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Development Planning Process in Pakistan

  1. Current Economic Milieu
  2. Myth 1: Planning is useless because policies lack consistency
  3. Planning in International Context
  4. Changes in Planning Paradigm
  5. From Planning to Policy  
  6. Approaches to Planning
  7. Planning Process and Machinery in Pakistan
  8. Plan Periods in Pakistan Plan Period 1. Colombo Plan (Six Year Plan) 1951-57 2. 1st Five year Plan 1955-60 3. 2nd Five year Plan 1960-65 4. 3rd Five year Plan 1965-70 5. 4th Five year Plan 1970-75 6. 5th Five year Plan 1978-83 7. 6th Five year Plan 1983-88 8. 7th Five year Plan 1988-93 9. 8th Five year Plan 1993-98 10. 9th Five year Plan 1998-2003 11. 10 Year Perspective Development Plan 2001-11 12. Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF) 2005-10 13. Vision 2030 14. 10 th Five year Plan (under construction) 2010-15
  9. The Need for Monitoring
  10. Pending Weaknesses
  11. Path Forward
  12. Final Message
  13. Thank You

Notas do Editor

  1. The incidence of both lower incomes due to economic crisis and persistent high food prices has proved to be a devastating combination for the world’s most vulnerable populations.
  2. Reactive: desire to return to the "good old days.“ Inactive: attempt to preserve the present Preactive: an attempt to “predict” the future and then to plan for that predicted future.
  3. Which modes of public investment? Public private partnership and projects having elements of sub-contracting
  4. * With 100% self-financing with no govt. guarantee and involving less than 25% foreign exchange / foreign assistance.