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Virtual Graduate Fairs

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Virtual Graduate Fairs

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Virtual Graduate Fairs

  1. 1. Work the Fair From Anywhere Virtual Events Solution For Information: 770.980.0088 events@careereco.comCareerEcoRegistered - All Rights Reserved Using the Virtual Grad Fair to Reach Students
  2. 2. “I can’t tell you, how much being able to talk to HR program representatives has helped me with my future plans!” “I was thinking that I might want to do HR, but I wasn’t totally sure until this fair.” “I wouldn’t have considered most of the schools you had available, and everyone provided me with detailed information about their different programs.”
  3. 3. Statewide Event Multiple Concentrations
  4. 4. Special Interest Fair
  5. 5. Regional & Special Interest Event
  6. 6. School Specific Fair
  7. 7. Online Only Programs
  10. 10. View of Registered Schools
  11. 11. Customizable Multi-media School Profile
  12. 12. Differentiation & Diversity
  13. 13. Differentiate Your School’s Profile
  14. 14. Organizations: • Choose the chat hours that are convenient for your organization • Multiple school representatives may participate in the event • Your team may attend the fair from anywhere
  15. 15. Sort & Export Data
  16. 16. Invite Candidates to Engage
  17. 17. – HTML e-mails / event calendars (Career Services contacts/ Advisors) – paid search lists – LinkedIn Groups, professional associations, specialty sites, student groups – paid banner ads (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) – Give-away/raffle – promotions through host schools (similar to your Texas swing event) General Event Marketing
  18. 18. Facebook Post
  19. 19. Video Promos for Events
  20. 20. Invitation Sent from CRM
  21. 21. View Candidate Profile  Customized Room Greeting  Stored Answers to Common Questions  Add Documents for Easy Download  Add photo or change User Name
  22. 22.  Group Chat – Highly Efficient  Private Chat – Highly Personal
  23. 23. Video Interviewing No special equipment required Multiple Private Chats
  24. 24. Video Broadcast to the room to answer candidate questions This is a great way to add value and leverage multi-media tools On Camera Options
  25. 25. Candidate Spreadsheet Chat Transcripts Chat Session Attendee Report
  26. 26. Best Practice Ideas Staffing Your Sessions Customizing Responses Preparing Your Team Follow-up
  27. 27. Follow-up
  28. 28. Faculty Perspective: “I’ve been involved since the inception of these fairs and have found them to be the most productive recruiting activity I do. (Representing Organization) has largely had regional attraction for applicants, and the virtual fairs really extend our reach. …Matriculations every year, including minority students.”
  29. 29. School Perspective: “From an administrative sense, the ability to reach potential applicants in a very cost effective way is one of the most appealing aspects. It’s possible to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to send someone to a fair/conference that yields no applicant interest. This is a nice low risk/high reward alternative.”
  30. 30. School Perspective: “From an administrative sense, the ability to reach potential applicants in a very cost effective way is one of the most appealing aspects. This is a nice low risk/high reward alternative.”School Perspective: “We really enjoy the way in which we are able to reach out to various students in many different locations. The virtual fairs allow us to get in touch with prospective students that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to communicate with.” School Feedback
  31. 31. Student Perspective: “I am able to quickly communicate with several colleges at once. I can also look up information on the fly much easier than during a phone conversation. The additional information that I can derive from links and websites facilitates a deeper conversation.”
  32. 32. Student Perspective: “I like the accessibility. It’s very easy to talk to officials from the University without having to leave my home. It’s also nice to see other people’s questions and the answers they get because sometimes they are questions that I hadn’t even thought to ask but I learn valuable information.”
  33. 33. Student Feedback Student Perspective: “This was a great idea! For someone with a busy schedule, this works well. I was able to chat with three or four programs without having to spend time on the phone, leave my office and incur expenses. This is an excellent way to compare and learn about the various programs. I need a hybrid program or 100% online. Before today, I had no idea one school had an accelerated EDD. This is what I’m looking for. Thanks for offering the fair in this format.”
  34. 34. “I like the opportunity to speak to admission staff and teaching faculty from the schools I am interested in, it has been a great help in deciding which schools will be at the top of my list.” School Rep Student FeedbackStudent Feedback Student Perspective: “It has been excellent. I am so glad I am participating in this fair. It was just the jump start I needed. The largest benefit to me, personally, was that I did not know what my next steps needed to be in order to gain admission into the program I was interested in. I had completed the research I could find but there were so many gray areas that I needed information on in order to navigate toward my goal. I was able to get all of that information today.”
  35. 35. Faculty Perspective: “This is a lot easier on my schedule than a whole day of face to face interviews.” School/Program School Feedback
  36. 36. Student talks about her experience attending the fair.
  37. 37. Work the Fair From Anywhere Virtually Transforming Events CareerEcoRegistered - All Rights Reserved Questions: 770.980.0088 Events@CareerEco.com