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  1. 1. 支撐英雄聯盟戰績網的那條巨蟒 Python behind loltw.net by toki
  2. 2. 關於我 Something about me
  3. 3. 寫過AlienBBS (OSX, Cocoa)               Author of AlienBBS
  4. 4. 寫過抓漫畫的軟體 (C#)               Author of TPhotoRipper
  5. 5. 寫過抓漫畫的Chrome Ext (JS)               Author of 8comic link generator Chrome ext
  6. 6. 台達電子 - 雲端技術中心               Delta Electronic, CTBU
  7. 7. 只有壹年Python經驗               1 year Python experience only
  8. 8. 什麼是英雄聯盟?               What is League of Legends?
  9. 9. Game Editor 魔獸三國 DotA Allstars 中文變種 鬥塔 魔獸信長 Riot Game
  10. 10. 5 players VS 5 players             目標是克服萬難打爆對面的基地!!!
  11. 11. 什麼是英雄聯盟戰績網?               What can loltw.net do?
  12. 12. 不開遊戲也可查詢玩家的資料               Query player info even not in game
  13. 13. 顯示遊戲裡查不到的資料               Reveal what server hides from you.
  14. 14. 顯示官方網站沒有的排名               Reveal ranks not shown on official site
  15. 15. 查詢頂尖玩家的遊戲配置               Show top players' game settings
  16. 16. 以及我最愛的 - 統計 :-P               & my favorite - statistics
  17. 17. 這樣子的網站會有人用嗎?               How many people use it?
  18. 18. 玩家們用戰績網做什麼?               How people use loltw.net?
  19. 19. 查詢隊友有多坑 :-P   YOU ARE HERE             Querying how troll teammates are :-P
  20. 20. 為了解你的隊友並且配合他們 為了學習高手的遊戲配置               For better team play For learning from top players
  21. 21. 戰績網怎麼拿到玩家資料的?               How loltw.net get players' info?
  22. 22. 戰績網V1 - 使用者上傳               loltw.net V1 - user upload
  23. 23. 戰績網V2 - 偽裝成遊戲程式               loltw.net V2 - fake game client
  24. 24. 構成戰績網的OSS               List of OSS help building loltw.net
  25. 25. 中秋節太無聊怎麼辦?               bored in vacation?
  26. 26. 來看看遊戲的log檔裡有什麼               find something in game log
  27. 27. 有log parser了,再來呢?               Ok, we got a log parser, then?
  28. 28. django? 那是啥?               What's django?
  29. 29. 快速的MVC的網站開發環境               A fast MVC web framework
  30. 30. Model Model how to define data 資料如何定義     Controller Controller how to fetch/modify 資料如何取出/修改 data       View View how to present data 資料如何呈現    
  31. 31. 使用資料庫就像使用一般物件 class Author(models.Model):   name = models.CharField(max_length=60) class Article(models.Model):   title = models.CharField(max_length=60) body = models.TextField()   created = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True) author = models.ForeignKey('Author')     = Article(title='測試文章' author = Author.objects.create(name='toki') article   body='測試文章內容....', author = author)   article .save() ORM - Object Relation Mapping
  32. 32. 快速而方便的URL dispatcher    ^blog/$ => /blog/  ^blog/(?P<id>d+)/$ => /blog/1/   => /blog/2/  ^blog/(?P<author>w+)/$ =>/blog/author/ =>/blog/teeeeeemo/     Fast & convenience URL dispatcher
  33. 33. 簡易好用的樣板系統  <html> <body>  {% for a in articles %} <h1>{{a.title}}</h1>  {{a.body}} <div>  <div style="text-align: right;"> </div>  </div> Author: {{a.author}}  </body> {% endfor %}  </html> easy and good template system
  34. 34. 擴充你的樣板系統 SERVER_LOOKUP = {   'TW': '台灣',  } 'NA': '北美',  @register.filter @stringfilter  def server_region(o): return SERVER_LOOKUP.get(o)     ------ <div>{{'TW'|server_region}}</div> => <div>台灣</div>   With extensible template filters / tags
  35. 35. 內建多語系處理,講英文嘛A通               built-in multi language support
  36. 36. 內建cache機制  from django.views.decorators.cache import cache_page  @cache_page(60*60*24)  def blah blah blah ... some_view_func(rq):         built-in cache processor
  37. 37. 內建登入以及session處理               built-in login & session processor
  38. 38. 安裝簡單,架構清晰 文件齊全,學習容易           easy to install, clear architecture well documented, easy to learn
  39. 39. log一直改版怎麼辦?               log format changes so often!
  40. 40. 來吃點mongo吧               Try mongoDB
  41. 41. mongo有什麼好吃的?   Schema free   No join JSON compatible   Python friendly     Horizontal scalability with replica   Fast (& eat all your memory :-P)   Why mongoDB?
  42. 42. 用JSON來記錄Blog文章   {   "title": "這是blog title",   "body": "blog文章,很長很長...", "create": "2012-6-10T10:00:00.000",   "author": "toki"  }     How to describe a blog article in JSON?
  43. 43. 用Python dict來記錄Blog文章   {   "title": "這是blog title",   "body": "blog文章,很長很長...", "create": "2012-6-10T10:00:00.000",   "author": "toki"  }     How to describe it in Python dictionary?
  44. 44. 如何存進mongodb (in python)   from pymongo import Connection  a = {   "title": "這是blog title", "article": "blog文章,很長很長...",   "body": "2012-6-10T10:00:00.000",   "author": "toki" }  Connection('localhost')['blog']['article'].save(a) connection database collection   How to save into mongodb via python?
