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An Operating System for the Real World

My keynote at the Concur #PerfectTrip Devcon on October 2, 2013. I talk about the "internet operating system," and how sensors are turning it into a real world operating system, with "context aware programming." I use this metaphor to give lessons from some projects and startups putting these principles to work, including Tripit, the Google Autonomous Vehicle, Square, Uber, and Google Now.

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An Operating System for the Real World

  1. An Operating System for the Real World Tim O’Reilly @timoreilly Concur Perfect Trip Devcon October 2, 2013
  2. @timoreilly #perfecttrip “The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.” -Edwin Schlossberg
  3. @timoreilly #perfecttrip The Internet as a Platform
  4. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  5. @timoreilly #perfecttrip 2004: How can you call the Internet an operating system? No kernel No memory management No processor Photo: Patrick Tufts http://www.flickr.com/photos/zippy/50537423/sizes/o/
  6. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  7. @timoreilly #perfecttrip An application that depends on cooperating cloud data services: - Location - Search - Speech recognition - Live Traffic - Imagery What Is the Operating System for Google Maps?
  8. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Managing access not just to devices or hardware components, but to online, real-time data
  9. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  10. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Lesson #1: Be Creative in Finding and Integrating Data Sources
  11. @timoreilly #perfecttrip An Operating System for the Real World In thinking about the internet operating system, I didn’t go far enough
  12. @timoreilly #perfecttrip It’s Not Just the “Internet”
  13. @timoreilly #perfecttrip The Google Autonomous Vehicle “We don’t have better algorithms. We just have more data.” - Peter Norvig, Chief Scientist, Google
  14. @timoreilly #perfecttrip AI plus the recorded memory of augmented humans
  15. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Lesson 2: Enrich Online Data with Knowledge of the Real World
  16. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  17. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  18. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Lesson #3: Do Less
  19. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Lesson #4: Get creative with hardware, not just software
  20. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Lesson #5: Build “software above the level of a single device”
  21. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Lesson #6: Harness network effects in data
  22. @timoreilly #perfecttrip ` Lesson #7: Rethink workflows and experiences
  23. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  24. @timoreilly #perfecttrip The Apple Store
  25. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Imagine Google Glass at Hotel Check-in
  26. @timoreilly #perfecttrip “Uber is a $3.5 billion lesson in building for how the world *should* work instead of optimizing for how the world *does* work” - Aaron Levie of Box.net
  27. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  28. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Taxi Magic
  29. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Uber and Taxi Magic Rely on that “Internet Operating System” Real Time Location Sensing Real Time Communications Identity Payment Reputation
  30. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Lesson #8: Close the loop
  31. @timoreilly #perfecttrip “What I learned from Google is to only invest in things that close the loop.” - Chris Sacca
  32. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Lesson #9: Anticipate User Needs
  33. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  34. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  35. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  36. @timoreilly #perfecttrip “You shouldn’t have to ask for a taxi. One should show up” “You shouldn’t have to call to change connecting flights. The app should know that the flight’s been delayed, and even rebook the flight for you.”
  37. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Lesson #10: A Platform Beats an Application Every Time
  38. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  39. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Keep in Mind That There are Two Types of Platform One Ring to Rule Them All Small Pieces Loosely Joined
  40. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Lesson #11: Create More Value Than You Capture
  41. @timoreilly #perfecttrip There’s a wonderful section in Les Miserables about the good that Jean Valjean does as a businessman (operating under the pseudonym of Father Madeleine). Through his industry and vision, he makes an entire region prosperous, so that “there was no pocket so obscure that it had not a little money in it; no dwelling so lowly that there was not some little joy within it.” And the key point: “Father Madeleine made his fortune; but a singular thing in a simple man of business, it did not seem as though that were his chief care. He appeared to be thinking much of others, and little of himself.”
  42. @timoreilly #perfecttrip I call it “the big lie” of modern business
  43. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  44. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  45. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  46. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  47. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Lesson #12: Work on stuff that matters
  48. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  49. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  50. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Bonus Lesson: Idealism is the best marketing
  51. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Open Source Web 2.0 The Maker Movement Open Data Open Government
  52. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Why I love hackers
  53. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  54. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  55. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  56. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  57. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Show Twilio related projects
  58. @timoreilly #perfecttrip
  59. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Text My Bus Sadly, that’s not an uber-like timeframe. But at least knowing is a big help.
  60. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Government as a platform
  61. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Government as a platform means an end to the design of only complete, closed “applications.” Instead the government should provide fundamental services on which we, the people, (also known as “the market”) build applications. Government as a Platform
  62. @timoreilly #perfecttrip Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 Dwight Eisenhower
  63. @timoreilly #perfecttrip google home page / information age
  64. @timoreilly #perfecttrip “We’ve opened up huge amounts of government data to the American people, and put it on the Internet for free.... And what’s happening is entrepreneurs and business owners are now using that data -- the people’s data --to create jobs and solve problems that government can’t solve by itself or can’t do as efficiently.” Barack Obama
  65. @timoreilly #perfecttrip “The legitimate object of government is to do for the people what needs to be done, but which they cannot, by individual effort, do at all, or do so well, for themselves.” -Abraham Lincoln, July 1,1854