. I thought that you might be interested in finding out more about what we did for ABC. So, Mr. Jones let’s get together. How about Wednesday at three?
  9. 9. Refers to contacting organisation unfamiliar with your company Contacts are generated by identifying companies in specific market segment More suitable for smaller companies Always call the person responsible for your area of interest Cold calling Cold calling tips Prepare what you are going to say and possible scenarios Your voice will project better if you stand while speaking on the phone Do not try to sell your product over the phone The goal of a phone call is to book a meeting Be confident and passionate Finish conversation by confirming the date and time of the meeting
  10. 10. Refers to a phone call to a lead, an organisation that is already familiar with your company This approach ensures the highest success rate Understand your network Use referrals Warm calling
  11. 11. Meeting
  12. 12. Before the meeting make sure to have clear objectives Talk to people that actually make decisions Ask question and identify what are the needs of your potential customer Show that your product has value Find out which are negative comments and deal with them Talk about features and benefits and how they relate to needs Meeting flow diagram
  13. 13. Meeting flow diagram
  14. 14. After-Sales
  15. 15. Selling is like flirting Set clear goals Ask relevant questions Share your personal experience Think about long term relationships Always send all important documents after the meeting Under promise and over achieve The last thing
  16. 16. Dancer designed by Sonkarlay Vaye from The Noun Project Thank you