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Save The Earth With Small Life Changes

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Have a look at some of the small life changes that can save our mother Earth.

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Save The Earth With Small Life Changes

  1. 1. Small life changes to save the planet Never ever burn plastic. Buy wooden toys instead of plastic. Limit foods that come with plastic packaging. Don't use single use plastics.  Talk about environment conservation. Hold people in power accountable for environment damage. Believe in global warming. Donate to environment warriors. Walk & cycle more. Use public transport. Turn off you car at red light. Got money? Buy an electric car. Tap renewable sources of energy. Instead of using a shower, bath with a bucket. Buy water-saving fixtures. Start rainwater harvesting. Get your taps checked. SPEAK. BELIEVESPEAK. BELIEVESPEAK. BELIEVE SAVE WATERSAVE WATERSAVE WATER NO TO PLASTICNO TO PLASTICNO TO PLASTIC SAVE FUELSAVE FUELSAVE FUEL “ Don’t blow it . Good planets are hard to find ” A marketing agency for digital growth  hello@upreports.com