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UNICEF Ethiopia Digital Media Strategy Presentation and Account Management for Media and External Relations team

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UNICEF Ethiopia Digital Media Strategy Presentation and Account Management for Media and External Relations team

  1. 1. UNICEF Ethiopia Digital Presentation on Digital Media at UNICEF Ethiopia By Elshadai Negash Social Media Consultant UNICEF Ethiopia Media and External Relations (MER)
  2. 2. Outline of presentation • Social Media in Ethiopia (15min) • UNICEF Ethiopia’s Digital Media Strategy (30 min) • Integrating Social Media in MER (60min) • Managing SM Accounts (1hr) • Questions and Answers (10min)
  3. 3. Part I Social Media in Ethiopia
  4. 4. Social Media: Why bother in Ethiopia? Television National Radio Print Media Social Media Reach > 15million >30million >=200,000 (per week) >1.1million Rate of increase (per month) 0.5% 0.25% 0.05% 10-15%
  5. 5. Ethiopia and Social Media
  6. 6. Prospects for Dec 2014 FB: 2,252,704
  7. 7. 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 140000 160000 180000 Fans in Ethiopia Total Fans Popular Facebook pages in Ethiopia Data correct as at 26th April 2013 17:18 East African Time
  8. 8. Part II The UNICEF Ethiopia’s Digital Media strategy
  9. 9. UNICEF Ethiopia Digital
  10. 10. Digital Media at UNICEF Ethiopia Parameter Number Digital Media Channels http://www.unicef.org/ethiopia http://www.facebook.com/UNICEFETH https://www.twitter.com/UNICEFEthiopia http://www.youtube.com/user/UNICEFEthiopia http://www.flickr.com/photos/unicefethiopia/ http://www.delicious.com/unicefeth http://www.linkedin.com/company/unicef-ethiopia Average Website hits NA Number of Facebook likes 666 Number of Twitter followers 1700 Number of YouTube Subscribers 135 Number of Flickr Views 15,980 Number of Delicious followers 13 Number of LinkedIn followers 174 Number of E-Newsletter subscribers NA Data correct as at: 18th September 2013 15:43
  11. 11. Why Social Media? Vision: Making UNICEF Ethiopia the go-to agency for children in Ethiopia Joining in conversation with target groups
  12. 12. How? Consolidating Partnerships Expanding professional networks Providing VisibilityYouth engagement Policy advocacy and influence
  13. 13. How does UNICEF Ethiopia utilize Digital Media? – Channels: FB, Twtr, LinkedIn – Fulfill Donor/Natcom visibility requirements – Jobs and career information – News and event information – Research papers, policy analysis, debate + discussions
  14. 14. UNICEF Ethiopia Digital Media Outreach Target Audience Primary: UNICEF Donors with a presence in Ethiopia at mission and agency levels; National Committees Secondary: Media; Ethiopian government partners Tertiary: UNICEF Family (HQ, ESARO, and ESARO country offices) Fourth:Other UN Agencies and multilateral organizations Fifth: Private Partners (IKEA, Montblanc, ING, Rotary Intl, Starwood, etc..)
  15. 15. 0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00% 90.00% 100.00% Government Donors Donors agencies National Committees Ethiopian partners Media ESARO country offices) UN Agencies + multilateral orgns Private Partners Website Facebook Twitter Youtube Who is on social media?
  16. 16. Who is tuned in? The Donor Community National Committees Foreign Correspondents
  17. 17. Who is tuned in? Other UN agencies Private and Government Partners Ethiopian Media
  18. 18. 19 Facebook: 2.5 million fans Twitter: 1.8 million followers Voices of Youth social media: 300,000+ UNICEF Global Accounts – latest figures
  19. 19. Part III Integrating Social Media in MER
