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The vacation of a lifetime. BeachWeekPt. 2?

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  1. 1. Where in Puerto Rico? CLUB MELIA AT GRAN MELIA PUERTO RICO (#7597) Urb. Coco Beach 200 Carr 968 Rio Grande, PR 00745 http://www.clubmelia.com/gran-melia-puerto-rico/ Close to a beach and sun! A 2 or 3 room villa looking off on the ocean…Beautiful!
  2. 2. When?June 2-9Summer time fun 
  3. 3. How Much?$100 for the room (from each person)Pay for individual flight, food, and miscellaneousjunk ie. Souvenirs, clothes etc.
  4. 4. Getting There… From nearest airport to SJU (San Juan) the cost would be from $350 to $400 depending upon when you book your flight and with whom Non-stop flights are available San Juan Airport is about 35 miles away from the resort
  5. 5. How long? We will stay from Saturday to Saturday Check in is at 4pm and check out is at 10 am
  6. 6. What will we do there? Party Party Swim Go to the beach Go to the Yhi spa Sleep Shop Tan Golf Party Party
  7. 7. How much monies is it? Flight - $400 House - $100 (per person) Miscellaneous - $300 + (up to you) Total of about $800 maximum WOW THAT’S A GOOD PRICE!!
  8. 8. Pictures 
  9. 9. What’s next? Ask your parents (they can get a copy of this presentation) Save yomonayyyyyy $$$$