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Web Push Notification

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In this short presentation, Govind Meena of Valuebound has talked about Web Push Notification. The various agendas include an intro with differences between web push notification and app push notifications, service workers, how web push notification works and prerequisites.
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Web Push Notification

  1. 1. Web Push Notification Govind Meena govind@valuebound.com
  2. 2. Agendas ● What are the Web Push Notifications? ● Web Push Notifications vs App Push Notifications ● Service Workers ● How web push notifications works? ● Requirements to get it worked. ● Demonstration
  3. 3. What Are the Web Push Notifications ● Web push notification is a message with content sent to your device from web application or a website and the notification will be delivered to your mobile device or desktop even when your website is offline. ● As these notifications sent to user’s device, users don’t have to be present on the specific website to receive these notifications. ● Web push notifications are the best way to re-engage your user, and also useful in marketing and advertising.
  4. 4. Web Push Notification vs App push notifications ● Native app can take full advantages of device feature like camera, GPS, contact list so on. And native app notifications are limited to the mobile and tablets. Native app supports rich media like images, audio, video and gifs etc. ● Web Push notification can not utilize device features, WPN is reach extends to mobile device, tablets and desktop and only supports large images(chrome 56 and above).
  5. 5. Service Workers ● What is a service worker ● Usual Request/Response vs with SW Request/Response ● Facts about Service workers ● Use cases ● Lifecycle and events
  6. 6. Once you enabled web push notifications on your site, if user permits to receive notification then you will be able to send notification to the user. How Web Push Notifications works
  7. 7. There are three main players involved to get Web Push Notifications worked. ● Notification API (i.e Browser, each implements there own push services) ● Push API (allows service to handle message from server, even offline) ● Service Workers How do they work
  8. 8. Thank you