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How to really save energy in your business

Learn how to really save energy in your business. Energy savings start with your employees. Change their behaviour and you should start to see a reduction in your energy costs.

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How to really save energy in your business

  2. 2. OUR PHILOSOPHY • • • • • • Control the price Measure the consumption Change behaviour Refit project by project Automate energy savings Keep monitoring
  3. 3. BUSINESS IS ENERGY INTENSIVE • Modern business is power use. • Your working day is more energy intensive. • Just look at all the things that you are carrying that need power. • Looking at the graph you can see what areas of your business use the most power and use this as a priority list to tackle energy waste. Mechanical ventilation Typical energy use in a business Lights IT HVAC
  4. 4. THE PLACE TO START SAVING ENERGY • Is with your staff • • • • They turn things on that should be off. They don’t turn things off that should be off. They don’t turn things on that should be on. They fiddle with your heating and cooling.
  5. 5. STAFF ENERGY AWARENESS HELPING YOUR STAFF SAVE ENERGY • The key to helping your staff to save energy: • Make staff aware that energy is a major cost in the business. • Make them aware that they have a role to play in reducing energy consumption. • Create an energy awareness team to manage the energy saving ideas. • Help them make the right choices by using your Utilitywise energy saving stickers to mark switches and equipment that should be switched off after use.
  6. 6. DEVELOPING AN ENERGY AWARENESS PLAN FOR YOUR BUSINESS • The success of your plan depends on employee support and participation. So we would recommend forming an energy awareness team. Depending upon the size of your business you might be able to draw upon the help of a number of departments, for example: • Champion/leader to develop and spearhead the Energy Awareness Team and to delegate responsibilities • Facility Manager to provide information about your company's existing energy consumption and potential for improvement • Representative from the marketing department for communications support • Representatives from senior management to provide practical support • A small team can create a lot of traction for energy savings and be the eyes and ears on the ground for management. • Of course a smaller business or one with high energy needs can include senior staff (MD or business owners) on the team.
  7. 7. MAKING IT EASY FOR STAFF TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE • Use your Utilitywise energy saving stickers to mark switches and equipment that should be switched off after use. • Reminder like this can have a powerful effect on behaviour. • Label all switches with a short description of what they do. This makes it clear which should be switched on and which should be left off. • Reward staff that take steps to reduce their energy consumption. • This does not have to cost a lot. One scheme we know of left a chocolate on the desk of staff that had turned off all their computer equipment.
  8. 8. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER • It’s hard to track where your energy goes • It can be difficult to find out where, when, how and who is using your energy. • So it is difficult to find out how it is being wasted.
  9. 9. IDENTIFYING WHERE, WHEN AND HOW ENERGY IS BEING USED • There are a number of products and services that can help you identify where you are wasting energy.
  10. 10. CAN SMART METERS HELP SAVE YOU ENERGY? • The answer is - it depends. • Smart meters give you detailed site wide information about your energy use, as well as removing the need for estimated bills. • They are great for highlighting site wide anomalous energy use. • BUT only if you are looking at the data that is coming from the meter. • Smart meters are a legal requirement for all businesses by the end of 2019.
  11. 11. AN EXAMPLE OF HOW A SMART METER SAVED A CLIENT THOUSANDS • • This screen shows data from a gas smart meter being viewed on Utility Insight our smart meter reporting platform. We were quick to ask the client why their heating was running during the night, while the office was closed. • • The red bars show the gas use before our intervention. The yellow bars show the gas use after our intervention.
  12. 12. A CIRCUIT LEVEL VIEW SHOWS MORE DETAIL THAN A SMART METER • This screen shows the energy being used by a number of circuits at the Utilitywise head office. The data comes from Edd:e our circuit level energy monitor, we have Edd:e fitted to every circuit board in the building allowing us to compare monitor energy use in every circuit, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Monitoring at the circuit level offers a much more detailed view of the energy use.
  13. 13. ENERGY AUDIT • An on-site survey of your businesses energy use will reveal ways that you can lower your energy consumption.
  14. 14. EXAMPLE SAVINGS SHOWN IN AN ENERGY AUDIT Reductions Spend 31% Energy 20% Energy Mwh, 192 Water 26% Carbon 23% Carbon (T), 92 Water m3, 234
  15. 15. WANT MORE ENERGY SAVING ADVICE • See our Twitter feed and website. twitter.com/utilitywiseplc www.utilitywise.com