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Guide to Planning Your Gran Canaria Holidays

Gran Canaria is one of the canary islands. This paradise island is located just over one hundred miles from the African coast and offers visitors a unique holiday experience throughout the year.

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Guide to Planning Your Gran Canaria Holidays

  1. 1. Gran Canaria is one of the canary islands. This paradise island is located just over one hundred miles from the African coast and offers visitors a unique holiday experience throughout the year. When planning your Gran Canaria holiday, remember that this is an island steeped in history and traditions that can provide you with a complete holiday experience throughout the year. The island is bustling during the hot summer months, but the warm winters don’t scare away visitors, making it the perfect choice at just about any time of the year. You will want to ensure you include taking in some of the natural beauty while staying on the island. The island has mountains and sand dunes to pristine beaches, a complete outdoor paradise for any outdoor enthusiast. Plan a few days walking the mountains and soaking up the panoramic views, go sand boarding down some of the golden dunes and be sure to spend some time soaking up the sun
  2. 2. on the beach and taking a dip in the turquoise blue waters. These are experiences you really don’t want to miss when visiting Gran Canaria and must be included in your holiday itinerary. As you travel the island, you will find picturesque villages where you can take some time, explore the area and soak up some of the traditions of this beautiful paradise. Ensure you include Las Palmas into your itinerary when visiting Gran Canaria. Las Palmas is located on the north east of the island with beautiful bays and beaches. It is home to rich history and culture and a chance to really learn all their is to know about this beautiful island. In addition to that, Las Palmas is also home to some fantastic boutique shops where you can enjoy a day of retail therapy and buy all your souvenirs and gifts to take back home with you. Agaete is another must visit area on the island. This is a coastal area to the north of the island where you can explore the narrow streets and enjoy the whitewashed buildings. This is an art lovers paradise where artists have flocked for years for inspiration, peace and quiet. The area has beautiful ravines, spectacular beaches and more to offer as you learn all there is to know about the area. There are a host of top beaches that really should be included when planning your Gran Canaria holiday. You don’t want to visit the same beach each day, a short drive in your car from anywhere on the island can lead you to white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and peace and tranquility. The perfect way to spend your holiday whether travelling as a family or couple.
  3. 3. Mogan is another town that really shouldn’t be left off your Gran Canaria plans. This sleepy town can be found on the central island and offers a complete village experience with spectacular gardens surrounded by beautiful mountains. When planning your Gran Canaria holiday, consider everyone in your party. If you have children, plan a few days at the beach and maybe an afternoon at one of the green parks. Also ensure you include a few days where you can explore the history and traditions on the islands. For those who love outdoor experiences, remember to plan some time on the mountains overlooking the spectacular landscape. Choose a hotel which is centrally located to the activities you want to enjoy during your stay. While it’s easy to access the entire island, if you are dreaming of a beach holiday, book a coastal hotel where you can take a break and explore the towns when you don’t feel like lying on the sand any longer.
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