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California by starr

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California by starr

  1. 1. Impressions of California, A History by Kevin Starr Terry Onley
  2. 2. It was easy to get work in California during the Gold Rush. Service workers were in high demand, and well-paid, too. Chapter 8
  3. 3. Chapter 8 During the first few decades of the 20 th century, it was easy to get killed if you were a “Wobbly” or other Union organizer. Many strikes and demonstrations were broken up by police and vigilante gunfire, all in the name of management. Yay, rich industrialists!
  4. 4. In the '60s, C é sar Ch á vez and the United Farm Workers Union he helped to create demonstrated vigorously and peacefully against the unfair treatment of the agricultural workers of California. The times were changing, and things did get somewhat better. Chapter 8
  5. 5. In 1880, Lester Pelton obtained a patent for a much-improved water driven turbine, which extracted as much as six times the energy from running water as a conventional water wheel. Lots more power for sawmills and mining equipment. Way to go, Lester. Chapter 10 The technology is still in use today...
  6. 6. Chapter 10 In 1883, John Montgomery took the first controlled heavier-than-air flight on Otay Mesa, just a few miles from where I grew up. Sadly, in 1911, he died while testing one of his powered designs. But, he flew!
  7. 7. Chapter 10 Alto Lisa Palo Alto, PARC, Xerox, Apple, Microsoft, IBM. Silicon Valley... Radar And a thousand others. California was the place it happened.
  8. 8. Chapter 11 In the winter of 1907-08, director Francis Boggs came to LA to film the outdoor scenes of “The Count of Monte Cristo” He seems to have started a trend...
  9. 9. Chapter 11 John Steinbeck F. Scott Fitzgerald William Faulkner WOW!! Read this... It's very odd. Sobering...
  10. 10. Chapter 11 Ansel Adams, incredible photographer and devoted naturist, left a legacy of stunning images...
  11. 11. Didn't really think I'd leave out Disneyland, did you?! The End
  12. 12. Sources: All slides, Google Images and “ California, A History” By Kevin Starr