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5 Easy Grooming Tips for Cats

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If you know anything about cats, you know that most hate water. That makes it hard to clean them properly. Rather than rely on your pet taking care of its own health and hygiene, make it a point to do things for your cat that they can’t do for themselves. You’ll ensure that they’re happier, healthier, and more pleasant to be around when you take time to groom them at least once a week. This five easy grooming tips are perfect for your pet cat. They take little time to complete and have your feline feeling fine.


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5 Easy Grooming Tips for Cats

  1. 1. 5 EASY GROOMING TIPS FOR CATS URBAN PETS STORE TIP #1: GROOM WHEN THE ANIMAL FEELS RELAXED. After your pet has eaten or played for a bit, take out your grooming tools and attempt to do what you need to do to your cat. They may not sit still for a long time, so exercise patience and attempt to bathe or brush them at another time. TIP #2: KEEP GROOMING SESSIONS SHORT AND SWEET. Don’t go over fifteen minutes at a time. Your pet will grow anxious and make it very difficult for you to continue grooming them. If you aim for five to fifteen minutes, you’ll be able to train your cat to sit still as you brush them. TIP #3: ASK SOMEONE TO HELP YOU COME BATH TIME. Many cats hate water. They’ll give you a run for your money if you attempt to bathe them yourself. Enlist the help of a patient partner whenever you need to give your cat a bath. TIP #4: BRUSH YOUR PET REGULARLY WITH A BRUSH OR A METAL COMB. How you brush your cat depends on their breed. For shorter-haired felines, a bristled brush does the trick. If the cat has long hair, a metal comb is ideal for removing snarls and tangles from their fur. TIP #5: MAKE SURE TO CHECK THEIR GUMS AND TO CLEAN THEIR TEETH, TOO. for more info: urbanpetsstore.com Make it a point to take your cat in for an oral hygiene check-up yearly. Then, take the time to brush their teeth with a special cat-formulated toothpaste. Do not use fluoride-based people toothpaste as it can make your pet very sick if they ingest it.