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  1. 1. Digipak:The Reservoir;‘From rags to riches’Changes made to my digipak panels
  2. 2. Front coverChanges made for my front cover include darkening the background image in‘Photoshop’ to a more brown faded colour, a theme I have used in all panels.Also, I have included a review of the album from a music magazine in order topromote my album, and increase its popularity factor to the viewer as theywill be more favourable towards purchasing the album if it has good reviews.
  3. 3. Back coverThe only changes I made to this were the additional ‘fine details’, as I felt theoverall image of this was good and worked well with the rest of the panels.I have however, included the names of the distributer, manufacturer, and recordlabel, as well as the name of the album along the side, and 2 extra tracks. This isto ensure my digipak is more professional, and increase its popularity andlikeability with the extra tracks.
  4. 4. PanelsThe only real significantchange I have made hereis the addition of the artistto fill the blank spacefrom the middle picture.This will increase theartists popularity to theaudience as he is a mainhighlight of the pictureand so make him morerecognisable. Also, I haveincluded the name of theband onto each panel, sothat the name will beshown throughout thedigipak and get ‘stuck’into the viewers mind.
  5. 5. CD holderI decided not to make any changes to the CD holder as I feel that it iseffective as it is already, as I feel the image of the curtains is a good symbolof theatre curtains, and the anticipation the audience gets when waitingfor them to open to signify the start of the play. This symbolism is good formy digipak as it hopefully highlights the anticipation the listener should feelwhen waiting to hear the songs.