  45. 45. 如何搜尋blog文章   from pymongo import Connection all_article = Connection('localhost')['blog']['article'].   find()     all_article_title = Connection('localhost')['blog'] ['article'].find(     {}, {title: 1})   article = Connection('localhost')['blog']['article'].find_one(   {'author': 'toki'})   How to search?
  46. 46. 如果你突然想幫blog加上tag   from pymongo import Connection    Connection('localhost')['blog']['article'].update(   {   {'author': 'toki'}, {'$set': {'tags': ['a', 'b', 'c']}},   }  )   Wanna add tags fields to blog data?
  47. 47. 難道mongoDB沒有缺點嗎? Schema free   Everyone needs to know how schema looks like   每個人都得知道資料長什麼樣子 No join   Waste of space   浪費空間 Fragment   Scheduled defragment maintenance required   需要定時重整資料庫     Cons of mongoDB?
  48. 48. 還有該死的BFGL!!!   Write will lock DB globally 寫入動作會鎖住整個資料庫   Solution   解法   Add more RAM 加RAM   Multi DB instance 開多個資料庫   Wait newer version(2.2) 等新版(2.2以後)   And DXXN BFGL(Big Fxxking Global Lock)!!!
  49. 49. RIOT 我的log呢? QQ               RIOT, where is my log?
  50. 50. 是時候來點扭曲的蟒蛇了               Time for something TWISTED
  51. 51. LoL的通訊協定是....?    ● Built by Flash (Adobe AIR)  ● RTMPS ( Real Time Message Protocol)  ● RTMPS = RTMP + SSL Encryption  ● Wrote by Actionscript = Event Driven     What's the protocol of League of Legends?
  52. 52. Twisted 是什麼?   Officially:   Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python       官方說法: Twisted 是一個事件驅動的網路引擎           What is Twisted?
  53. 53. Twisted寫echo server要多久 from twisted.internet import protocol, reactor     class Echo(protocol.Protocol):   def dataReceived(self, data): self.transport.write(data)     class EchoFactory(protocol.Factory):   def buildProtocol(self, addr): return Echo()     reactor.listenTCP(1234, EchoFactory())   reactor.run()   How long takes writing echo server in Twisted?
  54. 54. 要改成SSL加密版本又要多久? from twisted.internet import protocol, reactor, ssl     class Echo(protocol.Protocol):   def dataReceived(self, data): self.transport.write(data)   EchoFactory(protocol.Factory): class def buildProtocol(self, addr):   return Echo()     reactor.listenSSL(1234, EchoFactory(), ssl.DefaultOpenSSLContextFactory('key', 'crt'))   reactor.run()   How long takes to rewrite it to SSL version?
  55. 55. Protocol提供了哪些事件?     ● connectionMade 連上時要做什麼   ● connectionLost   失去連線時要做什麼   ● dataReceived   收到資料時要做什麼   What events does Protocol class provide?
  56. 56. 其它寫bot會用到的函數   ● reactor.callLater() 讓你等下再call某個function   ● reactor.callInThread()   讓你在另一個thread call某個function   ● task.LoopingCall class   讓你每隔一定時間就去call某個function       Other functions for writing a lol bot
  57. 57. 一段簡單的client程式 from twisted.internet import protocol, reactor, task    class SimpleClient(protocol.Protocol):   def dataReceived(self, data): print data   def connectionMade(self): self.callLater(3.0, self.send_hello)   def send_nop(self): self.transport.write('nop')   def send_hello(self): self.transport.write('hello')   l = task.LoopingCall(self.send_nop) l.start(1.0)    Simple client code
  58. 58. 一段簡單的client程式(續) class SimpleClientFactory(protocol.ClientFactory):   def buildProtocol(self, addr): return SimpleClient()     reactor.connectTCP('localhost', 7777,   SimpleClientFactory())     # for SSL support, call below line instead # reactor.connectSSL('localhost', 7777,   SimpleClientFactory(), ssl.ClientContextFactory())     reactor.run()   Simple client code (continued)
  59. 59. 其它各種幫助戰績網的資源               Other resources help building loltw.net
  60. 60. 懶得寫網站的最新消息頁面?               Too lazy for site news pages?
  61. 61. 使用者懶的上傳該怎麼辦               How to help lazy users upload their logs?
  62. 62. 使用者亂傳假的log該怎麼辦               How to deal with fake log?
  63. 63. 做一個漂亮的HTML按鈕要多久   =?     With     <a href="" class="btn btn-primary">   Primary action</a>   How long takes for a pretty html button?
  64. 64. 來談談我們的VPS 19.95 美金 (600 台幣) 你會得到   512MB 記憶體 20GB 硬碟空間   200GB 對外流量 (傳到server免錢!!)  某HxCloud光100GB流量就要1350台幣(45美金)!! 6 個不同地理位置(美歐日)的資料中心可以選擇 超級快的線上咨詢   19.95 USD (600 NTD) you get HxCloud charges 1350NTD(45USD) for ONLY 100GB bandwidth !!!!   512MBHDD 20GB RAM   200GB outgoing bandwidth (incoming is freeeee!) 6 geolocations(JP/US/EU) data centers to choice   ultra fast online support Let's talk about our VPS
  65. 65. 感謝各位 :-)       問與答時間&工商服務   Q&A & Hiring Info       Thx for your listening :-)
  66. 66. 台達電子雲端研發中心徵人中 熱愛寫程式 Love coding   熱愛OSS Love OSS   Familiar with U*ix system is a plus 加分項目   熟U*ix系統 Familiar Familiar with with Python is a plus C/C++ is a plus Familiar with Virtualization is a plus   熟Python Familiar with Web Application is a plus 熟C/C++   熟Virtualization   熟Web Application    請寄履歷至: YVONNE.WJ.CHEN@delta.com.tw We're hiring (Delta Electronic CTBU)