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15 Instagram marketing mistakes to avoid

  1. 15 Instagram marketing mistakes to avoid
  2. If you want build a stronger relationship with your followers like this my friend on Instagram- Then you follow people you already have relationships with and they'll be very likely to follow you back.
  3. Ignoring comments from your followers makes it obvious that you don't really appreciate their connection
  4. From the your profile picture people look to build a first impression. You must create credibility, reputation adding your face and name.
  5. 6. Not optimizing your Instagram bio. No link in bio to drive clicks and traffic. Some examples of perfect instagram bios
  6. 7.Non add a caption. Or the copy is too long & distracting If you want your followers to understand you product tell them a story through your caption
  7. 8. Focusing on quantity, not quality of images. Or posting the same type of content over and over. This account is an esample of repeated pictures, though Kim Kardashian can afford it ! And this is a beatiful presentation of designer jewelry.
  8. 9.Purchasing followers or engagement. Quality content and a consistent posting, captivating captions, utilization of branded hashtags this is the “secret”. The network is full with fake and spam accounts. Play honestly!
  9. 10.Post content inconsistently. Posting content at the wrong time.
  10. 11. Missing images that show design, manufacturing and assembly of products, the team. Work in progress - Instagram account of Serena Di Mercione - jewelery designer Work in progress - Instagram account of Valeriy Haly- painter
  11. 12. Posting photos that are not relevant to your brand. You use Instagram like it's Facebook. Instagram is very different. Why are there selfies! Your content is about your audience, not about your private life. This account is only for the private life of the italian entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi. with funny and beautiful photos and video, millions followers.
  12. 13.Never use filters, bad resolution photos, your photos aren’t sized right. Terrible lighting is downgrading your images. See now: Beautiful photo: Dino Gaspardo and Fabio
  13. 14. Missing a goal - driven strategy. There ain’t no call-to-action in your copy 15.The biggest mistake - not create Instagram account. Not post photos for your business. Losing great opportunity to showcase your products to millions consumers The pictures in the home page, in point 3.,4.,5.,9.,10. and this one are taken by me.