  20. 20. MER activity Social Media component Donor/Natcom visits Buzz planning for major visits; live updates and photos using itinerary; mentioning donor and accompanying media Media Relations/Outreach Post all PRs on website and share on FB + Twtr; use of hashtags to share content generated by media on twitter; UNICEF Ethiopia Events Buzz planning for major events (UN Days, launches, JPRs, etc…) Goodwill Ambassadors Synchronize messaging with GWAs (E.g. Hannah Godefa on twitter, Aster Awoke on facebook, intl GWAs like Pau Gasol) Strategic Communications (ETH Govt, UN agencies, HQ, Private Partners) ETH Govt: utilize ministers/ministries with SM presence (E.g. FMOH, MoFED, and MFA) UN agencies: joint SM efforts (E.g. IOM Ethiopia, UNHCR Ethiopia, UNFPA Ethiopia) HQ: joint SM efforts (E.g. World Immunization Week, International Day of Friendship, ethiopiameetsmdg4) Private Partners: Mention activities with UNICEF Ethiopia, acknowledgements (E.g. Montblanc) Programme Communication Train and then encourage programme comms colleagues and field offices to come up with social media content (e.g. photo stories, human interest stories) Partners’ Capacity Development Presentations to target audience groups on social/digital media Social Media in MER
  21. 21. Part IV Managing UNICEF Ethiopia’s SM accounts
  22. 22. SM Management at UNICEF Ethiopia Resource allocation SM Buzz/SM Pack SM Channels SM Capacity Building SM Monitoring and Evaluation
  23. 23. SM Buzz • Focused outreach activity for visit, launch, commemoration day/week, or major announcement • Plan -> Execute -> Report/Evaluate
  24. 24. SM Buzz Plan/SM Pack – Objectives – Content influencers/partners/hashtags – Pre-scheduled and live updates – Information/pack to partners/content influencers – Monitor, evaluate, and respond to conversations • Owned vs Earned – KM: Results and lessons learned
  25. 25. SM Buzz calendar • UNICEF Ethiopia calendar adapted for social media • Lists events in categories for buzz planning • UNICEF Ethiopia events + UN days+ Ethiopian holidays + Global/regional launches
  26. 26. SM Channels • Maintenance of channels: an update per day • Using analytics and evidence to drive engagement and fans/followers/subscribers • Monitoring conversations on children, child issues, and programme areas • Reputation Management
  27. 27. SM Capacity Building - Training and experience sharing sessions on social media - General and focused presentations on programmes/zone offices Completed - Country Management Team (CMT) - Zone offices (Gambella, Assosa, Mekelle, Semera, Jijiga, and Hawassa)
  28. 28. SM Capacity Building Planned - Internal: Oromiya, Dollo Ado, Programmes (Health, Nutrition, Education, WASH, and Protection) - External: ETH Gov’t partners, key donors, other UN agencies, and Media
  29. 29. SM Monitoring and Evaluation Types of reporting: 1. SM Buzz Report - Prepared after SM Buzz implementation - Focused on visit/launch/commemoration events 2. Channel Report - Report on the performance of channels - Report on content influencers and target audience
  30. 30. SM Monitoring and Evaluation Tools - Hootsuite - Klout - Crowdbooster - Tweetreach - Radiant 6
  31. 31. Part V Questions and Answers
  32. 32. Assignments 1. Account setup - LinkedIn (setup and completion) - Twitter - Others (facebook, youtube) 2. Photo stories - One photo story (on or before September 26th 2013)

Notas do Editor

  • Latest statistics on UNICEF HQ accountsFacebook: 2.5 million fans. The Atlantic Wire, September 2012: "UNICEF’s Facebook posts are consistently engaging with viral metrics that would be the envy of most brands."Twitter: 1.8 million followers Mashable: UNICEF 20th most engaged brand on Twitter, most engaged NGO, according to Nestivity. Voices of Youth:Over 300,000 followers in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish)These accounts have a broad and effective reach and continue to grow daily. Though its exciting to have this many fans and followers, these figures also keep us in check because as our supporters grow, the demand for our engagement grows as well, and that engagement is very time consuming and challenging at times.